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  1. Monica156

    Want to buy a new collar

    We purchased collars from and have been very happy with them. This was a couple years ago. The type we ordered were custom martingale collars designed for greyhounds. However, she had a couple of boxer models on her website and she said she makes them a little narrower...
  2. Monica156

    My First Home Check!!!

    We got Milo from SCBR three years ago. We're very happy with him, he's made a good addition to our family. We didn't have any problems working with SCBR.
  3. Monica156

    Allergic Reation !!!

    Our Milo has had reactions like this in the past. At first we thought it was food too. After several food changes, including BARF, it got no better, we finally had him allergy tested. Turns out he is severly allergic to all green plants. He now gets allergy shots every three weeks. We're...
  4. Monica156

    Greetings from Finland, Europe

    Welcome! My grandfather was Finnish! =) I looked at your website and saw pictures of Norkap... I have family that lives up there so it was fun to see your pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Monica156

    Internet sites for collars?

    I ordered collars from Karen's Kollars and I've been quite happy with them. She makes custom martingale collars for all kinds of site hounds, but she also had several pics of Boxers modeling collars. She makes them a little bit narrower for Boxers. Dang! I'll have to get a pic of my...
  6. Monica156

    Neighbor thinks Mugsy is a Pitt bull

    Do you hang decorative flags on your house? Why not get a Boxer flag? I did!
  7. Monica156

    protecting mommy

    Jingo does this too. I did some sewing for a friends wedding. The man I was sewing for had been over before, but my DH was home. When he came for the final fitting, it was just me, Jingo and Milo. As I did the final sewing, the man came upstairs and waited in the doorway and we talked...
  8. Monica156

    Boxer on What not to Wear!

    Boxer Spotting! Just got done watching What Not to Wear. The make over person has a boxer named Daisy. Beautiful boxer with floppy ears and a long tail! My daughter brought home a book from school today. "That Magnectic Dog" by Bruce Whatley. ISBN# 0-207-18365-1. The main character is a...
  9. Monica156

    Who has a huge boxer?

    Gosh! Ours are runts compared to everyone listed above! Jingo our female is apx 42 lbs, Milo our male is apx 55-60 lbs. Both are within the height standards for the US. People almost always think Jingo is still a puppy. She's 3.5 years old and hasn't filled out. We work hard to keep...
  10. Monica156

    For those of you with 2 or more...

    Yep! We call it "mouth wrestling".
  11. Monica156

    letting them out at night?

    Jingo and I usually have synchronized bladders so it works out OK, most of the time anyways! :lol:
  12. Monica156

    Off to the emergency room

    Yep, we've experienced it. Milo is severly allergic to all green plant life. Grass, bushes, weeds, trees, you name it. He get's allergy shots every three weeks. We had a hive break out about a month ago. We figure he ate something green that came up through the snow. Benydril did help, but...
  13. Monica156

    Brindle Boxer Found Near Death

    Second Chance Baxer Rescue (SCBR) is a good rescue organization. That's who we got Milo from! :)
  14. Monica156

    Need a GREAT training treat for boxer with allergies

    Slightly off topic... Doesn't it just crack you up when they'll do anything for a piece of X? Especially, when they basically swallow it whole? How do they even taste it? :lol:
  15. Monica156

    Are You Challenging Me?

    Our winters involve a lot of snow for several months on end. Milo and Jingo generally only go out to do their business along the poop-trail (they really don't wander of the "trail") and then they're quickly back in. However, every now and then, after they've done their business on opposit...
  16. Monica156

    I can rest now....

    When we come home after being away for the afternoon or something they're always so excited to see us but as soon as we settle down, they do too. In fact they're usually on our laps or smashed up as close as they can get to us on the couch and sound asleep in a deep sleep. Do you ever think...
  17. Monica156

    Animal Planet - Animal COPS show

    I'm not allowed* to watch the animal cop shows. My DH can't take my crying! smashicon :lol: :lol:
  18. Monica156

    My boxer learned to open puppies crate

    What about one of those velcro ties they use for computer cords?
  19. Monica156

    So what's better than a boxer??

    Our female, Jingo, is "a little bossy" too! Doesn't seem to bother our male, Milo, who we got via rescue. It bugs us more than Milo! :lol:
  20. Monica156

    What is your Boxer afraid of?

    Jingo: Anything that can make a clatter noise, ie. remote controls that fall on the floor or even fall together and clatter. While she doesn't exactly hate her crate, she has a real problem going over the threshhold of it - in or out. We have one baby gate permanently mounted and it swings...