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  1. Rosieren

    I guess we got another boxer...

    Rocky and Frankie are playing together so well! Indy just keeps clinging to me like he is afraid he will lose my attention but he is starting to come around a little. I am sure we did the right thing to take her in. She had been drinking a ton of water since she got here and seems skinny...
  2. Rosieren

    I guess we got another boxer...

    DH just brought home another boxer an hour ago. She is 10 months old. A co-worker's brother wanted to get rid of her. He had been crating her 10 hours a day! I guess he lost interest after she wasn't a little puppy any more. The co-worker said his brother would come home from work and watch...
  3. Rosieren

    This makes me SO angry and sad. Very long, but please read.

    I am so glad to hear help is on the way. It breaks my heart that after the way that poor dog has been treated she is still sweet and trusting of other people. I hope this turns out okay.
  4. Rosieren

    What collor is your dog's collar?

    Rocky's is burgandy.
  5. Rosieren

    To crop or not to crop?

    I showed my 7 year old niece pictures of cropped and natural boxers and asked her which she liked better. She said the floppy ones were her favorites and then pointed to the cropped ones and said she didn't like them because they had devil horns. I love Rocky's floppy ears! They are so velvety...
  6. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    Day at the dog park! Hi I just found out that the dog park in Elk River is hosting a "1st annual day at the dog park" on Saturday, August 19th from 9am - Noon. Rocky and I will be there. The dog park is fenced. From the cities: Take Hwy 169N to Elk River, turn left onto School Street (it is...
  7. Rosieren

    Nature's Logic info.

    My local pet store just started carrying a new food- Nature's Logic. It sounds pretty good to me and I was wondering if anyone has any feedback from using it. This is how their website describes the dry kibble: Highly palatable and nutrient dense meat based dry foods with concentrates of...
  8. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    Rocky will be 1 year old August 24. The only dog park I have been to in the area is the fenced one right in Elk River so I don't have any info. on the Maple Grove one. I'll keep checking this thread and hopefully we can set something up in September. Have a fun trip!
  9. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    Sorry I can't make it August 5th unless my sister decides to pack up the garage sale I am helping her with early. I would also be interested in meeting in the Coon Rapids area as I just moved to Elk River.
  10. Rosieren

    I need Help.

    I used to not crate and they were fine for a few months and then one day they ate four pairs of my shoes and now they've been crated ever since. It is just nice peace of mind... not just that my stuff is safe but that they are safe as well. Once before I came home and my jack russell was...
  11. Rosieren


    I've given Rocky benadryl a couple of times before for bee stings but it never seemed to make him tired or drowsy.
  12. Rosieren

    do you think I was wrong ?(long vent sorry)

    What a nutcase!!! I can't believe someone that leaves their cats tied up most of the day when they could easily get hung up on something would want animal control snooping around. She obviously does not think or act rationally. Thank goodness your super is on to her. Even so it is just scary...
  13. Rosieren

    do you think I was wrong ?(long vent sorry)

    I would definitely ask the landlord to divide the yard because who knows what she might decide to complain about next. This way you might be able to avoid future problems. I think she was out of line to flip out at a new neighbor rather than trying a more civil approach. Good luck with this...
  14. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    Sorry we missed you. It sounded like you had a pretty busy weekend planned. Anyways, Rocky had a lot of fun! There was a group of about six dogs that were all splashing and swimming in the pond together and it was fun to watch! We'll have to plan another one soon.
  15. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    Awesome! It is sooo nice out today! See you soon!
  16. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    Saturday 4/15 Hi guys! My DH and I are planning on being at Rice Creek tomorrow at noon. We are open to going a little later or earlier if it makes it so others can come too. Rocky is almost 8 months old already! I will check this around 8:00am tomorrow and also 11:00-11:30am (right before...
  17. Rosieren

    Cute Guy in Sioux Falls, SD

    What's his name? I looked at the link but I didn't see any boxers. Maybe he has a home already?
  18. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    What time is everyone thinking for Saturday if it is nice out?
  19. Rosieren

    Any one from Minnesota?

    As of right now I would be in but I may be getting Lasik done Thursday or Friday so that would change things. I am so ready for it to warm up and dry out! My babies are total mud-puppies!