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  1. Courtknee202

    Do any of you have your dogs outside for any amount of time?

    Lucy is indoors most of the time. When its nice out she will stay outside for quite a while just sitting underneath the trees in the shade and watching the neighborhood activity if there is any. I always let her in when she asks to come in.
  2. Courtknee202

    Kuzco went to the stables :)

    Lucy LOVES to go to the barn with me. She's not too fond of my horse and the most affection she's ever shown him was a quick lick on the nose. But she loves, loves to do her burns in the arena. It's sand and absolutely massive. I've even been teaching her to jump!
  3. Courtknee202

    Doggy coats?

    I got this one for Lucy, I love it!
  4. Courtknee202

    Livid. RIP Socks

    My mom sent me this link this morning. I'm absolutely furious. This is in the county next to mine. As soon as I read it I knew the security officer probably did it because Boxers in this area are constantly mistaken for pit...
  5. Courtknee202

    Any boxer owners in Loudoun or Fairfax County Virginia?

    It def. wont hurt to bring her since it is good experience anyway, but I'm tiny and she is strong! I'll try it and see how it goes. She's never played with other Boxers before :-( Only our small dog who she plays with fine, and the Schnauzer at the barn who has been aggressive towards her...
  6. Courtknee202

    Any boxer owners in Loudoun or Fairfax County Virginia?

    I def. want to come but I dont know if I should bring Lucy or not. She's never really played with any other dogs before...she plays with our little dog but all the other "big" dogs she has tried to play with have growled and tried to bite her (not in a playful way) and she gets stand offish and...
  7. Courtknee202

    Lucy video!

    The creature meeting it's unfortunate demise at the end is some kind of leaf bug. They are really huge! And very angry. He was chirping and hissing at Lucy the entire time until he eventually got turned into a tasty snack...I felt bad for the little thing! Found a pic of one...
  8. Courtknee202

    Lucy video!

    I hopppeeee this works, it's a little montage of Lucy being Miss Personality. The bug video at the end is from today, cheesy I know but she goes with the beat!
  9. Courtknee202

    Dozer's Page

    Oh he's ADORABLE!! So is his big sister! I bookmarked his site as well :-)
  10. Courtknee202

    Molley Broke the #1 Pool Rule!

    This is SO WIERD! I read this topic yesterday and today I took Lucy swimming at the river, and I was telling a friend about this and asking if he had ever seen a dog pee in water? As we were commenting no...never...Lucy stopped and PEED IN THE WATER!! Must be a Boxer thing :-) Luckily we were...
  11. Courtknee202

    Can dogs/boxers get hives?

    I was going to post something similar. I'm having a problem with Lucy getting bitten by mosquitos, and when she comes inside, she has bumps on her where they have bitten her, the same as a person would get, small and raised. They are really obnoxious but go away within 10 minutes or so. Is there...
  12. Courtknee202

    A boxer in Superman!

    Myself and my friend Josh were not the only ones in the theater who said AWWWWWWWWWW when the Boxer came on! Beautiful dog!
  13. Courtknee202

    Thunder anyone?

    I am sitting here laughing because I have no clue where Glen Allen is but I'm in Stafford (can't be very far!) and we had a NASTY little thunderstorm come through around 1 or 1:30 last night, tons of lightning, and massive crashes of thunder every 5-10 seconds. I got NO sleep! Luckily Lucy...
  14. Courtknee202

    boxer boy the news...

    Poor baby :0( The same website also had an article a while back when a horse broke lose from its stall at the PG equestrian center, and was hit and killed and the driver was killed as well. The comments non horse or even non animal people were writing on there were just rude and horrible.
  15. Courtknee202


    Any snake will curl up and shake it's tail when feeling threatened. Baby snakes don't hang out with momma. Momma lays the eggs, and when they hatch, they are on their own. Glad your pups are okay!
  16. Courtknee202

    Shipping your new pup...

    I think I take the cake, I drove from VA to Texas to pick up my pup (yes I am that picky!). I think I must've made it in record time, I went with a friend and we drove out stopping only for food and to go to the bathroom, and to alternate driving (one person slept while the other drove) and we...
  17. Courtknee202

    Birthday girl!

    Aww thank you everyone! I am a proud Boxer mom. We went for a walk yesterday and spent an hour talking to a woman who pulled over to look at Lucy because she is actually shopping for a Boxer puppy right now! I told her about Boxerworld :0) Mia'sMama photography is strictly hobby for me right...
  18. Courtknee202

    Birthday girl!

    I haven't posted in ages, especially not any photos which is odd of me because photography is my passion, but Lucys 1st birthday was on May 3rd so I figured I'd pop in and post 2 photos of her playing in the Potomac, and one sort of artsy fartsy shot of her and I :-)...
  19. Courtknee202

    Equine Chiropractic & Acupuncture?

    I'm a huge huge fan of equine chiropractors. I have mine out every 6 weeks when show season is in full swing, and my horse loves it. Your guy might be a little sore for a few days afterwards, but you will notice a huge difference!! If he still seems ouchie, you may want to have his hocks...
  20. Courtknee202

    Moody Mare

    Regumate while pricey, is FABULOUS. I've heard great thinks about Depo shots as well but don't know much about going that route. I think Smart Pak has a pretty good deal on a supply of Regumate.