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  1. BeanerSprout


    Sprout's nicknames: stinky wrinkles pokey Heidi Ho Flopper ;)
  2. BeanerSprout

    Oh's wind!!!!

    Silly Indy. Sprout will just snap at the wind and growl :)
  3. BeanerSprout

    Tara got skunked

    oooooooo poor tara!!!! Poor nosy dog......... hopefully she learned her lesson LOL :lol:
  4. BeanerSprout

    Scared the bejabbers out of me!

    LOL that made me laugh.... indy indy indy.....
  5. BeanerSprout

    Unpleasant experience on walk tonight

    Wow. What an experience. I agree, find another route to walk. And don't worry, it wasn't your fault and you did nothing wrong. Sprout loves little dogs. On the other hand they do not like her at all ;) Take care
  6. BeanerSprout

    I want my dinner NOW!!!!!!

    LOL sprout will whine and howl when her bowl is empty.....when we ignore her she pokes us with her nose ;)
  7. BeanerSprout

    Grossest thing ever eaten?

    Yuk that's it for me Sprout was on a walk and wouldn't ya know it a dead decomposing mouse the cat caught was there, sprout dove and wounded up w/ a face full of maggots......EW!!!!!!! She had a huge smile on her face, maggots dripping out here mouth.....nonoicon
  8. BeanerSprout

    Marking his territory

    LOL that is funny.......poor tyson ;)
  9. BeanerSprout

    This makes me so Angry

    That is really awful. It makes me sick the way people care for animals like that......:(
  10. BeanerSprout

    6 weeks 10 pounds

    sounds right. when we went to see Sprout at 6 weeks her littermates were all around 10-12 pounds.......
  11. BeanerSprout

    poor princess threw up blood this morning :(

    Oh No!!!!!!!! Get well soon princess!!!!!!! Me and Sprout sending ((((Healling vines)))) Hope whatever it is passes. luv, Alaina
  12. BeanerSprout

    A Boxer Day

    Sounds like a fun, excitind day!!!!!!!!
  13. BeanerSprout

    Curious what you feed your Boxers

    We were on Canidae but we are swithching to back to basics to get some variety in Sprout's diet
  14. BeanerSprout

    Natural tail... HELP!

    :lol: maybe they dock em for human protection against the little wiggley-butts.
  15. BeanerSprout

    A story about Eric, which may tickle you...

    Sprout likes the snow but HATES the wet grass. And the pillow, the chairs, just like a person...we've been there too!
  16. BeanerSprout

    Why are they so darn nosey???

    LOL my boxer will follow you anywhere just to see what you're up too. And when we go on walks she has to sniff every darn yard that has had a dog in it....or cat.....or person....TRANSLATION she stops at every yard to check it out. And if you're eating somrthing your not including her in on...
  17. BeanerSprout

    What comes after Boxer insane

    LOL :lol: this is funny. I made reservations there too....
  18. BeanerSprout

    How do i stop Brunos stinky Farts??

    Yogurt usually works. ;)
  19. BeanerSprout

    Way to go Roscoe!! You're a SUPERSTAR!!

    fiestaicon YA ROSCOE MAKE YER MOMMY PROUD!!!!!!fiesta1ico
  20. BeanerSprout

    Toilet water suddenly a delicacy?

    :eek: our cat Kissa does this too!!!!!! She'll put her two front paws into the water and lap it up... as soon as she sees you coming she'll jump out and hide. :lol: