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  1. punchinella

    Happy Birthday Baby

    Today is my baby girl's 5th birthday. Happy birthday to the most loving soul I know. She who always loves me and acts happy to see me, gives the sweetest kisses, is the best little snuggle buddy ever and can always bring a smile to my face - my Punchinella!
  2. punchinella

    Here is some pictures of my Jackson and Lola!

    Absolutely adorable babies :)
  3. punchinella

    Pet Friendly B&B Destin FL?

    I know Ft. Morgan has pet friendly beaches. It's not Destin, but it's on the same coastline ;) It's about 10 miles from Gulf Shores. It's been a couple of years since I've been, but my husband and I rented a house in Ft. Morgan and loved it! Private, secluded beaches and Punchinella had a blast...
  4. punchinella

    Riding with the Top Down

    Ha, ha, ha That is awesome! Too cute!
  5. punchinella

    Where would you live?

    Well, honestly, I like where I live. It's a small town located on the TN river. It does have it's drawbacks, for instance, I have to drive 40 miles one way to work everyday, because there aren't many decent jobs in such a small town. But I love being on the lake during the summer! I also have...
  6. punchinella

    Missed Heartguard Meds

    Oh I so hope she will be okay. I will never forgive myself if she gets sick because of my mistake. :(
  7. punchinella

    Missed Heartguard Meds

    I feel terrible! We always give Punchinella her heartworm medicine (preventative) on the first day of the month. However, tonight I suddenly realized we forgot to give it to her on February 1st. So, I immediately gave her the missed dose, but it's three weeks past due. So my question is two...
  8. punchinella

    Punchie at the office

    So I'm just now getting around to posting this, but I just had to brag on Punchie. The last day of work before leaving for Christmas vacation, I took Punchinella to the office with me. She was so well behaved and everyone just adored her. One of the division managers fell in love with her and...
  9. punchinella

    Roxy is sick-gagging shaking

    Oh I'm so sorry your baby is not well. Hopefully the vet can figure it out and it's nothing serious. Keep us posted.
  10. punchinella

    Punchie is 4 years old today

    I went and bought her a bunch of treats and some new toys on my lunch break today. Can't wait until this evening to celebrate my girl's special day :)
  11. punchinella

    Do they talk?

    Punchinella talks. She does it more so first thing in the morning when she is first getting up and making her rounds. She also talks to get your attention when she wants you to play with her toys with her. For treats she will say momma (or something that sounds like momma which is how I...
  12. punchinella

    Punchie is 4 years old today

    Today is Punchinella's 4th birthday. Happy birthday to my sweet little girl and the best (and most spoiled) dog ever!
  13. punchinella


    What a sweet little darling :)
  14. punchinella

    Hugo has cancer

    I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Hugo. I am sending lots of healing vibes to you dear boy. Punchinella sends lots of sweet kisses.
  15. punchinella

    We got in a fight...he won

    I have let Punchie sleep in the bed with us since the day we first got her as a wee tiny pup and I wouldn't have it any other way. As a matter of fact, if we ever stay away from home, I find that I have a hard time falling asleep without my 65 lb furry little heater next to me.
  16. punchinella

    Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm a....

    That's too funny! Great visual. Punchie always barks when someone knocks on the door. Just last night, she was curled up in my lap sound asleep, while I watched a movie. Within the movie, someone knocked on a door. Punchie, in her sleep, starts growling at the movie door knocker. So cute.
  17. punchinella

    Pictures with Santa

    I love the third one...the expression on her face is too funny.
  18. punchinella

    Is there anything better?

    At 60 lbs and almost 4 years old now, Punchie still loves snuggling in my arms. And I love it too.
  19. punchinella

    Rookie Made it to 8

    Happy Birthday Rookie! birthdayic
  20. punchinella

    Anyone got a Robot Vacuum?

    I'm waiting on the robot that does my laundry! :lol: