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  1. Az Boxr Lovr

    Scorpion Sting

    Hi. We used to live in Mesa, and boy did we have scorpions! We had the bark scorpions which are one of the worst kinds of scorpions. I would ask my vet before a possible sting what he would recommend you do if your dog got stung. We now live in NM where we also have scorpions, but they are not...
  2. Az Boxr Lovr

    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    Hi. Handsome Joe is 4 years old and weighs in at 72 pounds.
  3. Az Boxr Lovr

    Daughter & b/f split up

    I'm so sorry to hear about Minty. I have two teenage daughters. One is 16 and the other 14. The 16 year old had her heart broken right around when she turned 16. She was going out with this great guy who was also over all of the time. He had cheated on her and the guilt got to him and he...
  4. Az Boxr Lovr

    The Doorbell - funny

    Too funny. I could see Joe doing that too!
  5. Az Boxr Lovr

    My Two Boys

    What beautiful boys! How did you get them to sit still and right next to each other? I bet some cheese was involved!
  6. Az Boxr Lovr

    Shampoo recommendations

    Hi. Joe is 4 and I still use a puppy shampoo on him. I buy it at Petco. It seems to me the puppy shampoos are the only ones that say "tearless". I won't use any shampoo that doesn't say this. I would sure hate for shampoo to sting Joe's eyes. Then I'd never be able to get him back in the tub!!!
  7. Az Boxr Lovr

    What do you find yourself hoarding :)

    scrapbooking supplies!! I'm outta control!
  8. Az Boxr Lovr

    What goes best with a boxer

    As I read everybody's reply that owns a BT, I couldn't help but laugh. Scampy who is younger than Joe and weighs 17 pounds vs. Joe's 75 is truly the alpha in our house too! It is so funny. They really do not think they are a small dog. Scampy just continues to crack me up because he is such a...
  9. Az Boxr Lovr

    Migraines And My 14yr Old!

    Oh Sharon, I am SO happy for you and your son. A good Doctor can really make a difference. I hope your son is feeling better and more upbeat about what the Doctor had to say. I also LOVE it when a Doctor will address the young adult who is there for treatment vs. the parent. Please keep us...
  10. Az Boxr Lovr

    What goes best with a boxer

    Hi. We have a BT named Scampy. He is great! Check out my gallery for some cute pix. Anyway, a BT is really a Boxer in a smaller body. You will find that a lot of Boxer people also have BT. They get along great and they play together all of the time. They compliment each other perfectly. Good...
  11. Az Boxr Lovr

    I got a NEW vaccuum and have a ???

    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. My Dyson did it the first time I used it. I called the Dyson number and they guided me into taking a small shoelace like string off the bottom somewhere. I don't exactly remember because it was about a year ago. However, mine still makes that God awful...
  12. Az Boxr Lovr

    Migraines And My 14yr Old!

    Hi Sharon. I have been a migraine sufferer for 12 years. I too, would get headaches 3-4 times a week. I got so sick and tired of taking so much medication that I went a different route. I now get Botox injections every three months. An off label usage of Botox is it usually stops migraines. I...
  13. Az Boxr Lovr

    My success with Raw

    Hi Carolyn...that is just great. You won't believe this, but I was just telling my parents this morning how much improvement you have seen in Katie girl since switching to raw. I'm so happy she is doing so well. I just may have to stop by to see for myself!
  14. Az Boxr Lovr

    Afraid of Swimming

    Hi. Joe doesn't like to swim either. He can swim though. We have a pool and every year it takes at least 3 people to "help" him get in. I do this just to make sure he still can swim. He will bark at the kids and he love it when they splash him, but that's about it. If you are concerned about the...
  15. Az Boxr Lovr

    Saw my first Boston today....

    Check out my gallary and see my Boston! They are crazy little dogs...and very lovable too. I'm glad to see that you have fallen in love with them!
  16. Az Boxr Lovr

    Coming back to Boxerworld!

    Hi Mandy and welcome back. I'm so glad to hear things have been going well for you! Cheryl
  17. Az Boxr Lovr

    Botox for migraines

    I will keep you all posted. Today is day 3 and I did have to take some headache medication. I didn't really get a headache, but I felt like one was coming on. Botox can take up to two weeks to work. I spoke with the Dr. today, and he said we have to wait the two week period. I can't frown as...
  18. Az Boxr Lovr

    Take THAT!!!

  19. Az Boxr Lovr

    Emergency room :(

    OMG, how terrible for you. I am so sorry. We have tons of tile in our house, so we are very careful where Joe drinks. I actually put a kitchen rug in front of his drinking bowl to absorb some of the spill over.
  20. Az Boxr Lovr

    Botox for migraines

    Okay everybody I'm back. I was really nervous! My 16 year old daughter came in with me to hold my hand. It did NOT hurt at all. A few of the shots stung a tiny bit and that was it. I wound up getting about 9 or 10 shots using 26 units of Botox. Now I just have to sit back and wait to see if my...