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  1. nswain

    Need Crate Recommendation Please!!!

    Thanks ELubas and BadAxe for the help! Today Guinness did a little better. I put him in crate 3 times, about 15 minutes each, but I stopped by and talked to him every couple of minutes (even when he was wailing) and that seemed to help. He still cried, a LOT, but it was more like what Grumpy...
  2. nswain

    Hello everyone

    Your boxers are adorable! Welcome to BW from Grumpy, Guinness, and their exhausted mommy!
  3. nswain

    Jackson and Trinity (our new babies)

    Welcome to Boxerworld! I just brought home a new little boy to join my five year old female boxer... so I'm re-learning all about puppyhood too!
  4. nswain

    Need Crate Recommendation Please!!!

    Well when we first put Guinness in the crate, Grumpy lies down right outside it... and after he cries for a minute, she huffs and leaves the room. I think she has about as much patience with his tantrums as I do... I have tried crating her whenever I crate the puppy, but it doesn't seem to...
  5. nswain

    Need Crate Recommendation Please!!!

    We are trying to go slow :) He does just fine with the door open... goes in all by himself with his nylabone or his cookie... it's one of the only places he can go where his big sister can't steal his stuff, so that helps! And at night he does ok... he barks and whimpers, sleeps a little...
  6. nswain

    Need Crate Recommendation Please!!!

    Please bear with my rambling, incoherent post as I haven't slept in a couple of days... does anyone know of a sturdy, puppy-safe crate with no wire sides or door? We brought home our new puppy Guinness on Sunday. He is an angel - except when we shut the door of his crate! He howls, he barks...
  7. nswain

    Hello Again!

    Hi Everyone, It's been years since I was on Boxerworld - this site was a huge help when we first got our little girl Grumpy back in 2006. She's five now, and still my best friend and still spoiled rotten ;) This past weekend we brought home her new little brother, 8 week old Guinness...
  8. nswain

    Still problems while on Raw?

    My girl Grumpy had colitis as a puppy too, and like you we switched to raw and have seen a HUGE improvement. She still has a bout of colitis once in a while - maybe a day or two every few months. I have noticed they are almost always stress related. The last problem we had was 4th of July...
  9. nswain

    Torn ACL(to surgery or not to surgery)

    Yes, the surgery will last if you do it :) The vet basically breaks the knee (scary, I know) and re-sets it at an angle that is stable without the cruciate ligament. Once it has healed, it is very hard to re-injure the joint. The big danger with the surgery is during the recovery, either a)...
  10. nswain

    Torn ACL(to surgery or not to surgery)

    Wish I had some advice for you, just wanted to let you know that I know how difficult this decision must be! Our boxer Grumpy just turned 2, she had one ACL surgery at 18 months old and will probably need the other side repaired sometime soon (she partially tore it last month, but for the...
  11. nswain

    Scared of the dark???

    I know how frustrating their fears can be! My little girl has never been scared of the dark, but at various times she's been downright terrified of everything else... wind, cars, the trash can, the lawn mower, wet grass, rain, our neighbors... you get the idea. Right now she won't go out in the...
  12. nswain

    Is She Tiny or What?

    I had a tiny girl too... My girl Grumpy was tiny too, I don't remember exactly what she weighed at nine months but it was definitely less than 40 lbs. At one year she weighed 42. She kept growing, pretty steadily - both getting taller and filling out - until she was 18 months, and at 2 years...
  13. nswain

    Deramaxx for torn ACL (sorry, little long)

    Another alternative medicine to try Hi Boxer Lover, we are in a similar situation... Grumpy had surgery for a torn ACL on her right side last winter and now has a partial tear on the left side. We're trying to avoid (well, postpone at least) the second surgery. We have had really good...
  14. nswain

    Anyone used Traumeel?

    Thanks Douma! We went ahead and tried the Traumeel for Grumpy and it really seems to be helping. She's limping less, anyway, so I do think it's helping for the pain. Glad to hear it works for people too... I may have to take some next time instead of reaching for the Advil!
  15. nswain

    Anyone used Traumeel?

    Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been on BW, back in need of some advice :) Has anyone heard of or used traumeel? It's a homeopathic compound used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Comes in tablets, liquids, and topical gels for both humans and dogs. My 2 yr old Grumpy had a...
  16. nswain

    MSM for joints?

    Hi all, it's been awhile... Grumpy had TPLO surgery last month and keeping her quiet has been a full-time job! I have been looking for a glucosamine/chondrontin supplement for her, but she has a VERY sensitive tummy (and a history of colitis and pancreatitis)... most of the ones I've tried made...
  17. nswain

    Physical Therapy?

    I am so sorry your boy is having such a rough recovery... My Grumpy had a TPLO 4 weeks ago and even with a perfectly normal recovery I am exhausted. We start PT tomorrow, I'm actually really looking forward to it if only because it's the only fun she gets to have right now - the restricted...
  18. nswain

    Our Beautiful Boy is gone

    I am crying as I write this... haven't been on BW in a few weeks and when I saw this post I couldn't believe it. I wish I knew what to write - I'm so sorry - RIP sweet angelicon boy. I hope you know how many lives you and Grunt have touched here on BW, we will all miss him. (((Hugs))))
  19. nswain

    Horrible reaction to xanax

    Yeah we are going to have to do something about the food... Grumpy is on raw and typically eats around 2 lbs a day (at only 48 lbs). And it's usually so hard to keep her from being so skinny... but in just three days we went from seeing the last four or five ribs to only seeing the outline of...
  20. nswain

    Horrible reaction to xanax

    Well I'm glad to know Grumpy isn't the only one who gets anxious when she takes anti-anxiety meds... it is just one thing after another with her lately! She is much better this morning although scratching like crazy. She was scratching last night too, I can't tell if the xanax made her...