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  1. Gen G. :)

    Grey hair

    I found my first gray hairs when I was about 23. I have sort of a weird hair color with some parts blonder, others redder, so you can't REALLY see the gray... but they all grow in the same place, just above the right side of my forehead. You can only see them if you look very closely, but there...
  2. Gen G. :)

    Happy Birthday Gen G. :)

    Thanks to all of you guys for the birthday wishes! :) I did have a great day, although I spent most of it working :rolleyes: Let's say the best part of it was after 5 PM :D
  3. Gen G. :)

    Jackson the Bull-puppy

    Jackson is very cute! I love his freckled ears lovicon Looks like all the babies are having tons of fun together on play dates! Thanks for sharing :)
  4. Gen G. :)

    Silly girls (video)

    I always love to see a kitty play with a dog, they are both so pretty! Your girls are adorable lovicon
  5. Gen G. :)

    Boxers and Iguanas ( Or any other type of lizard)

    Just make sure you supervise carefully every time they are together, and it would be a great idea to teach your pup the "Leave it" command ;) The puppy might not understand at first that his friend is more fragile than he is. Besides that, I'm sure they'll be okay!
  6. Gen G. :)

    Greatest Movies Ever

    I really like: -The Lion King (loved it as a kid! Saw it a billion times. I could (and still can!) sing all the songs and draw all the characters :D -My Big Fat Greek Wedding (I can't tell you how many times I saw this one. Toula's father just cracks me up so much.) -Grease -Dirty Dancing...
  7. Gen G. :)


    Just AMAZING!!! They are both sooooo adorable lovicon I just noticed Caney's little white line on her left brindle ear, so pretty. You've done an excellent job with Photoshop :) Thanks for sharing, your girls are the cutest!
  8. Gen G. :)

    I think Sasha wants a friend?

    Sasha is such a big girl now!!! I can't believe how much they grow :D She is adorable on that picture, she might want a friend as long as he doesn't bark or make noise :lol:
  9. Gen G. :)

    Happy 8TH Birthday Waldo

    birthdayic Happy belated birthday Mister Waldo! fiestaicon I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed all your birthday treats and gifts!
  10. Gen G. :)

    my poor baby

    Oh poor Chop, that sounds quite painful :( I hope he feels better really soon, healing vibes to your baby! No more fights Chop and sister!
  11. Gen G. :)

    Gus doesn't feel good :(

    Oh my god :( I'm so sorry to hear that Gus' levels have increased that much, how stressful this is. I'm sending you and your baby tons of positive vibes, I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep us updated.
  12. Gen G. :)

    Allergies in cats?

    My SIL has a cat who suffers chronic ear infections and appears to have a problem with her paws (seems to walk weird sometimes, licks her paws much, etc). My SIL told me that her cat has always had some kind of problem with her ears, they are always red and her earwax is a very dark brown or...
  13. Gen G. :)

    Izzy's bloodwork

    Wow, thank god Izzy is fine, I'm so relieved for the both of you! I hate that feeling of not knowing and worrying :( Lots of healthy vibes to Gus!
  14. Gen G. :)

    My cat Milo has been so sick :(

    Poor little Milo. I hope you get very positive news today! I'm sending him healing vibes. Keep us updated :)
  15. Gen G. :)

    Cat Vs. Dog. Positive Note!

    What a sweet story, I too love Great Danes. You don't see them so often here, but I remember a friend I had in high school who had one at her house. He was sooo big and fun and excited like a (very large) puppy :D I can just imagine your baby girl with the big black Dane wanting to play. I'm...
  16. Gen G. :)

    Happy Birthday, TossBranAbi!!

    Happy birthday! birthdayic I wish you an amazing day with all your loved ones and a wonderful year to come fiestaicon
  17. Gen G. :)

    So why now? For Pete's sake....

    The voices from the garbage pails? :lol: Now that's a very funny visual, I can just imagine that poor Indy tempted for a whole 4 years before he finally indulged! I really don't see what's the appeal of used kleenex and dental floss though ;) I love to hear of his antics, silly baby :)
  18. Gen G. :)

    What are your favorite things?

    -Cuddling with the BF watching a good movie (and sometimes falling asleep on him :lol:); -Finishing a painting or drawing I've worked hard on, and am proud of; -Reading a great book in bed with tons of pillows and my warm comforter all around me (especially when it's rainy and cold out!)...
  19. Gen G. :)

    How do you browse boxer world?

    I usually start with the Show off your dog section, maybe because it's first in the list? But I always check out people's new pics because they make me smile so much :) And then I read the Boxer Ring, and browse rapidly through the other sections for topics that really get my attention/threads...
  20. Gen G. :)

    Minx at the vet..I am afraid.

    I'm thinking about you and your Minxie baby this morning, everything will be fine, alright? I'm sending tons of hugs and positive vibes, please keep us updated.