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  1. fonda

    Curious what you feed your Boxers

    Sami eats Science Diet WD and Lacy is great on Purina One for puppies. She has beautiful coat, has great muscle tone and has no problems. I have had 4 boxers in my life and all kinds of expensive foods and none have done as well as Lacy. My vet has his dog on it and highly recommended it.
  2. fonda

    Spayed - Protection?

    I tried a 4T in that shirt and its not long enough. Lacy is scheduled for spay in 3 weeks and she's a licker. Any idea's? She's about 26" from neck to nubbon. fonda
  3. Lacy Lou

    Lacy Lou

    Lacy Lou waiting for her treat
  4. fonda

    Laser Spaying question

    I have had my other 2 boxer females spray with just surgery but wanted to know if Laser spraying is better for the puppy? I'm not familar with it but I was told it was much easier on them.
  5. Lacy resting

    Lacy resting

  6. First day home

    First day home

    The day we brought Lacy home.
  7. fonda

    Chicken Soup users

    Confused Ok, when did Boxer's not become a large breed?
  8. fonda

    Purina Pro Plan

    Chicken Soup Brand? I like the ingred's in Chicken Soup brand. Do most thing its a good food? I want the best food for her.
  9. fonda

    Purina Pro Plan

    Purina One What they started Lacey on is Purina One. I've read enough about it not to like that so I was investigating a much better food for her. There is so many so many. Sami has been on Science Diet WD all her life and if it wasn't for food like that she wouldn't have survived. So I guess I...
  10. fonda

    Purina Pro Plan

    No data There is no data there for Purina Pro Plan. I'm still thinking but from reading ingred's on web site it sounds very good.
  11. fonda

    Purina Pro Plan

    Our new puppy will be home in 10 days. Her name is Lacey. She is eating Purina Pro Plan and we will continue with it. I like what I've read about it and also the condion of the dogs that are on it.
  12. fonda

    Lymphoma!!!! Need advice and support

    Hello Jae. My heart goes out to you. My boxer boy Winston has lymphoma. He was diagnoised 6 weeks ago and started treatment right then. He has done wonderful so far in his treatment. He is back to his playful boxer self. He showed improvement in 2 days after the first treatment. I do not know...
  13. fonda

    She has cancer.

    taking chemo Winston was wrongly diagnosed by our vet. She treated him for over a month for pancreatis and he didn't have it. I could see my baby dying before my eyes. He went from 82 pounds to 57. One morning I rushed him to Cincinnati ER hospital for animals. I am so happy I did. They tested...
  14. fonda

    Update on Winston

    Winston has no IV now and has kept some special diet food down today. Things are looking up. He looks and acts much better. If this continues thru weekend we may bring him home tuesday. I have the best vets in the world. They believe in you visiting, spending all the time you can because it...
  15. fonda


    I'm a scared mom right now. Winston is in the hospital with pancreatis. He is on IV fluids with antibiotics and some pain medicine. Please pray for my boxer boy.
  16. Did you hear that?

    Did you hear that?

    Could that be Santa out there?
  17. Gizmo & Donut

    Gizmo & Donut

    Does anyone smell a donut?
  18. fonda

    Hip Displaysia!!!

    this worked for mine Winston takes 2 Cosequin DS and 4 1/2 Comfort pills every day. He has been on this for two years and he runs, jumps and has no problems now. I give 1 Cosequin DS in the morning and 4 1/2 Comfort tabs. In the evening he gets 1 cosequin again. Never miss and it takes about a...
  19. fonda

    Good toys your boxer can't destroy????

    toys with no stuffing I found my two has never been able to tear apart the unstuffed animals. I bought mine at Petsmart. They have duck, bear, and more. Instead of stuffed animal it just has a hidden squeaker in it and it comes with more. No stuffing in these.
  20. fonda

    For those of you with 2 or more...

    Oh yes mine do the mouth war too. It's so funny because never a mark or a yelp just loads of goobers on both. My female is the vocal one and she gets Winston down ( kind of like wrestling) and then makes the funniest noices chewing his throat. Winston loves it. Then both lay down together and...