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    she may not make it

    Hi all just wanted you all to know Bendew is at the vets her meds did not keep her from having her fits today when it was over she could not stand, and did not respond to my voice we have rushed her to het vet. they are tryin to get her to respond but do not give much hope at this time. I will...
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    looking with no luck

    hi thought yall might could help we have been trying to contact the dallas boxer rescue with no luck we would love to adopt but cant find any close to us.if you can help plz let us know.thank you teri in corsicana texas thats near waco.:(
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    looking for friends in Texas

    Hi all this is Teri and Bendew the boxer in Texas.wanted to know if there are more boxer lovers in our area that like to chat and keep in touch if so let us know,we would love tohear from you.fiesta1ico
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    would like to adopt in texas

    this is teri i am in texas i am looking for a girl nearby that would like to share our home.
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    epilepsy and seizures

    hi this is Teri in Texas my 8 year old boxer girl has epilepsy was just looking for some one that might share in this problem.the vet haas her on medication but would like to talk about what to exspect next or know if there is any thing eles i can do to help her
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    Hi all i love the boxer breed too

    Hi I am new to this site but not to boxers ,i love the breed very much. I have one boxer now she is 8 years old and in bad health we are looking to adopt a younger one as well . I got my boxer from the local shelter we love her very much.just wanted to say hi and let yall know a little about my...