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  1. Titansmom

    Does your Boxer like these?

    Oh my gosh yes. My Titan loves squeaky toys. We have this really ugly squeaky rope kind of chew toy. He has pulled all of the stuffing out of it and is working on the other one. I tried washing it and he wouldn't touch it. So i took it and rolled it around on the ground and made it a little...
  2. Titansmom

    New Addition to our Boxer Family

    Hello Everyone!!! It has been awhile since i've been able to post because of school and work and the kids and the dogs and so on and so on. I've got great news!!! We have just added a new member to our family. Her name is Lady Madeline(Maddie for short)birthdayic. She was born September...
  3. Titansmom

    Paws with a slight popcorn smell?

    Boxer Smell Titan's puppy feet and right behind his ears to me smells like coffee. Isn't it amazing how much you can love a dog? I had heard the popcorn thing before but fritos LOLOL!!!! Jennifer
  4. Titansmom

    New member and new mom!

    Welcome Karen. I'm looking forward to talking to you about your boxers. They sound lovely. I'm new here at Boxerworld too. fiestaicon Jennifer
  5. Titansmom

    Boxer Traits

    I haven't owned my boxer long enough to really know all their traits, but he was doing some really weird things last week. Like chasing his tail until he was so dizzy he couldn't walk. Then he would fall over and then get up and start all over again. My family thought that there was something...
  6. Titansmom

    I'm a new mom!!!

    Hello Everyone! I just registered here today. I'm so excited about talking to everyone about our newest member of our family. He's a beautiful fawn, male, with a black mask, white socks and cropped tail and natural ears. He is going to be 9 weeks old on Thursday. He was born on June 14...