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  1. Evie&Adam

    Happy birthday, Lola's mum!!

    Happiest Day to You! :D
  2. Evie&Adam

    Doggy doorbell ??

    I have a cowbell hung on a ribbon tied to my door. There have been previous threats, if I recall many use jingle bells too. The only problem is the pups abuse the bell!!! they ring for treats, ring for dinner, ring to out to play. But, i figure its better than an accident! :)
  3. Evie&Adam

    He Keeps Breaking His Ears Open - Need Solutions

    I have to just ditto everyone above!!! Also, for days that aren't so bad.... I use sprayable hydrocortizone and rub it into Evie's ears. The best tho has been finding out what Evie is allergic too ;)
  4. Evie&Adam

    Going outside to potty train

    We use the bell at our house. It's been wonderful becaue we can hear the bell throught the entire house. Luckily, Evie only rings to go out for potty. But Adam... well, he abuses the poor bell. Ring for a drink, ring for food, ring to play, ring to potty.... I'm so trained now, that I can...
  5. Evie&Adam

    giving meds...

    We have used the pill pockets too. They worked great!! I got mine at Petsmart.
  6. Evie&Adam

    "But mom!!! The Kids ate my Cookies!"

    I just used regular white flour - - just what i had in the house ;)
  7. Evie&Adam

    "But mom!!! The Kids ate my Cookies!"

    Yup, the skin kids ate the dog cookies! Since Adam is now on a restricted diet, I decided I had better bake dog treats. So, I made a HUGE batch of pumpkin cookies. 1 cup Pumpkin 4 cups flour 1/2 cup water 1 egg mix well and bake til firm Well, the skin kids had some friends over and...
  8. Evie&Adam


    You have no idea!!! LOL The guilt trips are terrible! ;) Adam is eating very good! Even begging for more. Both dogs really like the food so that is good.
  9. Evie&Adam

    Tubby and Olive Oil!

    I'm in the same position! Adam is skinny, Evie is a tubby!! I feed Adam a little more, Evie a little less. I literally stand between them when they eat so they don't steal from each other. If you find a better way, let me know!
  10. Evie&Adam

    And the award goes to......

    That's too funny!!! Adam hates those New Years Horns. When you blow the horn, Adam leaps into the air and beans around to get the heck out of there :)
  11. Evie&Adam

    He's starving, She's a Tubby

    As always, thanks for the speedy reply!! Honestly, I feel like I may be feeding Adam too much - ug. He is putting some weight back on, but is still extremely lean. Although he looks really good!!! I just worry that Adam will fill back out and I will have to cut his food back leaving me with...
  12. Evie&Adam

    More MST

    lots a hugs from Evie&Adam!!!
  13. Evie&Adam

    Boxers and cats.....please give success stories....

    They CAN be friends! Adam just loves our cat Tessie. I posted a pick in my gallery. Tessie came to us as an abandoned 3 week old kitty. (she's now 4 months) Since she was so so small, I would present her to the dogs numerous times a day. Telling the dogs, "be soft" and "leave it". Now...
  14. Evie&Adam

    He's starving, She's a Tubby

    Update Good news... Adam is eating wonderfully! Evie loves the new foods too!! I am now feeding Innova low cal mixed with 1/2 can Merrick Stew (hides Adams enzymes and meds too :) ) Now my problem is that they want MORE ALL THE TIME!!! arg! I am currently feeding Adam 4 cups Innova...
  15. Evie&Adam

    Happy New Year Boxer Lovers!!!

    Happy New Year Everyone!
  16. Tessie_Adam


    Adam and his kitty, Tessie
  17. Evie&Adam

    wasn't me!!

    Been there too!!! It seems like I can never get the kitchen Adam proof! Last week he figured out how to open the pantry door! I came home to find he had eaten all of the boxed cereal (on my bed of course). ;)
  18. Evie&Adam

    Dealing with water splashing out of bowl?

    I keep a large towel under the bowl which gets changed daily. My two are slobber buckets.
  19. Evie&Adam

    Advice on trying to train Puppy to not chase kitten?? (a little long)

    well, I have my own little zoo at my house! A few months ago, my DD brought home an abandoned 3 week old kitten - who BTW has thrived!!! I was very worried about the boxers being - well - Boxers. I CONSTANTLY would introduce the kitty to Evie & Adam. I would tell them "be soft with the...
  20. Evie&Adam


    Update Good news!!! Adam is eating the Innova and Merrick canned just wonderfully!!! :) Evie loves it too! He is doing so good. I even baked some pumpkin biscits which they love.