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  1. FletchersMom

    What does your boxer do that's a little strange :)

    That cracked me up!!!! :lol:
  2. FletchersMom

    Oh's wind!!!!

    Too funny!!! Is she horrified of the rain too?? Fletcher has to be dragged out if it's raining, the minute that garage door goes up and he gets the drops of rain on him off the door he high tails it back up the steps!!!
  3. FletchersMom

    Another Hilarious Video!!!

    I can't believe I missed that one!!! So funny :lol: Fletcher won't look at you when he's in trouble, he looks back at his butt as if to say "I know it can't be me she's yelling at, who's back there?"!!!!
  4. FletchersMom

    Oh's wind!!!!

    Fletcher won't go outside at night during the fall if it's windy - he's deathly afraid of the leaves that rustle down the street!!
  5. FletchersMom

    This is soooooo stinking funny

    I couldn't help but think how that would never be Fletcher - no way he'd jump up onto the trampoline to start with!! He has some really strange fears, heights being one of them!!
  6. FletchersMom

    This is soooooo stinking funny

    This was on America's Funniest Home Videos website. I know it's a vid but it wasn't of my boxer so I thought this was the spot to post it in.
  7. FletchersMom

    Good-bye sweet Manny...

    Erin I am so sorry for your loss. Run free sweet Manny angelicon
  8. FletchersMom

    Abbie is very protective over children.

    I'm going to quote Mr.T here and say I pity the fool that comes near Fletcher's babies. He once went through a screen in our living room just because he saw a man stop and ask my oldest for directions. He nipped at my BIL when he came into our house and picked up the baby without "clearing" it...
  9. FletchersMom

    Boxer sighting in People Magazine

    I went to get a manicure last night and was flipping through the latest issue of People when I came to a section about Hollywoods top 10 dog breeds. I can't recall what number the Boxer was but Sharon Osbourne was shown holding the cutest boxer puppy. Here's to being in the top 10!!!!!
  10. FletchersMom

    What does your boxer do that's a little strange :)

    I know boxers are quirky dogs and they all have their little oddities that make us love them even more so I thought I'd ask - what strange thing does your boxer do? Fletcher is forever taking a toy and hiding it - so well that he can't find it when he is looking for it. Then he'll cry and pace...
  11. FletchersMom

    I love my Boxer because...fill in the blank

    He's doing fantastic, he has a new friend, a rottie, and we do playdates twice a week. My health has much improved. Thanks for thinking of us :)
  12. FletchersMom


    Poor baby. Vibes for a speedy ear recovery!
  13. FletchersMom

    I love my Boxer because...fill in the blank

    I love my boxer because he is my best friend in the world period. He always loves me even when I don't love myself and he kills me with that smooshie face!!
  14. FletchersMom

    And the award goes to......

    One and the same!!! Apparently fugitives don't scare him but reptiles do. Stange as he is I love him!!!
  15. FletchersMom

    And the award goes to......

    Well I've always known Fletcher is a little touched. He refuses to go out in the rain, doesn't leave the circle of the porch light in the dark, rustling leaves send him running for the cover and safety of the garage and he's terrified of birds and little dogs. But this morning he took the...
  16. FletchersMom

    Heat Stroke

    Wow that is scary. It's been really hot here in NY and I've kept Fletcher inside in the central air uintil the sun goes down because I know with his heart that he can't ake intense heat. I'm glad that all is well with your baby :)
  17. FletchersMom

    Cloudy Spot on Eye

    oh that sounds terrible. Did you need meds for it or did it heal on it's own? Thanks, I'm glad to have been feeling better and able to get on and chat!
  18. FletchersMom

    28 Boxers in a house trailor.......

    I had no idea that you guys had such a sad start to life :( It breaks my heart to know that this happens to animals all over the world every day. I'm so happy that you found your mom and are so happy now!
  19. FletchersMom

    pic of elvis chillin

    It's so funny how seriously they take their "alone" time!!! He's gorgeous!
  20. FletchersMom

    Sick and tired

    People's ignorance never ceases to amaze me. Obvioulsy these people haveno idea about the breed as others have said. Someone on here once said that they wanted to carry around a fact sheet about the breed to hand out to the ignorant people who make comments like these. Not a bad idea.