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    "Periodic" food change

    I change every bag to a different protein source. Keeps Creek on his toes and I haven't had any major probs as far as him turning his nose up at food.
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    Anyone feeding NV Instinct Rabbit?

    Creek just went exclusively over to Instinct Rabbit formula and has pretty much puked them out, i don't think Bugs much agrees with him. He was Ok as long as it was mixed w/t his old food (taste of the wild prairie) but now he's staining my carpet. I guess tomorrow its off to Petsmart to get a...
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    Taste of the Wild : Pacific Stream formula

    I'm currently using the wet and wild and Creek really likes it (btw it actually smells like smoked meat, something I've never encountered in kibble). I'm almost out and orderd the salmon based one which according to UPs should be on my doorstep tomorrow. I'll post any thoughts I have about it if...
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    Help!! Too Many Decisions!!!

    You may want to try "A Taste of the Wild", I ordered the Wild Wetlands formula recently and Creek seems to enjoy it. Its not all that high in protein (32%) like the others but the ingredients seems ok: Duck, duck meal, chicken meal, egg product, sweet potatoes, peas, chicken fat (preserved...
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    Blue Buffalo

    I've used BB for years and Creek has always liked it (especially the chicken). Last night however, I was on petfooddirect and ran across something called "Taste of the Wild", its grainless and pretty cheap (43 bucks for 30 lbs). Its new and hopefully maybe it will put some weight on him (hes the...
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    Barking at the Moon with Canned Green Cow Tripe

    No, you should actually get some of the canned tripe. I used Tripett but it is probably just the same (or close) to Solid gold. Just don't dump the whole can in, put about a tablespoon in and mix it with the kibble. I did this 'cuz Creek was getting tired of his food. I never saw him scarf food...
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    Help!! Need Dog Food Suggestions (sorry kinda long)

    I've had good luck with Blue Buffalo line of foods (they have a lamb variety) , if you have a Petsmart near you youshould have no problem getting some. If you prefer to purchase online, go here: I go there when I'm trying to...
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    What can be mixed into Dry food?

    Buy some cans of Tripe,Tripett in the green can works just great. Put about a tablespoon in and mix. Your pooch will love you for it. (Your nose;however;will go on strike and migrate to the back of your head). :) Bachser
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    Dog Food

    I run thru a 15 lb bag of each of Blue Buffalo's options (chicken,fish, and lamb), then I will throw a curve like Timberwolf or Natures Logic to add some variety. I like Blue Buff because I can get it at the local Petsmart and Creek does really well on it. Also, its the only good food I can buy...
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    Need Help-please check your bags

    You can also try Natures Logic, I had really good luck w/t their Duck and Salmon recipe.
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    just a little hello

    Owner of a reverse brindle named Creek, hes a handful but I think its worth it. :) I think I'll use this place as a repository of food info and maybe bounce a few of my stupid ideas around and see if they stick. Bachser