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    Insect Repellants

    I need an insect repellent for my 7 year old boxer. He is constantly under attack by green flies every time we take him for a walk. Are there any safe insect repellents for dogs that you would recommend? Thanks!
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    Winston The tallest Boxer We have evar had

    Winston is 31 months and measures 31.5 inches at the withers.He weighs 80 lbs.Our vet says he is a boxer but he is unusually large. He measures 35" around the girth of his rib cage. His ribs show , which means he is the proper weight. His bone structure resembles that of a great dane. Has...
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    What is the average size of a boxer?

    Can I find out thru the inplanted micro chip if he is a cross breed?How does one get info off of it?I must say he looks like a boxer 100%.Maybe I will post a picture of him for your viewing.Someone told me that there is a German breeder that breeds very large Boxers. Thanks, Carmine
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    What is the average size of a boxer?

    We rescued Winston about 6 months ago.We don't know anything about his Bloodlines but he is very tall for his age.He measures 29 at withers and weighs about 65 Lbs. His 1 year birthday is March 25 2007. We have him on a healthy diet and he is doing great.How much bigger is he going to get? He...
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    Is it time to change to adult Food?

    Winston is 11 months old and he is a big boy already 28in.and about 60 lbs.I have been feeding him 2 cups of Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy formula in the morning and 2 in the evening.He is well built and doing great.I am a little confused because after reading past posts I thought I should...
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    After 2 months of trying I finally became a member.This is the best site for unbiased information about raising our best friends.We picked up Winston about 5 months ago from our Vet.He called us to see if we were ready for a new baby after loosing our beloved Bruno.Winston needed a home and...