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  1. kitikarial2

    News headline.

    Uggh.. I cant believe this, wonder what the living conditions where or what would make the poor baby do this?... Miami-Dade County man fatally mauled by dog Associated Press MIAMI, Fla. - A man was fatally mauled by one of his dogs, authorities said. Pablo Fleites, 56, was found dead...
  2. kitikarial2

    Pensacola Play Date

    Looking for Pensacola Play date this weekend anyone around??? Lucy would love to play? should be a great weekend???? Bentley around? Anyone else?
  3. kitikarial2

    Lucy and Nephew

    I was so proud of Lucy with my sister and my 11 month old nephew visiting. She was so good!! She just followed him around and would just like his face constantly! :lol: and Keaton didnt really mind it at all and he coudl push her away and she was so gentle. sure she tried to hump him a few...
  4. kitikarial2

    Own doggie day care?

    Anyone out there own a doggie daycare business? I would love to have a doggie daycare, and we need one around here, there is no where to take your dogs. but I dont know much about it. Just wondering.
  5. kitikarial2

    Hurt Dew Claw

    Lucy seems to have had a bad declawing of her dew claws, because she only has one. The other day she was licking her foot and there was a little blood, I noticed it was her dew claw that she was licking, but couldnt see anything. She is still licking it a little and wont let me really touch or...
  6. kitikarial2

    Lucy and the visiting pups (long)

    So, my df's family has come to visit for the holidays, and his sister has an over weight jack russell, who is just a crotchety old lady :), his parents have an overweight rat terrier who is just spoiled rotten, so we have these two dogs that weigh 12 and 20lbs and Lucy with these huge paws :o...
  7. kitikarial2

    Panama City Beach, FL Dog Park

    Hello, I am in Panama City Beach this weekend camping and was wondering if anyone wanted to go to the Frank Burns park for a get together?
  8. kitikarial2

    Lucy protecting her brother

    Last night, I was sitting on the couch and Patch was on the floor chewing his feet (from his allergies) so I kept pushing his foot away from his mouth to try and get him to stop. Lucy comes up on the couch and starts chewbaccaing (?) me and actually barked at me :eek:. (she never talks back to...
  9. kitikarial2

    Lucy and Bentleys mini bash

    Well we got to meet Bentleysmom and Bentley this weekend at the dog park. Bentley is just the cutest thing!!! They had a blast I hope we do it again soon. I posted some pics of them and some new ones of Lucy and her brother also. Check it out. I also have a little video but do not how to link...
  10. kitikarial2

    Bad Bad Lucy

    So yesterday we were getting stumps ground out. so I normally have the doggie doors for them to go in and out during the day (my neighbor keeps an eye on them for me when I am not home) besides I think they sleep all day anyway :) . well I had to keep them in the house all day and Lucy pooped...
  11. kitikarial2

    Finally met local boxer owner!!! (kinda long)

    Im so excited I can't stand it (sad I know :)) I was at the grocery store and here comes a woman with a white boxer. I ask her if I can pet him and she said "he was working" (he is a service dog) and I said oh I have a boxer too, and she says "well in that case of course you can" :lol: she said...
  12. kitikarial2

    Lucy's first Dog Park Trip

    So yesterday I took Lucy to a dogpark/beach. I had been looking for it for awhile and could never find it (dont ask:)) I was dying to take Lucy there to see if she would like the water. So we go there, and of course she wouldnt go near the water. There I am standing in my shorts in the water...
  13. kitikarial2

    Cute Bark

    So last night, Lucy got up in the middle of the night (she sleeps with me of course) and I let her out. Well she usually just jumps right back into bed, but last night she would sit next to the bed and scratch at it. Then she would let out this little high pitched bark. It was so cute. Dont...
  14. kitikarial2

    Boxer found in Navarre

    Apparently no one is from this neck of the woods, but I wanted to share, that a woman found a male boxer this morning. She said he was super malnurished and skinny. She was nice enough to take him to the vet, get him checked out and scanned for microchip (of course he had none) I am just...
  15. kitikarial2

    Neighborhood Boxer (kinda long)

    Okay, so I have been living in my neighborhood for about 6 months and heard there was another boxer but never saw him. So, tonight my neighbor comes over and points to a dog, she thought it was lucy at first. Although this was a male, but was small like her. So I was petting him and he is a...
  16. kitikarial2

    Silly Lucy, your gonna hurt someone

    So the other night I am sitting on the couch and all of a sudden this rope toy goes whipping by my head from behind the couch, flies over the coffee table almost knocking over my glass candle holder and here comes Lucy flying around the couch to retrieve it. I turn to my BF and said "what are...
  17. kitikarial2

    Sooo I really want another...

    I really want another boxer for Lucy to play with, I have mentioned this in previous posts about having Patch also. So that would be 3 dogs, I wonder if I can handle it. But would love to have another boxer, Patch just wants no parts of Lucy most of the time. But I worry that he will hate me...
  18. kitikarial2

    Lucy Pics

    Finally figured out how to upload pics. There are a few pics of my goofy lucy and brother patch.
  19. kitikarial2

    On demand

    I was watching my on demand the other night ( I always forget about it) and in the Mag-rack section they had a little 5 minute segment on boxers. I wish it was longer but I will take what I can get just to look at them :)
  20. kitikarial2

    Boxer in NW Florida shelter

    There is a fawn boxer boy in Fort Walton Beach Florida shelter that just needs a loving home. We would love to adopt him, but have a boxer and another dog already in a small home. I am afraid I will not have enough time and attention to give him. (Although I keep asking my BF) If anyone would...