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  1. Chris W.

    Boxer shows/events in Michigan

    shows in michigan Mt. Pleasant Kennel Club on June 5th Oakland County and Livonia Kennel Clubs August 27th, 28th, 29th (be sure to visit the Boxer Rescue booth and say hi at this one) There's one 4th of July weekend also, can't remember where, I did a google search - Livonia Kennel Club has...
  2. Chris W.

    Bringing home an older dog into boxer home

    3's a crowd I recently brought in a senior male (appx 6yrs old)foster boxer into my home with existing female and male, both 3yrs old. My Female is the one causing all the trouble, the boys play together fine. She likes to try to stop their play all the time. All in all, if it weren't for her...
  3. Chris W.

    Just joined- please help!

    tests? did your vet run tests to prove she has colitis, or does he want to run the tests to find out for sure if she has colitis? will these tests scan for other problems conclusively too?
  4. Chris W.


    pro plan? we've had 3 rescue dogs in this year that had a very similar reaction to Pro-plan dog food, you've probably tried several brands tho. has he been tested for allergies also? stay away from red dyes. Is there any way you can fence off a quarantined area for him to use prior to easter...
  5. Chris W.

    Need help, desperate....long

    hmmmm her aloofness and lack of doggy manners sounds like she was taken away from her litter prior to 8 weeks. My Tommy was like this, I basically forced loving on him, held him & treated him in my lap til he stopped wiggling. Now he'd much rather be with us than be off by himself. taking her...
  6. Chris W.

    Roaming...Spring Fever???

    treat in our fenced in yard we had this problem too. So we started treating [B] every single [B] time we say "come" . I also say "treat" everytime I go to get them out of the closet, so if ever he won't come for the come command, I then say, "treat" he then hauls butt over to me as fast as...
  7. Chris W.

    Pee smells like.....

    me too I had to read it twice also, it almost got me too :lol:
  8. Chris W.


    could be Maniago - you could be right - there are lots of pig ear treats in the stores that are not making dogs sick. It just scared me so bad.
  9. Chris W.

    Pee smells like.....

    LOL Billysmum - cnm128 said they didn't know if he was spRayed, not spayed LOL I've gone thru some funky smelling urine with my new foster dog We had a urinalisys done and found out he had a really really bad bladder infection. His urine was always really dark yellow bordering on orange...
  10. Chris W.

    4 yr. old Boxer marking territory with new Pup

    hmmmmmmm well...... For Male dogs you use a belly band to keep them from marking, it's like a piece of fabric you wrap around their waist. Maybe something like heat-panties will work for a female marker?
  11. Chris W.


    Once One time in my life, my first boxer was professionally begging for a bite of my pork chop. So, I gave in and gave him a single 1" cube of it. He was fine that night, and the next morning when I went to work, but the entire day while I was at work, he was violently ill to the point of blood...
  12. Chris W.

    A new, worrysome behavior(long, sorry!)

    not trusting After he gets checked out at the vet, if there is nothing physically wrong with Sanford I would try setting up a crate for him. It does sound like he was hurt by the boys falling on him. It also sounds like your talk with the boys needs to include leaving him alone at all costs...
  13. Chris W.

    Sammy's Story (long)

    Well, if the cops do show up at your door, make sure you have a picture of what your new pup looked like when you brought him home, and tell them you were just 'borrowing' him to fatten him up. I'm SURE they'll understand. But I don't think you should worry too much, I doubt his previous owners...
  14. Chris W. to convince my husband?

    had the same problem I had problems with ALL 3 male dogs I've had. 1st dog, Bob, neutered at 4 because I just couldn't tollerate him wanting to KILL every single in tact male he met. 2nd dog, Tommy, neutered at 18 months because I simply could NOT talk my husband into this sooner for...
  15. Chris W.

    broken hearted

    the act itself sounds like what my dog was doing. My Tommy has done this to many strange women(never after meeting them a second time). I have named it Muzzle-Punching - there is never a bite involved but it is very frightening as contact is made with the persons face. I have gotten my dog to...
  16. Chris W.

    Rogers Users New Virus

    anyone know a link where we can fix this if a computer has become infected??? I know of a couple people working on getting this fixed today chris w.
  17. Chris W.

    My Baxter bit my child (kind of long)

    I just have a couple of things I think should be added to this conversation: Your Boxer was not in the room alone with your 2yr old when this bite occured. IMO only, I think perhaps this dog was never taught his place in pack order with your child. Lots of dogs who are allowed on the...
  18. Chris W.


    great recipe yes, this is a great recipe, but I was told to leave it on them 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Also, the most important thing is not listed here: DOG COAT CONDITIONER your dog will get a rash that scabs up if you do not use conditioner thankfully nothing got inside the...
  19. Chris W.

    Julia Valentine needs help *tearjerker*

    WOW This is definately the most emaciated live dog I've ever seen. Which has already been said. But.... I am posting to fill people in on other possible reasons this dog could have become this way. Yes, there are evil people out there. Chances are very likely, had this dog been removed from...
  20. Chris W.

    This one gets me

    dog bites If that happened here in MI, when you went to get your stitches at the hospital they would have called the police and the dog would be probably be quarantined at the shelter awaiting destruction right now. If the people have homeowners insurance, and they are notified, their policy...