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    sleeping where ever he wants......which is usually in the bed a night or in his big chair (funny it used to be mine till he came along)

    starting to growl

    just with in the last six months has the growling gotten to be an issue.....might be doing it because when he is not with me , he spends time at my buddy's house and with their 3 year old that he adores but if he doesn't know you, you had better not go near the kid thanks for the ideas...

    starting to growl

    Rev is almost 5 ..neutered..well socialized with people (spent 1 st 3 years with me at the race track everyweekend ) has 5 cats that all rule over him and a 1 yr old collie cross as a playmate that he gives his toys too

    starting to growl

    Hi all My furkid Rev is starting to get a little aggressive with people he doesn't know . If someone walks by my truck and he is in it a low growl comes out and the other day he decided my GF needed some protection from the neighbour upstairs that he has till now always wagged his tail at ...

    Prison Break!

    thats the only way I can get Rev to come back the truck door and he is there otherwise it an all out game of "come and chase me Dad"

    California Dog day care

    Really looking for some info on Doggy Daycares would really love to take Rev with me

    Howls at phone

    cell phone Rev howls everytime the cell phone alarm goes off or if the regular phone rings , starts real low then gets louder the more it rings

    California Dog day care

    Going to Salinas California in Dec for a seminar any body recomend a good kennel or doggy day care out there , debating taking Rev with me

    boxers and great dane???

    awesome together My best friend has a 5 year old great dane and her and Rev are best friends. as long as you control the playing they are great together. Danes are not graceful and boxers are just loaded springs so the house can take a beating if your not careful
  10. REVSDAD1

    What's the most embarrasing thing your boxer has ever been responsible for?!

    I work for a motorcycle race team and Rev travels with me to the track. Last summer we are at a track called Mosport and one of the guys on the team (who is the 15 time canadian champ and Rev knows)walks towards his crate and Rev comes out snarling and snapping (he has never even growled at...
  11. REVSDAD1

    proud of my Boy

    Yesterday I took Rev over to my best freinds ,who watch Rev when I am out of town. They have a 8 mnth old baby and have been telling me how gentle Rev is with him, I thought ok Rev just stays away from the baby gives him the ocassional kisses, nothing much right good dog stuff. Well one of Rev...
  12. REVSDAD1

    Poll: ears.

    revs are floppy
  13. REVSDAD1

    Boxers and Pet Fish

    Rev only checks out the fish tank when his big brother (Roo the cat )is cashing them otherwise could care less
  14. REVSDAD1

    Hi from Oshawa, Ontario

    hi from etobicoke Rev sends lots of wiggles
  15. REVSDAD1

    stuffed animals?

    I have to perform surgery on Revs stuffed toys at least once a week .first thing you should do tho is remove the eyes (think i am going to be a attack by the toy story Characters every time i do this )and they seem to last longer
  16. REVSDAD1

    Zeb howled

    Rev does it when I come home after a trip looks right at me and lets me have .It is like he is telling me off for leaving also does when the alarm goes off in the morning distrubing his sleep
  17. possed


    look into my eyes you will get me a cookie
  18. mug2


    to close
  19. sand


    dad i got sand in my eye
  20. rev chasing camera

    rev chasing camera