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    Buddy did it!!!!

    Wow you are so lucky. Trixie doees not love the bath at all. Bath time is usually an adventure and I almost get as wet as Trixie. :) I'm hoping she'll learn to not hate it. We live near a lake...I'm hoping to start introducing her to it this summer. We'll see how that goes. :)...
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    Greenies - ok?

    Not worth the risk... My BF saw the story on CNN about all the problems and deaths related to Greenies. I went on the web today and watched it. So sad! :( There was an eight month old boxer featured who ended up dying from a Greenie blockage. After watching this story I'm so glad I never...
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    Leave it to the Boxer to give you away!

    LOL!! Too funny :-D Thanx for sharing.
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    What size Easy Walk Harness??

    We bought a medium & large easy walk harness for Trixie. (There's a LONG story behind why we have two) She is 9 mos and somewhere between 45-50 lbs. The large was too big at its smallest setting. Right now the medium fits well, but we may need to move to the large one soon. I believe their...
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    Excess gunk around right eye

    No we haven't changed her food. We've been trying to think if we've introduced anything new that she could be having a reaction too. We haven't come up with anything yet. The eye seems a little better than yesterday. there's not as much gunk...I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking. I...
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    Excess gunk around right eye

    I went home at lunch time today to walk Trixie. While walking I thought her eye looked weird. Upon closer inspection I saw that she had gunk all around it! When we got home I wet a paper towel and wiped off the eye. It's not unusual for Trixie to have some gunk under each eye. We clean...
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    Puppy attacking my leg!

    When Trixie starts playing rough (usuallly with my BF b/c he lets her) we try to discourage it and distract her with a toy. I'll say "No! Toy!" If she jumps up on us to play we'll say "off!" You have to be firm and be consistent and don't let him have his way. When Trixie is totally out of...
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    Her own personal landfill

    Trixie loves paper, but she doesn't bury it. She loves ripping it to bits. We can't leave magazines or books in her reach because she'll take when you're not looking and start chewing away. I wonder if burying them is next...
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    Crate trouble - help please

    I know someone whose 2-3 year dog (not a boxer, I think it was a lab) died because it chewed off a piece of the crate and choked on it. :-( I felt so bad for her and her family. I'd agree that maybe a bathroom or something like that may be better until she feels better about the crate. Poor...
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    What do you think?

    One trainer we had suggested to the class to provide Sod for the puppies to "go" on when left alone. This way they'll associate going to the bathroom with grass and it'll make housebreaking easier. We never tried it, but it seemed like a good idea. I'm sure that could be expensive though...
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    BF is going Boxer Crazy!!!!

    LOL! Too funny. :D I guess your BF realized that they are impossible to resist!
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    Bad Experience Cutting Nails

    Donna1969 - I'm so sorry about you and your baby's bad experience. That is soo horrible! I haven't tried to cut them again so I'm not sure how she'll react when I do try again. Thanks for the advice on the Kwickstop. We were thinking that there was a product available to help with the...
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    Bad Experience Cutting Nails

    The other night I was cutting Trixie's nails and I cut one too short and it started bleeding!!! I felt so horrible! We rushed to put pressure on it to try to stop the bleeding. We finally put gauze (sp?) and an Ace Bandage on her foot and that got it to stop. I felt so bad! But by bed time...
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    Need to vent

    I would agree that 7 days is too short for antibiotics to eradicate a UTI. We are having a problem where Trixie's infection keeps coming back. I would say minimum 2 weeks, but even that wouldn't work for us. We're now on meds for 6 weeks. Hopefully this works (fingers crossed). I'm not sure...
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    Bladder infection...again?

    I just found this thread. We also Crate Trixie during the day. We go home at lunch time every day to walk her. She is now 8 mos old, shouldn't she be able to safely hold it until we get home at lunch time? Or could the 4-5 hour wait still be causing her to get bladder infections?
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    Poor Trixie has another Bladder Infection. We thought that we were in the clear when she was healthy enough to get spayed and was healthy a little while afterwards. (To give you history, Trixie is 8 mos old and has been having Bladder Infections since she was around 4 mos old.) But then the...
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    Best ways to socialize an adult dog?

    I would love it if someone came up to me and asked me to give their dog some attention! :-D I think it's a good idea to encourage people to do so. I agree with the Petsmart idea. When we take Trixie there she's always getting attention...especially from the employees! Good luck with everything!
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    Cooper's finally home!

    Congratulations on your new baby! Trixie took very well to her Crate. We put a loud tick tock clock next to it because I read that it simulates the beating of her mother's heart. I've also seen warming pads that you can buy to help the puppy in case he misses his littermates. (I've never...
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    Thanksgiving with other dogs

    Yes, we can crate Trixie. She is really very good in the crate. My plan is to try to exercise her in my grandfather's fields as much as I can so that if she does have to spend a lot of time in the crate it won't be as bad. Where we are going is not Toby's home so I'm hoping that this will...
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    Lady In Petsmart Asked Me About The "New Mini Boxer"...

    I've never heard of a "mini boxer"'d she get that idea?