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  1. teag

    Need your thoughts please

    My 8 1/2 yr old boxer Zoe was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy(sp?) yesterday. She is still in the hospital and I hope I will be able to bring her home today. My question is what to expect once I bring her home. At this point I am worried that anytime she gets even a little excited something bad...
  2. teag

    Penial discharge

    Have it checked Kozmo is my first male dog so when this began happening I just thought it was a "boy" thing. His was very green and gunky. When I finally did take him to the vet and he checked his penis it was very infected. I felt horrible that I let it get that bad but I had no idea. Our...
  3. teag

    Don't know what to do...

    This happened to us with our boston terrier. A friend called us wanting us to "rescue" him because a family didn't have time for him, their 1st dog wasn't warming up to him and they were about to have their 2nd baby. We were told he was free, they just wanted to find him a good home but when I...
  4. teag

    Im a Bad Mom :(

    Try 3 Thank goodness we have a king size bed because we have 3 furbabies that sleep with us: Zoe who is 65lb, Kozmo who is 80lbs and Toby(boston terrier)who is 20lbs and has to sleep under the covers! We have dogs beds in there and sometimes the 2 boxer's will start out on their beds but...
  5. teag

    Therapy Dog

    You Bet Kozmo passed his CGC/TDI test at 11 months old. It's not that he is really mellow it's just that he was able to distinguish between when it was time to play and when it was time to listen. He also has the best personality of any dog I have ever had. Now Zoe, my 5yr old boxer would...
  6. teag

    Walking 2 at once

    I just used the coupler for the first time this morning and it went fine. I have 2 boxers and a boston terrier so I put the 2 boxers on the coupler and walked the boston seperately and for the first time all 3 of us could go for a walk! I could see how this wouldn't work though unless the...
  7. teag

    Zoe is 5 today!!!

    I can't believe how time flies. You, sweet baby, are the reason why we fell so in love with this breed and will always have a boxer. Lets have a great day with presents,treats and a giant birthday bone cookie!! We love you and hope for many many more birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOEfiestaicon
  8. Kozmo and his little brother Toby

    Kozmo and his little brother Toby

  9. Toby's profile

    Toby's profile

  10. This is Toby

    This is Toby

  11. Princess Zoe

    Princess Zoe

  12. Zoe loves her daddy!!

    Zoe loves her daddy!!

  13. My baby girl Zoe

    My baby girl Zoe

  14. Who could resist this face?

    Who could resist this face?

  15. Me and my Baby

    Me and my Baby

  16. Kozmo's photo session

    Kozmo's photo session

  17. Move over Tom Cruise

    Move over Tom Cruise

  18. teag

    Best sunscreen?

    We had a lot of issues with this last summer with my white boy Kozmo. He was going to doggie day care several times a week so they were applying the baby sun screen because he would be outside most of the day playing in the hose and kiddie pool. We began noticing that he was throwing up almost...
  19. teag

    A Boxer in need of help

    I'm sure Boxer Rebound in Ringwood IL would take him. I'm not sure of the phone number but i'm sure if you go their web site it would give a way to contact them. Good luck!!
  20. teag

    Girl power!!

    The funniest thing happened last night. We have 3 fabulous fur babies, 2 boys and 1 girl so the boys out number the girls in my house. Anyway I had decided to try and relax after a very hectic day of last minute x-mas shopping by taking a hot bath(the stores were crazyfoolicon). So I ran...