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    Weight loss and incontinence

    Do you watch her when she is sleeping? I ask because sometimes my boy leaves big wet spots when he is sleeping, but it's because he licks the sheets in his sleep (weird, huh?) and they have a slight odor. I hope your girl is okay!
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    Chemodectoma Help

    Dodger was diagnosed with a chemodectoma on the base of his heart last year. They couldn't remove the tumor because it is on his aorta. In October he had a pericardectomy to remove the sac around his heart and give him relief from the pressure. When they did it, his heart was very slightly...
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    Aural Hematoma-anybody have experience with the repair surgery?

    Hers is HUGE. It's starting to close off her ear canal. She is allergic to everything and she gets an ear infection every few months. The fear is that an infection will occur before the hematoma goes away on it's own and we won't know it or be able to get to it, so they think in her case surgery...
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    Aural Hematoma-anybody have experience with the repair surgery?

    So, goofy Miss Marlee shook her head last Sunday and popped some blood vessels in her ear. She has a giant hematoma to show for it. It's close to her ear canal and causing it to swell, so the vet said the best option is surgery. If we wait and it closes off the ear canal and it gets infected...
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    Toenail Removal

    Have any of y'all's boxers ever had to get an entire toenail removed? How long did it take before they were not in pain? Did the toenail grow back? Dodger has one toenail that has always grown funny and super fast. As long as it was trimmed regularly it was not a problem. Now, for some...
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    Fast Growing Toenail

    Dodger has just one toenail that grows at an alarming rate. When I get it trimmed, it is too long again in about 3 days (they trim it all the way to the quick). The vet says she has never in her life seen this before. I ask because it bothers him. She said something about removing it, but it...
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    4 Health Grain Free?

    Has anyone tried 4 Health? It gets pretty good reviews on other websites. Lamb is the only protein that Marlee can eat without itching AND that Dodger likes and I've had her on TOTW Lamb. The problem is that the stores here often don't have that in stock, so I was thinking of switching.
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    Puzzle Toys?

    Does your dog have any puzzle toys? Marlee and Dodger have a Martha Stewart one shaped like a barn that has 3 chickens inside. They have had it for over a year and Marlee just discovered it again last night. She must have played with that thing for 2 hours straight. Then she woke me up at like...
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    Support thread for itchy, allergic dogs?

    NicosMom: I swear it sounds to me like he is allergic to grass. Marlee used to act that exact same way. If you don't want to try booties (he most definitely will not want to try them), try wiping him down, in between his toes and especially his stomach, and see if that helps. If not, at least...
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    How to get Thyroid pills down easily

    Pill Pockets by Greenies (like rbrianboyd mentioned) are life savers. That is the only thing Marlee won't pick hers out of and spit back out. I get the duck and pea kid for grain allergic dogs. They smell TERRIBLE, but she loves them. And it only takes half of one to cover the pill. Even better...
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    seat covers (which one ?????)

    I've tried a ton of seat covers. Shockingly enough, I've the one that works best is the Pet Rider cover that they advertise on tv. You can get it at Petsmart. The bench seat one to coer my back seat was only 15 bucks. It's durable and protects from water as well. It's also got holes (they Velcro...
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    Support thread for itchy, allergic dogs?

    Hey guys! Y'alls stories are so familiar. Marlee used to itch something fierce, too, and she also has hypothyroidism. I had a vet here tell me that for any spots of black skin (hers was from a rabies vaccine reaction), massaging aloe lotion on them twice a day will help soothe it. I tried it and...
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    Too much water?

    Tractor Supply should carry Taste of the Wild and Blue Wilderness canned food for puppies. Also the dry food. Marlee used to drink a ton of water, but when I switched her to Taste of the Wild she went normal on the drinking.
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    Maggie's nose is dry and cracked

    This is gonna sound crazy, but Boudreaux's Butt Paste is what I put on Dodger's when it got really dry. It was better the next morning.
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    Question About Shedding

    I live in Mississippi. It's super hot and so humid the air is practically solid. The heat index has been reaching over 100 for a while. Marlee's is mostly coming out around her neck, too. Phew! Y'all made me feel much better!
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    Odd Fixations

    Dodger used to lick walls, too. Still does five years later. Weirdo.
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    Tried the Laser as a Toy and...

    I tried it a long time ago and they played with it twice. The third time Dodger got wise and figured out that the dot came from the thing in my hand and showed Marlee. Now they look at me like "We are not stupid enough to chase that bug" whenever I try to get them to play with it.
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    Do Boxers Normally Have "Lazy Days"?

    My Marlee is like this every day, ESPECIALLY when it's hot. Sometimes she will lay down outside within seconds of walking out the door. I think it is probably just a hot weather thing if she is acting normally otherwise. If it continues for a while I would contact your vet, just to be safe.
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    Question About Shedding

    More info for clarification: I have not put any topicals on her lately or changed her shampoo. She has not been unusually stressed either. No red, itchy, or scaly patches. No fleas. The hair is falling out equally everywhere and there are no bald spots or even any thin spots.
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    Question About Shedding

    Hey everyone! I've noticed in the last three days or so that Marlee is shedding like crazy. You can see tufts of hair after petting her and I've been brushing her twice a day and getting giant piles of fur. Nothing in her diet (Taste of the Wild) has changed. She doesn't appear to be sick and...