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  1. My Boxer

    Disgusting! HELP!!

    Don't give him the chance, clean it up right away!
  2. My Boxer

    Anyone have an outside boxer?

    Boxers are not outside dogs, they are people dogs. As mentioned before, having a dog with kids is not the problem. Having the kids around the dog can be the problem: toddlers falling on them, getting licked to death, putting on weight sitting under the high chair waiting for fallout, jumping...
  3. My Boxer

    We found Eli a sister

    This is how I got my Scooter-Boxers weren't for them after my sweet Greta went to the bridge. Their loss, my joy!!
  4. My Boxer

    Let's pretend...

    Be prepared for a dog with attitude. You will suddenly become a stalker any time you see another boxer-you just have to talk to them and compare stories. You will never be alone-not in the bathroom or shower or anywhere, they become your shadow. Your boxer will always make you smile, even...
  5. My Boxer

    Hit the jackpot....or not?

    Scooters favorite ball is the babble ball. He pushes it around and it babbles at him nonstop. He plays with it until I can no longer stand the babbling. When I take it away, and put it up high, he sits in front of it staring at it as if he could make it fall off the frig. Sometimes he has even...
  6. My Boxer

    My life as a puppy

    Hey Raine, Scooter here. I'm a little older man, 4 years young, but my mom says sometimes I act like I'm 4 months old. I know what you mean about them getting excited when you go pee. The other day I'm outside, lifting my leg so I can pee on the rose bush-which is planted next to the...
  7. My Boxer

    Pics from the Wisconsin Boxer Bash

    I took Scooter to our first Boxer Bash,and we had a great time! Can't wait for the next one. He got a "ticket" for loitering during the radar run. He stopped to "visit" with the guy with the radar gun. But, boy did he tear up the lure course. It was amazing to see Boxer's everywhere you...
  8. My Boxer

    Flying boxer ears?

    Love the flying ears!
  9. My Boxer

    MICROCHIPPED - should i tag him or not

    Tag him. When my Skipper got out without me. I frantically searched for him, and sadly went home. The phone was ringing when I opened the door. A little boy had found him, and his Mom was calling me to let me know he was safe, and where I could pick him up. He is chipped and tagged...
  10. My Boxer

    when did you first fall in love?

    I love all dogs, but Boxer's have a special place in my heart. I've loved Boxer's since I was a kid. My uncle gave us his dog. A fawn, black mask female named Greta when I was 10. It was love at first sight! She was older, I don't remember how old. But she was magnificent! My little...
  11. My Boxer

    Tell me I don't need another boxer...

    When I broke my leg, my doctor wrote me a Rx for: one puppy. Got me out of the dumps, and my first Boxer!
  12. My Boxer

    Is there anything better?

    Nothing better than a snuggly, cuddly Boxer at any age!
  13. My Boxer

    Waking up our son. :)

    Ahhh, there is nothing like waking up to those soulful brown eyes, and mushy face 1" from your face! Feeling their breath on you. Once your eyes open, it's all over, and the wake up kisses and wiggles begin!
  14. My Boxer

    My poor baby fell down

    Get used to it! You have a Boxer, they play rough and tough!
  15. My Boxer

    I broke my leg yesterday :(

    Been there, done that, hated it! Had a tib/fib fracture, surgery with rod and screw placement. Missed 6 months of work. In fact, because of my accident, that is how I got my Greta. I was having much difficulty with physical therapy and learning how to walk again. Was getting depressed, that...
  16. My Boxer

    Boxers in cold climates

    I don't like the thought of leaving him alone outside unsupervised for long periods of time. Too much time for trouble. I like that you can take him to work with you. What about day care? Scooter loves daycare! When he is there, I don't worry about being gone so long.
  17. My Boxer

    Bailey found her voice

    I love it when they throw their heads back and really let loose with the barking or howling!
  18. My Boxer

    Leaving Monte for 10 days!!!!

    He will probably have a great time. When I take Scooter to day care, he doesn't even look back to say good bye. He"s running full speed to see who he can play with. Some times when I pick him up, he acts like he doesn't want to go home, he wants to stay and play. All the while I'm eating my...
  19. My Boxer

    singing boxers

    Scooter talks all the time, especially in the car! Maybe he is a back seat driver!
  20. My Boxer


    Scooter here. Can't say that I've tried sneakers yet. But I have sunk my pearly whites in mom's: glasses-she say's she can't see without them, but boy did she see me with them all twisted up and in my bed! New leather purse-couldn't help it, it smelled so good, especially the handle! Sewing...