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    Triple the fun

    This picture is just too awesome! Nice looking crew :)
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    So sorry for your loss of Clyde :(
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    GDOGS 8/18/05 - 6/17/17

    So sorry to read this. Run free GDOGS angelicon
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    Happy 12th Clyde

    That is awesome! Happy birthday, Clydebirthdayicon
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    18 and half!

    That is awesome! Sure wish we all could have our boxers that long.
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    Tumor in her eye

    I'm so sorry this is happening :( Leah just had her eye removed on Tuesday due to a tumor in the eyeball. It is contained there and found through an eye exam at the eye specialist. I won't know for sure for a few weeks if it would be cancerous. It is hard to see her with one eye. Eye dr said...
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    *sigh* Another corneal ulcer..

    This happened to Leah. In 2014 she had grid done on her left eye. Then this past September 2016 she had the other eye done. The eye specialist said the same thing that once it's in one eye it usually happens to the other. My specialist is a boxer owner. So, I believed her and she was right. Now...
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    Conscience check - which is more humane?

    I feel how you are taking care of cat is fine. My father in law has an outdoor cat. He built a large kennel for her. Inside the kennel is a heated house. She is feed in morning and let out and she can come & go as she wants. He calls for her at night and she comes to "kennel up" for supper and...
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    Send your good vibes....

    I feel for you. Leah has had surgery on both eyes for indolent ulcers. Her left eye is getting bad and could be losing eye sight and possibly may have a tumor in eye. We go back to eye dr in a month to check on it. If it is a tumor, I will have eye removed and place a fake eye in place. I have a...
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    So sad to read this :( So sorry for your loss of Juno...angelicon
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    Arabella going in for surgery tomorrow.

    Pam, seeing this a little late. Glad all is well with Arabella! Hope liver counts come down.
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    Prayers needed

    Pam, hope all is going well for your mom. My aunt just finished radiation for breast cancer, too. Thoughts and prayers to your mom and you!
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    Juno has lymphoma.

    I really hope the new treatment will work for Juno. Sending healing <<<vibes>>>
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    Bella's an angel now

    So sorry for your loss of Bella angelicon
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    Love the picture of her on the little couch!
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    Our boy turns 11 today

    Happy birthday, GDOGS! birthdayicon
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    Happy 3rd Birthday Skully!

    Happy Birthday, Skully. birthdayicon
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    That picture is great, Pam. Good looking boy.
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    Love You Forever

    So sorry to read of Ms Ali passing. So sad angelicon
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    My Dharma free

    Lauren, I'm glad you posted about Dharma on BW. So many members remember how you rescued her and the shape she was in when she arrived at your home. You did such a wonderful job with her and the last three years are special. I must say I was shocked when I seen your post on Facebook. Rocky looks...