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  1. catcrazy56

    Its been one year today!!!

    A year ago today the rescue I volunteer for received 5 boxers from a puppy mill bust. I volunteered to foster one and fell in love immediately. I adopted her right away and named her Ruby she was around 5 or 6 years old and turned out to be pregnant also. We whelped her puppies and spayed and...
  2. catcrazy56

    Puppy Mill Horror

    The SPCA raided a puppy mill Near Montreal Quebec on September 26 118 dogs were seized The Rescue I work with are taking the 3 boxers that were involved in this raid one is 20 to 30 lbs underweight is so tragic
  3. catcrazy56

    Cooper broke my arm

    Friday when I came home from work I tied Cooper up since I was bringing in groceries and didn't want to watch him and when I had my hands full off stuff he saw Ruby at the pond and took off to be with her the rope wrapped around my legs and even though I screamed it was to late he took me out...
  4. catcrazy56

    Happy 3rd Birthday Foreman

    birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY FOREMAN!!!! MOMMY LOVES YOU
  5. catcrazy56

    Boating Boxers

    We have rented an Island starting next week for a week up north for our family but mainly for the Boxers so they can run free, we have to take up our boat and have to get Ruby used to being in the boat and Cooper too but he was in the boat as a pup last summer Foreman already loves the boat I...
  6. catcrazy56

    Boxermom999 and her Magginess pictures finally!!!

    Well I had the pleasure of meeting Boxermom999 and her Magginess this weekend took pictures of them so we finally get a look at them and daddy too!! I have uploaded them in my gallery also uploaded a few pics of Cooper and Foreman and dh and my daughter from Woofstock also
  7. catcrazy56

    My 3 Stooges

    Having 3 Boxers is learning about equality they all want the exact same attention love and are Jealous so much so that when Cooper who is the youngest had to get his nails clipped the other day the other 2 lined up to get theirs done with that all right if you must look on their faces so dh...
  8. catcrazy56

    Cooper turned One Today!!!!

    birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic My Coopie is one today Happy Birthday Big Guy he got some toys this morning and will have cake tonight and I will post pictures!!!
  9. catcrazy56

    So Proud of Cooper

    Cooper is now 11 months old and is in adavanced obedience he always shows up full of energy and we always do our heal first and he usually starts of horrible but his down stays are always so good and he is the youngest in the class Well he did so good and all the new things we learned he was...
  10. catcrazy56

    Boxer on News last night

    I was watching Law and Order last night and one of the michigan news previews was Boxer thrown of Bridge. Well of course I had to stay up and watch to see what happened and it was a Boxer from Utah that was taken from its yard thrown off a bridge onto the highway below luckily the dog is ok it...
  11. catcrazy56


    Has any one given their Boxer Melatonin before?? Just wondering the costs and the results, I have been waiting to see if Ruby can get them but my vet is taking time to figure it out, how many injections and such
  12. catcrazy56

    More workout videos of Cooper and Ruby learns playing

    Cooper working out on his exercise ball he is not humping it even though it looks like it: Cooper was playing shuffleboard for along time this video was taken when he was getting tired so he is not actually playing that well...
  13. catcrazy56

    Ruby is having her surgeries today

    Well Finally today is the day my poor Ruby who has had a horrible life at a puppymill is getting her Mammory Tumor removed praying that it is benign, her spay, and her growth in her eye removed. She was so scared she wouldn't move and was carried in, didn't want to go in the cage. I phoned at...
  14. catcrazy56

    Ruby's Story Long

    Well on October 20, 2007 We rescued 7 Boxers from a puppy mill in Quebec with our rescue and I took in Ruby and fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. She got really sick for the first month I had her and I had made an appointment for Dec 13 to have her spayed we had to hold off on...
  15. catcrazy56

    What my 3 are doing right now

    Its a nice relaxing Saturday at our house dh and I are cleaning out our basement and what are my 3 boxers doing?? Relaxing I posted a picture
  16. catcrazy56

    Lily crossed the Bridge

    Lily was rescued from a puppy mill on October 20 2007 with her mother and father and her sisters by my rescue. She was fostered with a family and 2 other boxers and got to spend 2 months and 5 days knowing what it was like to be loved and warm and be with a family unortunately the life of a...
  17. catcrazy56

    Cooper steals the puck

    Cooper loves chasing and stealing the puck when the boys are playing hockey her is a video clip of him
  18. catcrazy56

    Some Christmas picture of my 3 Boxers

    I have uploaded 2 pictures of the Boxers by the tree Ruby is still learning how to sit and so on so isn't co-operating too much maybe next christmas she will be better Moderator's note: One of the two photos had to be deleted because of its filename: 2007_boxer_Christmas_2.JPG Please...
  19. catcrazy56

    Ruby slept on my shoe for 2 days

    I left for Buffalo for black friday on thursday and returned late saturday night Ruby our new rescue slept on my shoe the whole time I was gone to have a piece of me with her I thought that was so cute then in the morning while I slept in and left the dogs in the kitchen she took my shoe that I...
  20. catcrazy56

    Ruby has lumps in her teats

    Well my newly adopted foster Ruby has been sick with diarrhea and vonmting all weekend so I took her in to see the vets she had an appointment today for shots which she didn't get due to her condition and my vet told me that since she has been so overbred(she came from a puppy mill) that this...