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    Goodbye our sweet girl Daisy

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
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    Goodbye our sweet girl Daisy

    Please keep my family in your prayers. My parents had to put their 9 year old boxer Daisy to sleep today. We all loved her so, so much, she was such a sweetheart. They lost their other boxer Harley 1 1/2 years ago at age nine also, so this is especially had on my Mom , they were her babies...
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    Dog Food

    We recently switched our boys to a different food, but they were on California Natural lamb & rice and they loved it. Their coats wre great and they look fit and healthy. We just switched to Pinnacle Trout & sweet potatoe to give them a different protein, so far so good. Mugsy especially loves...
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    When will his hair grow back?

    So, Muggs has seasonal alopecia, we think. Mange and ringworm were ruled out. It started in Oct. and the skin is dark where the hair loss is. My question is when should the hair start growing back? We live in Oregon and it is warming up here. The spots do look better than a couple of...
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    Help Please!!!

    Hope Maggie feels better soon. Muggs ate a scrunchie last month. We didn't know he had eaten it ,but he was sick all day and threw up several times, we were so worried. And of course it was Sunday. About 11:00pm that night he went out and pooped out a red scrunchie. We were shocked! Don't worry...
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    Finally posted some pics

    Can you all believe that they were the last 2 left of a litter of 8 puppies. I guess people are blind:) But I told my BF that God meant for them to come home with us, because he made sure that no one else saw how beautiful they are!
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    Samson singing video

    One of mine is. I guess I got up from the couch to fast last night because there's Mo, woo, wooing behind me as I walk in the kitchen. He was fast asleep before I got up, but god forbid you try to leave the room without him!
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    Finally posted some pics

    Thanks everyone for thinking our boys are beautiful. I also love the one at the beach, my BF took it. I cropped out myself, now I just have to figue out how to get rid of the leashes and it will be perfect.
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    Samson singing video

    That was great! It immediately put a huge smile on my face and the boys stopped playing, and looked up like what is that:)
  10. Moses


  11. Mugsy posing

    Mugsy posing

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    Finally posted some pics

    I finally got a digital camera and am able post some pics. I just wanted to show off our boys.:) Here's link to one of them.
  13. Cute Mo!

    Cute Mo!

  14. Handsome!


  15. At the park

    At the park

  16. First time at the beach

    First time at the beach

    We ate sand, got sick & loved every minute
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    Happy 7th Bday, Harley

    Happy Birthday Harley. I am glad you are somewhere where you will be healthy and pain-free forever. We lost our Harley in Sep 05, he was our smart, goofy, loving baby. The 100lb lapdog! We all still miss him so much and think of him often. Plus everytime we look at Mugsy its like looking at...
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    When to start heartworm prevention?

    Our Vet had us start the boys on Heartguard when they were 3 months. They have to be on it year around in our area. I depends, I think on where you live and the weather there. I would call a Vet and ask them.
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    Rank your Boxer's Favorite "treats"

    Their favorite puppy treat is definitely Puperoni, it doesn't have the best ingredients, but I consider it their version of junk food. Their favorite human food treat is roast beef from Arby's, you will look in the back seat as they impatiently wait for some and they are lines of drool...
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    SO confused!

    We payed $31.00 for a 33lb bag Canidae. They are on California Natural Lamb & Rice for puppies now , which we like a little better. Both foods worked well though, the CN is a few dollars more expensive. Make sure you switch over slowly to a new food as suggested or else there will be many...