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    Red eyes? Eating grass?

    You know what?, we asked the doctor about it and he didn' t seem to think anything of it. He said it is allergies, but I'm comfused to what the allergy could be because it lasts all year. Maybe it's something in our house. Thanks, now I know it's not much to worry about.
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    Red eyes? Eating grass?

    Bonnie gets red around the eyes. It seems to be there all the time, but some days it is worse than others. Thanks matilda8255, I'll try the honey
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    We made it through

    GO Ella! Go for the gold!:D
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    Insect bites or something else?????

    Bonnie had them and they went away. We thougth it was a bug bite.
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    Red eyes? Eating grass?

    Does any of your Boxers have red eyes? What is it from? How do you stop them from eating grass?
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    Your given one magical chance to ask your boxer something, what would it be?

    Bonnie- Can you please stop destroying everything? Dolly- We know you are a Schnauzer, but what is your other half? Does it bother you when Bonnie pushes you away from getting attention?
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    Pavement Warning

    Thanks for the warning. I never thought of somthing like that. I'll be careful for now on in.
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    What has your boxer been mistaken for?

    Bonnie was mistaken for a bull dog, a big dog, hey look at that dog, thats the one I want, and mommy look... look...
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    Money no object!

    I agree with DogNamed_Boo if I could buy Bonnie and Dolly's health i would. The secound thing I would buy would be a bigger house with more ground which everyone wishes. By the way, those houses with the air conditioning are real, my neighbor has one it is really nice. I wish I had one.
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    Coming out of my shell to say hello

    Hey, welcome! I was thinking, maybe he is a Dalmation Boxer mix
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    I got to the picture, but they said the picture was too big. What do I do now?
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    Thnaks, I'll try it:D
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    KONG Recipes

    I don't stuff the whole thing with peanut butter just about half.
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    Does anyone know how to get your Boxer's pictures under your name?
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    Rowdy is 2 years old!

    birthdayic partyicon birthdayic Happy Birthday! enjoy your gifts!
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    Baby Lennox has arrived!!!

    A baby is always full of joy! Besides the leaks in the house!partyicon fiestaicon
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    Murray's 1st Birthday

    Happy Happy birhtday Hope you enjoy it partyicon birthdayic partyicon
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    Happy Birthday Baby

    Happy Birthday Tyson birthdayic partyicon birthdayic appicon
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    How long are your boxer's tails?

    Bonnie's tail is about a 1 in. long and I love it it's perfect.
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    possibly ate small silica pack

    Ohh those thing, Thanks