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  1. cynthia76

    ARGH! Chicago Apartment Search

    My husband and I are moving to Chicago from Houston and are having trouble finding a place to live. We own a house in Houston, so our two babies aren't an issue. We don't want to buy right away, since we know very little about the neighborhoods. Does anyone know of any Chicago apartments...
  2. cynthia76

    Soprano's September 15th

    Two more seasons Just wanted to answer the question in the first post about how much more Sopranos we have....two more seasons. It will end after season 5. Sigh. Like Carmela said, "everything comes to an end".
  3. cynthia76

    I think Drew has a sty

    Bowzer had what looked like a pimple on his inner eyelid. It went away in a few weeks. It never seemed to bother him, so we just kept an eye on it.
  4. cynthia76

    HEELLLPPP!! Need advise!! Another boxer!

    go for it! When we rescued Bella we had some of the same concerns....especially about them getting along. It's amazing now how inseperable the two are! It's so cute to see them snuggled with each other, or when they give each other kisses. As far as them both being hyper, they will more...
  5. cynthia76

    What kind of insurance does your Boxer have?

    vet pet insurance That reminds me that I need to get Bella on it. Thanks!
  6. cynthia76

    adopting a rescue dog

    We rescued Bella when she was about a year and a half. When we first got her, she was nervous and skittish and had a few potty accidents. But now, she is terrific. It took her maybe a month to figure out where to go potty, which is a lot less time than it took Bowzer, who we got as a pup. I...
  7. cynthia76

    Need Opinions

    GO! If he told you it wouldn't be a problem and that he wants you there, then go. I know if my brother were in the same situation, I would be there in a heartbeat. It's easy for the wife, she has her new boyfriend and all of her family. Your brother has no one. Go hang out with him and be...
  8. cynthia76

    I'm getting sick of it! (vent)

    Man Arrested for Burning Kitten! He was 24!!! UGH! Makes me so sick!
  9. cynthia76

    Who is you favorite singer/music group??

    oops Didn't see the Firecracker thing at the bottom. My guess is no? But I dunno. I've tried doing a search on it, but nada. Mike Patton on the silver screen, nothing could make a girl more happy.
  10. cynthia76

    Who is you favorite singer/music group??

    HA! Peeping Tom! I see someone else on this board has great taste in music!;)
  11. cynthia76

    Who is you favorite singer/music group??

    Melvins Lunachicks Hatebreed Tool Jane's Addiction Anything Mike Patton does
  12. cynthia76

    Handicap Parking Violators (vent)

    Argh! So I am walking through the parking lot from the car and I notice a truck park in the only handicap spot in front of our office building. The man proceeds to hop out of his truck and practically speedwalk towards the elevators. I study the truck to try to find the handicap placard or...
  13. cynthia76

    Cosequin and Ears

    get generic! My vet recommended Cosequin for Bowzer. I went to their site, noted all the dosages, and then went to the health store and found one that closely matched everything. I then just gave Bowzer the dosages that the Cosequin people said. It's a good idea for the ears since ears are...
  14. cynthia76

    Wanted: Looking 4 Two Boxers: Texas

    Definitely check out Lone Star Boxer Rescue. They have the CUTEST white boxer available for adoption. We got Bella from them and she has been wonderful and we wouldn't trade her for anything!
  15. cynthia76

    Landscape Design?

    saw one on I think it's on the homepage, so it should be fairly easy to find. I don't know how good it is since I haven't tried it.
  16. cynthia76

    Close call this morning

    Bowzer "meets" our landlord's dog! Our landlord for our old house lived down the street from us. He was walking his beagle with his wife and heading our way down the sidewalk (only I didn't know). We had our door open, but the screen was latched and Bowzer can't get out when it is. Hubby was...
  17. cynthia76

    I'm heartbroken!!!

    AWWW! Poor Lexus!! Well, mange is a tricky illness and it can be curable (depending on what type it is). But it's a hard thing to go through. The dips are terrible, expensive and hard on the puppies. And it's not a guarantee that the mange will go away. Not to mention that if the puppy...
  18. cynthia76


    Amounts to give On the Cosequin website, they list the recommended amounts to give your dog. They also list the daily amount and the timeframe (ie 6weeks to start, then reduce dosage to the recommended "maintenance level"). I used this site when looking for Glucosamine at Whole Foods. Make...
  19. cynthia76

    Does anyone know?

    I got my tags from! They came within 2 days and they are awesome!! I got the stainless steel ones and put all sorts of info on them. I also added to each of them "I need medication". Well, Bowzer needs his Glucosamine, and Bella...well not really. I just thought that it...
  20. cynthia76

    Pink Spiked Collar?

    Petsmart has black spiked collars (which I already have), but no pink ones.:(