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  1. Sidda1018

    That's MY Dog...

    I plan to stick to girl dogs. So many wee wee problems with boys, lol.
  2. Sidda1018

    Has anyone seen "Showdog Mom's & Dad's?

    I thought the show was funny too, very odd at times, but funny. I was kind of embarrassed for the poor German Shepherd with the fertility problems while he was at the vet.
  3. Sidda1018

    Kenny Chesney!!!

    We are going to see him in Lexington, Ky this weekend! We are really excited to see him and Uncle Kracker and Gretchen Wilson. Should be an awesome show!
  4. Sidda1018

    Songs you sing to your dog.

    I sing "You Are My Sunshine" to Sidda often, putting "please don't take my Sidda Bear away" in place of the ending. Me and my mom both sing "I am Henry the VIII, I am" to Henry. I think they like it even though I can't
  5. Sidda1018


    Sidda- born 10/18/02, weighs 65 lbs., eats Wellness, loves all her rubber and plush toys Henry- born 10/18/03, weighs 55 lbs., eats Wellness, favorite toy would be his Buster Cube when there is food in it
  6. Sidda1018

    I love my new Dyson

    I really want that vacuum! :lol: I just don't have the funds yet, but I am working on it. I have read where other members at BW mention 10% off coupons from BB& this something you get for having a card there or something? Do you know how someone could get one of these coupons? It was...
  7. Sidda1018

    It only takes a three year old

    Such a sweet story :) I was just curious how you pronounce it like May-lee or My-lee?
  8. Sidda1018

    Happy Birthday Sidda1018!!

    Thank you all soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Sidda1018

    Our new girl

    I think Senna is a very pretty name and I like it because it is not a common name. My female boxer is named Sidda (very close sounding:))
  10. Sidda1018

    Moucho Grande

    Great job on his website! He is gorgeous and it is not hard to tell what a special guy he is to your family!
  11. Sidda1018

    New sister!

    Congrats, to the big brother!
  12. Sidda1018

    Is he trying to tell me something?

    My two will often pull their bedding out of their crates too, but will not whine to do so if the door is closed. I am puzzled to as to why...maybe they think since it is time for them to get up, all their things need to get up too? lol
  13. Sidda1018

    Just dropped off Diva...

    Don't worry, she will be just fine! Henry got neutered on Monday and I was worried sick too. At my vet they have you walk the dog to the holding room and put them in the wire kennel yourself. That is the hardest thing, putting them in there and walking away. But soon you are picking them up and...
  14. Sidda1018

    Is your other breed as special?

    I have 2 small dogs that I got first because I thought house dogs should be small. :rolleyes: I love all 4 of my dogs to pieces, but I get accused of loving the boxers more all the time. Maybe it is because I love to "boxer stalk", collect ANYTHING with a boxer on it, and talk about the boxers...
  15. Sidda1018

    What to expect with neuter and spay?

    My boxer, Henry, just got neutered yesterday. He is my 4th dog to be fixed and all went just fine. Two of mine had to stay overnight and the other stayed long enough for the medicine to wear off pretty well, so I was a little scared bringing Henry home yesterday because he was so weak and...
  16. Sidda1018

    What small breed playmate would you get for a boxer

    In addition to our 2 boxers we have 2 small breed dogs, a maltese and a bichon frise. I love these little guys to pieces, but would doubtfully have another of either. They require a lot of grooming for their long hair. But as far as temperment and getting along with the boxers they are great...
  17. Sidda1018

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Gus and your mom! Double the celebration! We wish both health, happiness, and many more!
  18. Sidda1018

    Possible new Boxer?

    It sounds like your dog will only be home alone from 4p.m.-9:30p.m. I don't think that is bad at all. You will just want to get as much excercise and play time in as you can through the day and then a good walk at night. I think it is great that you are doing your research and have realized that...
  19. Sidda1018

    Henry's day is here...

    Thanks to all for their support. Just wanted to update and say Henry is feeling much better already this morning. It is such a helpless feeling to watch them when they are sick or hurting, it is heartbreaking though I know in this case I was doing the best thing for him. I forgot to tell...
  20. Sidda1018

    *waving hi* from Kentucky

    Hello and Welcome to BW! We are a little west of you over near Elizabethtown. Glad to see new Kentucky members! Ava is a beautiful name!