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    Zepplin is home! update

    appiconCongrats on the new addition! appicon I bet Ozzy is loving having a new little brother to play with :)
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    Our new boxer rescue girl in need of a name

    Lexi is perfect :) Congrats on the new addition!
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    Payton Lilly lost her battle

    I'm so sorry about Payton. Try to find comfort knowing that she isn't in pain anymore angelicon ((((((hugs)))))
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    Nestle turns 8 today :)

    birthdayic Happy 8th Birthday Nestle! birthdayic I can't believe she's already 8! She isn't showing any sign of slowing down though. In fact, earlier this week she caught her first (and hopefully last) squirrel :eek: Luckily the squirrel wasn't killed but I was amazed that she could gather...
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    It's official - Bianca is part of the family!

    What great news! Congrats! appicon
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    My little cuddlers/consolers

    They have amazing intuition don't they? I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Take advantage of your support system, both human and canine, it always helps to lean on someone during horrible times.
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    Harley Crossed the Bridge today

    I'm so sorry about Harley. I've been away and just caught this thread. Try to take comfort knowing that he's romping pain free now.
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    Favorite Toy

    I know what you mean, although the objects of Nestle and Hobart's toy obsessions are a little different. Nestle can find a baseball anywhere and obsess over it for hours. Literally. We were on a walk once and she dug an old baseball out of a bush and carried it all the way home :) Hobart is fond...
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    Book recommendations?

    I've been homecooking for Hobart for about three months now and I follow "The Whole Pet Diet" book. I bought it at a local pet boutique but I know you can get it on Amazon.
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    sad day :-(

    It is very sad. But whenever you're ready, I say go ahead and save a rescue dog! It's like that story about the kid who stands on the beach throwing starfish back into the ocean: you can't save them all but you sure can make life better for the one you can save :)
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    My sister really hates my boxers...and shows it!!

    I definitely sympathize. My Aunt has a stick up her butt about the dogs. She was over for Father's Day and got this absolutely disgusted look on her face when Nestle came over to say hi. Nestle didn't jump or anything, just came over wiggling her whole body and sniffed her hand. My aunt goes "Oh...
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    Dogs Playing in the Yard

    I just added a few pictures to my gallery of the dogs playing in the yard the other day. They always have so much fun together :)
  13. Nestle Pinning Hobart

    Nestle Pinning Hobart

  14. Big Grins

    Big Grins

  15. A Mouthful

    A Mouthful

  16. Playing


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    Boxer Girl Needs Name

    Molly Abby Morgan Lacey Bella Congrats on the possible new addition!
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    So Who Else Keeps Their Baby Teeth?

    We actually found quite a few of Nestle's baby teeth...about 7 total I think. We only found 3 of Hobart's. I put them in the first prescription bottle they got from the vet, that way their name is already on it :)
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    1 year today

    fiestaicon Congratulations Koda! fiestaicon Enjoy your special day!
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    Nestle's Mom Passed Away

    We just found out that Nestle's mother Gracie died last November. We're not in very close contact with her breeder so that's why it took so long to find out besides the fact that the breeder couldn't bring herself to tell us right away. Gracie was only 9 years old and completely lost control of...