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  1. Chewie, Anakin & Han

    Chewie, Anakin & Han

    Taking a break and chilling out from the heat
  2. totallyhip

    Here is my kid's and I hiding the basement cooling off from the heat

    It's been so hot today Mum and us are hiding the basement tonite. While Lovey (not seen in pic) is snoozing on the sofa!
  3. Han Solo

    Han Solo

  4. Baby Lovey with her birth brother Franklin

    Baby Lovey with her birth brother Franklin

  5. Anakin Sidewalker

    Anakin Sidewalker

  6. Chewbacca


  7. Chewie when he was brand new!

    Chewie when he was brand new!

  8. Our baby boy Anakin and his first winter

    Our baby boy Anakin and his first winter

  9. totallyhip

    I'm BACK!

    Hi everyone. Sorry I have been gone again for so long. But yes! I am back....again LOL. Things have just been so crazy busy and I see things have changed here too with the new format and site. I like it!! Our current Boxers are: Han Solo, Chewie, Lovey and Anakin Sidewalker. Hope to...
  10. totallyhip

    Low Protein

    Thanks guys. The more I've researched this the more I find that it is the Phosphorus is what they need to avoid. Every low protein/kidney diet I've seen contains meat! I think he is doing well on the current diet he is on. Let's face it he is almost 10 and has DM and his kidney's are just...
  11. totallyhip

    Low Protein

    Our old guy seems to have one kidney that is working and one that is not. Our vet suggested to put him on a low protein diet. He used to be on raw but stopped eating it (my other guys are on raw). We were feeding him homecooked with rice, pasta, and cooked ground chicken with some canned food...
  12. totallyhip

    Red Mange and Promeris

    We like Promeris & use it for alot of our mange babies in rescue! The positive side of your boxer's mange is her age. Puppies and young dogs often develop mange due to immature immune systems. As the immune systems mature (around 18-24 mnths) the concerns of mange re-occurring are few. When...
  13. totallyhip

    Greetings From California

    Hello & welcome! So glad that you are rescuing!
  14. totallyhip

    Grinding Teeth

    Did your vet check his teeth? is something stuck? Our vet checked for that and then we tried the DAP collar. Dog Appeasing Pheramone because our trainer thought maybe she was stressed. It stopped for a bit but then it started again and then was worst. The only thing that made us realize it...
  15. totallyhip

    Grinding Teeth

    Leia does this too. Some dogs do it because of stress, just like humans. While others do it because of stomach acid. Turned out Leia has Pancreatitis.
  16. totallyhip

    Meet Chuck - amazing dog who needs a forever loving home - CANADA

    Name: Chuck Age: 3-4 Sex: Neutered Male Dogs: Yes Kids: Yes Cats: Unknown What can we tell you about Chuck! Well what can't we tell you, he's wonderful! Chuck is being surrendered because his family is required to make a long distance move and will be renting when they arrive...
  17. totallyhip

    Geo - Needs a LOVING home - Canada

    Geo is Adopted! Thanks everyone for your support. Geo is coming to Canada and going directly into his forever home!!
  18. totallyhip

    Geo - Needs a LOVING home - Canada

    He is in our care at the rescue. If you would like to adopt him, I guess you have to let me know
  19. totallyhip

    Geo - Needs a LOVING home - Canada

    Name: Geo Sex: Neutered Male Age: 8 months Dogs: Yes Kids: Yes Cats: Unknown Hi my name is Geo! I think I am the cutest boxer/bulldog you will ever meet. My story is one the rescue hear's all to often. I was a cute puppy, the family couldn't say no, I was loved and played...
  20. totallyhip

    Nibbles - Sweet little Boxer gal is looking for a forever home - Canada

    Name: Nibbles Age: 1-2 yrs Sex: Spayed female Special Needs: Deaf Dogs: Yes Kids: Yes, old enough to understand I am deaf Cats: Unknown Nibbles is a lucky little girl! She was adopted from a city shelter in LA and returned because apparently she doesn't come on...