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  1. warmellie

    I need to Rant-Bad Landlady!!

    I feel for you. We've had the horrible landlord experience. Our last straw was a backed up sewer line that ended up flooding the basement which was also the bedrooms. We had complained for six months with no action. Washing clothes was impossible but you could use the toilets or shower until...
  2. warmellie

    Killed another cat:(

    I know cats hate the smell of citrus and I have planned on buying some lemon extract or something equally as scented and put out around our building. Our building is the source of the cats' interest. It attracts mice and rats so they are after those. I certainly appreciate their hunting...
  3. warmellie

    Killing Animal's In The Backyard

    I just did a post on Lucas. He killed a cat in our back yard. He chases birds, squirrels, cats...anything that comes in and then brutally murders them if he catches them. It is over quickly but sometimes the aftermath is quite gruesome. I try to check the yard, but sometimes there is nothing...
  4. warmellie

    Killed another cat:(

    Lucas killed another cat today. This is the second one that has ended up dead in our fenced back yard. I had been out with them all afternoon planting flowers and weeding a flower bed. When I went in to take a shower, apparently, that is when the murder took place. I had to give Lu a...
  5. warmellie

    New baby in 6 weeks: preparing our baby for baby

    Bossk was our first kid, so when Ben was born, before we brought him home from the hospital my husband brought home a blanket for Bossk to sniff. I was in the hospital for six days (preclampsia, ugh) so when I made it home Bossk was so happy to see me, he barely noticed Ben. And then he did...
  6. warmellie


    Dakota Fanning... who was in Hounddog with...
  7. warmellie

    Virtual Tour

    I love that house! I love old houses too. Ours is an old house. We just moved in last year. It was built in the 1930's and was a repossession. It also has one of those phone boxes in the wall. We had to use alot of imagination when we were looking at it because the owners really...
  8. warmellie

    Sick tummy

    Be sure to work him up to his regular feeds. Lu had an episode a few months ago with an upset stomach. The vet put him on prescription science diet canned. I think it was id or something like that. It is not cheap. but he absolutely loved it. Also, I fixed him chicken and rice and slowly...
  9. warmellie

    She won't stay in the Yard!

    I was able to train Lucas to stay in my parents yard by using a 'back' command. This is really just my version of a heel command. I would bribe him with treats to get him to come to me at random times and then of course, when he wondered too close to the road, I would yell "BACK!" and...
  10. RSCN1208


    Lucas stands by his sign.
  11. warmellie

    Over exertion?

    when you mentioned he was panting very heavily, I'm afraid he may have gotten overheated. It really does not take very long at all and it doesn't have to be very hot if they are excited. Boxers are at a disadvantage because of their short muzzles. I had let Lucas out one morning during...
  12. warmellie

    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    boy toy..................
  13. warmellie

    Yogi, the rescue ferret

    We have a new addition to our family. Yogi the rescue, ferret. I got him from someone who was moving out of state. He was kept outside in his cage & I don't think he received much playtime. I have brought him indoors, treated him for fleas, changed his cedar bedding to aspen and now he is...
  14. warmellie

    the dogs made me scream like a girl!

    I used to take pride in myself because I was not a girly-girl. I loved to catch bugs, frogs, etc. when I was a kid. I even have a ball python for a pet! well, today the dogs proved to me just how much of a girl I have become. Zeke was already outside and I had came back in to get Lucas. I...
  15. warmellie

    You found and did what!?

    Copperheads! Our rental house was a complete snake den. The ivy and vines had grown up to the edge of the yard. One evening I had let Bossk out while I brushed my teeth. Now that I know what it was, I realized later I could hear the snake hissing. Anyway, stupid me didn't go see what all...
  16. warmellie

    Animal Cops - American Bulldogs

    they can overheat very easily. I had a friend who lost one last summer to this. He was HUGE! He didn't like my husband for some reason. We never did really figure out why. All dogs generally like him. He did have on a hat though, so that could have been it. Now they have a new am...
  17. Zekewhatup


    Zeke, with an odd expression.
  18. Yogisleeping


    This is our rescue ferret, Yogi in one of his quieter moments.
  19. warmellie

    My Mini Zoo

    Spidey Question? can you handle the tarantulas? or are they the look but don't touch kinda pets? I think they are beautiful animals, but I have arachniphobia so they would definately be 'don't touch' to me! I have a ball python too! His/her name is Rosebud.
  20. warmellie

    Besides Boxers... what other pets do you own?

    we currently have two boxers, Lucas and Zeke; a ball python named Sid Rosebud; two gerbils (Spike and Remie); & Two hermit crabs, (Ratchet and Hercules.) I did have a ferret named Binks. He passed away a few months ago.:(