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  1. Firerobin

    Okay, which one do you like the best?

    I like Blue.......... when you call both of them it would be come one blue bones (cute). If 5 years ago I would have known that I would end up with a female boxer also, I would have named Stryker (Gator) and Chelsea (Ali), can you imagine when I would call them AliGator lets go. Just my...
  2. Firerobin

    ideas for surprising DS with new Furbaby

    I agree with the letter, with him getting to see the litter mates, plus the ride to the breeders will be priceless in itself he will be so excited. Good luck!
  3. Firerobin

    Two dogs

    We have two boxers Male & Female and have added a german shepherd. After having two boxers Stryker is 5, Chelsea is 2.5 and now the shepherd is 9 months. OMG boxers are much much easier to raise than a male german shepherd. I love him to death BUT two more boxers would have been easier. I...
  4. Firerobin

    How many is too many?????

    Right now we have two beautiful boxers (Stryker, male-4yrs old & Chelsea, female-2yrs old, we also have a mixed Terrier Fay, female-11yrs old and a Shih Tzu, male-8yrs old). Two years ago on March 29th we lost our gorgeous GSD she was 12 years old and the best dog ever, there's not a day goes by...
  5. Firerobin

    How to change their name?

    In 2001 we rescued a male boxer that was 3 years old at the time (not from a bad situation), from the first time I saw him I knew I would change his name, when we brought him home we called him by the name we had choosen "Jackson" and we never said his old name it took him about 1 month to...
  6. Firerobin

    New lil girl comming in a week

    After reading your post, I would say HOPE would be a very pretty name. Or Holly since she's arriving just in time for Christmas.
  7. Firerobin

    Boxer resistant flooring?

    Laminate Go laminate, our laminate flooring was installed 4 years ago, at the time we had a 100lb German Shepherd, 60lb Springer Spaniel, Stryker was a puppy when we had the flooring installed. The Shepherd & Spaniel at now waiting at Rainbow Bridge, we now have Stryker 80lbs, Chelsea 60lbs...
  8. Firerobin

    In need of naming help

    Thor's Sweet Thunder of Venus or Sugar's Mighty Charm
  9. Firerobin

    Name for 6 mo old fawn boy

    Preston is a great name and it looks like it suits him.
  10. Firerobin

    AKC Name Help

    How about Osvar's Little Luxury (a mercedes is a luxury car), you don't have to put her call name in her Registered name.
  11. Firerobin

    Our Sweet Jag has Cancer

    So sorry to hear about poor Jag. I lost my first boxer (Jackson) to cancer of the Lymph Nodes. Make everyday count. Take lots of pictures. Give him all the things he loves most, car rides, ice cream cones and lots of love.
  12. Firerobin

    Furry child name to go with Brandy

    How about Ginger Lee.
  13. Firerobin

    Arrowhead on neck

    Cheyenne would be a good name
  14. Firerobin

    Two puppies in one crate-good or bad?

    I have never crated any of my dogs, I got Stryker at 8 weeks old, the first night I showed him his bed made sure he was tired by bed time and I woke him up every 1 1/2 hours to take him out, I did that for two nights after that I got up every 2 1/2 hours again for two nights by the 5th night I...
  15. Firerobin

    Seasonal Allergies - Is Claritin OK?

    I agree with talking to my vet, but as I mentionned she`s on holidays. I called the emergency clinic, but of course they want to see him and won`t give any information over the phone they told me to call my regular vet for information over the phone. So I'm not taking him in to the emergency...
  16. Firerobin

    Seasonal Allergies - Is Claritin OK?

    Allergy season is back at our place, poor Stryker has been so itchy, I give him Benadryl and the vet has prescribed Vanectyl (?) it's a combination of Prednisone and Benadryl, but he is so sleepy that all he wants to do is sleep also I've notice that he wets his bed, it seems he has no control...
  17. Firerobin

    Changing Rescue Name

    When we rescued Jackson, we didn't like his original name, we decided on Jackson and we never called him by his old name, not once, we would call him Jackson-boy, but only for the first week and by the second week he knew he was Jackson.
  18. Firerobin

    My Narrowed Down Name Choices

    I like Mya for My Young Angel that could be her registered name.
  19. Firerobin

    Need help with AKC name!!

    Swampy Harvest Max Harvest Meadow Max King Swampy Max
  20. Firerobin

    can anyone offer any advice they may have please

    I rescued a English Springer Spaniel (waiting at bridge), he was the sweetest boy ever, wouldn't hurt anyone, but one day for no reason he snapped at Stryker who was about 6 months old at the time and a few days later he snapped at my 100 lbs German Shepherd, so I knew there was someting going...