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  1. tracy sterry

    bald patch

    took naz to vet yesterday and vet said its a allergy no pills or cream im worried now cause i looked it up in my boxer book and it said about thyroid i will take him back if it doesnt clear up
  2. tracy sterry

    bald patch

    hi ya everyone my male boxer dog is coming 4 years old on the 12th june over the weekend noticed a patch on his back is bald no redness or dry just going bald i was wondering if anyone knows what it could be ive got a appointment at vet tomorrow
  3. naz peeking over the table

    naz peeking over the table

    i love this photo of naz i have this photo on my desktop it always brings a smile to my face hes just so cute!!!!
  4. do you love me !!!!!

    do you love me !!!!!

  5. tracy sterry

    Electric toothbrush

    thats so funny now dont laugh but i use a electric toothbrush to clean naz's teeth he just lies there and lets me do it its really funny he goes all frothy in the mouth and he loves the the taste of toothpaste i do use baby toothpaste though cause hes my baby of course!!!!!!!!!
  6. 3_boxers


    naz and his two boxer friends
  7. tracy sterry

    my reindeer baby

    just posted a picture in my gallery of naz he looks so cute as a reindeer dont you think!!!!!!!
  8. naz reindeer

    naz reindeer

  9. tracy sterry

    Allergic Reactions

    Hi , Around a month ago we were out on a walk out the wood our usual walk and Naz got stung by a bee it limped on the way home but i thought he would be ok. After a hour he came up to me and his whole face was swollen up i took a photo of him to show hubby cause he was away and took him...
  10. tracy sterry

    Boxer Love

    I was wondering, we have had naz for two years and he has brought so much love into the house. When i look back my husband was not for boxers at all he didnt know them! and it was me beging him for a boxer that he finally gave in. Now he is besotted with Naz and sometimes i think thats all we...


  12. tracy sterry

    The Drag A$$ Run

    yes Naz does that too!!!!, We say its like he has a imaginary dog chasing him and its after his butt!!! hahah
  13. tracy sterry

    How long are your boxer's tails?

    hahahaahhhaaa naz has beat you all his tail is 14 inches long and its got a lovely white tip on it
  14. tracy sterry

    the new puff daddy!!!!!!!!!!!

    well what a day yesterday for me. We went for normal morning walk with my friend and her dog holly. Things were going well the y were playing as usual then they were going round in circles they both had got stung by hornets Naz on his back leg holly on the front leg they were both feeling sore...
  15. so sad naz

    so sad naz

  16. tracy sterry

    The Beautiful Boxer

    i always look at naz hes sooooooooooo cute. HOW CAN PEOPLE SAY BOXERS ARE UGLY!!!! i love his squashed up face
  17. tracy sterry

    A Boxers Tale

    very very good. i enjoyed that one!!!!!!"
  18. tracy sterry

    How do your Boxers like the rain?

    hi Naz hates the rain he likes to sit by the patio door and poke his nose through the mossie nets hes funny. If we are on a walk and it rains he doesnt mind but out in the garden and its rains he comes running in!!"!"
  19. tracy sterry

    are boxers good guard dogs?

    hi ya everyone, The other day we left naz outside in the garden we were not going to be long so we left the patio door open so he could go in the house if he wanted. It was a hot day and when we came home naz was not in the garden which is unusual cause he usually hears...
  20. naz