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  1. Bail's mommy

    Wow this is a hard one...long

    Thank you so much for that...that really hit home. I am definitely going to think of it that way from now on :) And thank you to everyone for all your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I knew in the back of my mind that coming here would be step #1 in accepting that my Bail is gone. Everyone...
  2. Bail's mommy

    Wow this is a hard one...long

    I haven't been around much these past few months. My Bailey passed away on May 31, 2006, and I just haven't been able to bring myself to come back here. My last posts were about his failing health. It was a real shocker that he got so sick so fast. At first the Vet thought he was anemic, but...
  3. Bail's mommy

    help! Bail has anemia...(long)

    Well I guess I have my answer...Bail has lung cancer. That's the reason for his shallow breathing. I am devastated. Not sure what else to say. Thanks for listening.
  4. Bail's mommy

    help! Bail has anemia...(long)

    Hi all - ok it's been a looong time since I've been here, but I'm calling out for all your wisdom now... My Bail has been diagnosed with IMHA - We brought him in on 5/20 and his results were: Glucose-68 Urea-39 BUN-30 Amylase-3638 Hemoglobin-8.1 Crit-25.5 WBC-19.8 RBC-3.52...
  5. Bail's mommy

    My goldie girl is already a pig!

    :lol: This cracked me up! SO true!!! :lol: :D
  6. Bail's mommy

    We lost our dear sweet King this evening. It happened so quickly.

    Bless you for caring for King - I'm so sorry for your loss.
  7. Bail's mommy

    The best secret santa present ever!!!!

    That is a thoughtful gift! :D Good for you!
  8. Bail's mommy

    Wanted: Doggie Dentist

    ROFLMAO!!!! That is priceless - great shot!!!!!! :D
  9. Bail's mommy

    caught bf cruising the boxerworld forums

    Haha - that's funny - he got so caught!! :cool: My fiance does the same thing - pretends he hasn't got the least bit of interest in BW, but I know he does...silly guys - what's the big deal? If you're crazy, just ADMIT it! ha ha ha ha :lol:
  10. Bail's mommy

    ANOTHER FIGHT, I don't know what to do! :(

    I'm sure others will respond who have way more experience than myself, but I just wanted to share what we have to do at our house. I have Bailey (the boxer) and Eddie (the Shih tzu), and upon cohabiting Bailey has become food aggressive. So we NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER leave them with food...
  11. Bail's mommy

    Hi From NY New here and didn't introduce myself

    Hello and welcome from New York as well! :D You have found a great place for answers to all your questions, even ones you didn't know you had!
  12. Bail's mommy

    Hi from Oregon, Missy Jazzy & dad

    Welcome :D She sounds like a gem - can't wait to see pics!
  13. Bail's mommy

    Hello from Battle Creek

    Welcome back to BW!! :D It sounds like such fun to have 2 - can't wait to hear all your funny stories! :D
  14. Bail's mommy

    Crash needs surgery on his leg

    Oh-boy- So sorry to hear about Crash and your mom's reaction...We will definitely be keeping you guys in our thoughts. I hope your mom understands how you feel about your furbabys...I dunno - sometimes people just don't get it, and really that is there loss... Good luck to you and Crash -...
  15. Bail's mommy

    She's Howlin' Video

    Adorable! I played it for Bailey, and I'm not sure what Girlie was saying, but Bailey came flying over to the computer and started wiggling his nub...! :D It was hysterical - head tilting and everything! Thanks for the laugh!!
  16. Bail's mommy

    Mush the red-nose Boxer-deer

    Oh my ! How could you ever even be mad at a boxer named Mush?!?!?! What a great name!!!!!
  17. Bail's mommy

    Living alone with your boxer

    OMG - yes yes yes and yes!!!!!!! As I'm sure hundreds of others will respond - boxers are really terrific dogs. Actually terrific doesn't even begin to describe them. I too lived alone for awhile with Bailey - and not only was he and is he my absolute best friend (besides DF of course ;) ), but...
  18. Bail's mommy

    We'll miss her so much

    Thanks everyone for your replies and kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I usually don't prowl around the Rainbow Bridge forums because sometimes it's too sad for me, but now being on the other side of it - I feel so comforted by everyone here. I never had to make the decision to lay a dog to...
  19. Bail's mommy

    Run free little puppy

    OMG - that is horrible. Poor sweet puppy baby - you are definitely in a better place. You are too young to understand but the people to whom you belonged for a short while did not deserve your love, and someone wiser chose a different path for you. Run free and play as all puppies should.
  20. Bail's mommy

    Sweet Luke.......(Sorry,long & rambling..!)

    That was a beautiful story. Take care sweet Luke and please take care of our Sandy. You are both dearly missed.