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  1. Rocky's-Mom

    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    Big things come in little packages! Addy is 27 months old and she weigh 52 lbs at the vet today. She only gained 2 pounds since last year this time. She eats like a horse and runs and gallops like one too. She was the runt of her liter.
  2. Rocky's-Mom

    What are the chances?

    Boxer's are addictive!! We lost our first boxer to cancer and our first reaction was that we didn't think we could go thru losing another one...but soon to our amazement we agreeded that you get more love from a boxer in those years and it's worth every moment you can spend with them...right...
  3. Rocky's-Mom

    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    What A Win!! Way to go Presley! You were fantastic and you represent the Worldest Greatest Dog and all of us boxer made us proud!!
  4. Rocky's-Mom

    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    Go Presley--Make us PROUD!! Too bad everyone on Boxer World can't vote for Presley as America's Greatest Dog but for all of us he will be the real winner no matter what...Go Presley win tonight...we're behind you!! He is soooooooo sweet!!
  5. Rocky's-Mom

    Aspen with her brothers and sisters

    Adorable...I could take them all!!
  6. Rocky's-Mom

    The 'Cruiser' of the litter

    Well our Rocky was a laid back... he was a gentle kind boxer but after losing him to cancer. I picked out the smallest female in the liter and she is hyper, wild, loves toys and playing so opposite of our male but no matter what you get and how they will love your...
  7. Rocky's-Mom

    Just diagnosed....

    So sorry to read your post but don't give up. Our Rocky had a tumor on his leg and it to was bone cancer. The vet gave him 6 to 8 weeks and he lived for another 13 months before we could see it was time to let him go. We spoiled him so bad thinking we only had a few weeks but they are...
  8. Rocky's-Mom

    Family Portraits

    I had the photographer come to our house and take pictures. We had three dogs at the time and it was just easier all the way we have lost 2 of the three so the pictures are so precious to me.
  9. Rocky's-Mom

    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    I was a little nervous myself...Presley is such a typical boxer...he was so precious and he looked so pitiful at the end. I thought he would be voted out also and I said I want watch it again if he is. He just has to win...are we all a little predjudes here on boxer world? I have other dogs...
  10. Rocky's-Mom

    How To Cope and what should I expect

    Just checking in to see how things were going....glad you got a good word from the vet...we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers...give Max a big hug from Addy....and healing vibes!!
  11. Rocky's-Mom

    How and Why did you decide on your boxers name?

    After losing our Rocky to cancer....and not being able to live without a boxer we decided on a female this time and we named her Adrian (after Rocky and Adrian in the movie Rocky) actually one of the girls on here came up with the name and ideal....we call her Addy for short!!
  12. Rocky's-Mom

    Peter LeBron August 8,2003-August 16, 2008

    So sorry to read about Peter. So many have been have lost our boxer babies and I certainly understand how you feel. We got our Rocky due to empty nest snydrome and he feel the loss and void in our lives when our son sent off to collge and when we lost him...we lost s a piece of ourselves...
  13. Rocky's-Mom

    How To Cope and what should I expect

    So sorry to read about Max. We get so attached to these precious babies and they are such a part of our lives. We lost our Rocky in 2007 to osteosarcoma cancer. The vet gave him 6 to 8 weeks and I cried for 2 weeks but with the support of Boxer World I quickly learned to try to make his last...
  14. Rocky's-Mom

    Pictures of Aniah

    What would our lives me like with out these gorgeous human animals????
  15. Rocky's-Mom

    A few pictures of our new rescue!

    Sweet---oh so sweet....I want another boxer!!
  16. Rocky's-Mom

    eats everything in sight

    Addy is 18 months and we think she is half goat. She eats limbs, bark from the fire wood, and I too fear she will get into something bad but so far she has never been sick. I keep telling myself she will out grow these Good luck!!
  17. Rocky's-Mom

    Poyx for calming dogs

    Has anyone heard about a new natural product called Poyx..supposibly vet approved to calm down hyper dogs? My husband heard it advertised on Sirius Radio...thanks
  18. Rocky's-Mom

    Best Food for Hyper Girl!!

    What is the best dog food for a active and very hyper 16 month old female. I have heard that certain type dog food can help or is it just the puppy in her. We had an male boxer previously and he was calm and so relaxed. Addy is small but I think she runs the weight off. She eats great but is...
  19. Rocky's-Mom

    2nd puppy boy or girl

    I totally agree with you. Rocky was so gentle and kind and stole our hearts from day one...when we lost him it was one of the hardest things we went thru. Not wanting to replace him we picked a female and she is totally opposite...we love her but definetly a difference. Rocky loved us so much...
  20. Rocky's-Mom

    Cant decide

    If I had a male boxer I would name him Bentley!! We also had a Rocky and the name was so appropriate after losing Rocky we now have Adrian aka Addy!