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  1. ElizabethH

    Ice Cream and Cake at the Bridge

    a dateless event Deb & family As every day passes and Junior slows significantly, I think of Hannah and her joyful victory over that which normally would be unsurpassable by the average vet & owners standards. Many hugs & boxer slurps! Elizabeth H & Junior
  2. ElizabethH

    A Boxer Attacked Zach

    Knowing what a sweet boy Zach is and a super boxer MoM you are.... I can only hope that his embarassment is the reason for his odd behavoir. Zach is a beauty with a special boxer mom! Sorry you had to experience this! smashicon
  3. ElizabethH


    Hello boxerfriends... been away so long... how do I get into chat? Many boxer hugs & kisses...
  4. ElizabethH

    "ALIAS" Premier

    By far, our favorite show on TV! We are so glad to have the east coast feed on satellite dish (we are in CA) so we get to see it at 6 and then watch it again or tape in at 9. Mom is a creepy. I think there is something up with Sidney's roommate.
  5. ElizabethH

    Tile, or hard wood (pergo)

    I will always vote for the hardwood and there are so many chooses now. 1) Pick a color that looks natural for your home decor and location. So many people pick a whitewashed pergo and it does not look nice in a traditional home (should be more southwest). We, unfortunately, picked a very nice...
  6. ElizabethH

    Ross or Joey

    The second I voted Ross I knew in my heart that Joey would be so nice and caring to her but I think Ross is who Rachel wants and also who Emma needs. I hope they write Ross a backbone on the show. They make most of these guys into sexcrazed irresponsibles. At least Chandler is married and it...
  7. ElizabethH

    All About Me/You

    A color you like to wear: Green A taste that makes you melt: Lobster (hey I'm a Mainer) A delicious dessert: strawberry ruhbarb pie A game you like to play: SCRABBLE (just like Beatriz!) The newspaper you prefer to read on Sundays: Patriots Football Weekly Music you prefer to listen to when...
  8. ElizabethH

    We had to say bye to our brindle baby

    I am so sorry for your loss and pain...what a loving life you gave to a fleeting soul it seems, but the love lives forever... Boxer hugs, ElizabethH
  9. ElizabethH

    I found a lump on Austin

    Please watch those lumps! Mast cancer cells have hystamines which can cause lumps to swell and shrink (think of how humans takes anti hystamines for allergies) We watched a spot, originally we thought was a tick but we never took a tick off. It woulde swell and disappear. After a month, we...
  10. ElizabethH

    My baby boy is being put to sleep tonight

    WELL! I must say I skipped page two to post a prayer of peace and how overjoyed I am to see the recent news!!! We never know when or how or why... but we know that love sustains us through it all! (((((Boxer hugs)))))
  11. ElizabethH

    Junior has a mast cell cancer :(

    Update- miracles happen :) Thank you all of you! I really needed these kinds word to carry me today as this morning, Junior's sutures were dramatical swollen. I had taken him in twice because of the swelling and they said to just watch it... well.... this am it was a 4 inch diameter swollen...
  12. ElizabethH

    Junior has a mast cell cancer :(

    No, it was malignant :( They are testing to see if the cells are also in his blood stream- if they are, it means (I am told) that there is no stopping its progress through his system, short of radiation & therapy. We are researching holistic approaches. Thanks for the prayers... I really...
  13. ElizabethH

    Jason's First Scrimmage

    That is great Bea! YAY for Jason :)
  14. ElizabethH

    Goodbye Elliot, My Sweet Angel

    Christine, Tonight is my first time back to BW in a while... I am so sad to see that Zach has cancer and that Eliot has gone to the bridge. I am sure that you gave him an incredible 3 months... more love than some dogs get their whole life. (((Big time boxer hugs)))) ElizabethH
  15. ElizabethH

    Junior has a mast cell cancer :(

    I know I have not been around much just dealing with so much other stuff but now, we just have had a grade 1 Mast cell tumor removed from Junior's leg. We now await the blood results. If it is negative, we will just deal with removing the tumors as they come and test every 6 months. If it is...
  16. ElizabethH

    Have you ever conned your hubby into something?!?

    I do the reverse con.... I cook almost every meal including making hubs lunch each day at the office, turn the ball games on for him, tell him he is wonderful and terrific all the time and spoil him rotten AND in return, I pretty much get everything I want :) Also, I "chose the hill I want to...
  17. ElizabethH

    Should I Be Upset?

    It is always interesting how we all gravitate to difficult people and try to make things better.... I think that there are many nice people to focus on who are appreciative and reciprocate kindness rather than spend energy on negative people. It is hard to carve these people out of our lives-...
  18. ElizabethH

    What is the best book you've ever read?

    Definately Atlas Shrugged followed closely by The Fountainhead both by Ayn Rand. I also loved all the Narnia Chronicles by CS Lewis ( which includes The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ) I have never cried so hard at a book at such a young age. Now that I think of it, I need to reread that...
  19. ElizabethH

    Tiffany & Co. Is a separate site- they advertise on ebay but you can buy directly from them!
  20. ElizabethH

    Tiffany & Co.

    Bea- did you look at the other auction site- just for TIffany stuff? Their stuff is usually mint :)