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  1. Tom95YJ

    I have a new Boxer YAY!!!

    Thanks for all of the compliments ! These two are really great together other than feeding time . Bella (pit.) she is pretty darn aggressive when it comes to food but we are starting to make progress. The method we are using is feeding him first , and having Bella sit and wait until Bones is...
  2. Tom95YJ

    I have a new Boxer YAY!!!

    I added a picture of Bones in my gallery I'll be adding more soon
  3. Bones


    Our new Furbaby Bones 8weeks
  4. Tom95YJ

    I have a new Boxer YAY!!!

    I'm still a Marylander, But I now live in Texas. I moved here after getting laidoff since there was plenty of work down here . Bones is so funny playing with my in-laws poma-poo
  5. Tom95YJ

    I have a new Boxer YAY!!!

    Hey guy's/gal's Im Back !!! After having to get Diesel put down due to pancreatic cancer 1 1/2 years ago My Wife and I got another Boxer today. He is 8 weeks old, and Bones is a White Boxer ! He's so cool while napping he had the boxer snore down, and the kidneybean needs some work he...
  6. Tom95YJ

    R.I.P. Diesel 1/21/06 - 5/4/08

    I just received the autopsy results and I come to find that it was pancreatic Cancer that moved to his chest :(
  7. Tom95YJ

    R.I.P. Diesel 1/21/06 - 5/4/08

    Tommorrow I'll get the autopsy results so I should know exactly what caused it
  8. Tom95YJ

    R.I.P. Diesel 1/21/06 - 5/4/08

    thanks for all the condolences I had to do right thing I couldn't let him suffer more than he did but at least now he can eat all the raw hides and food he wasn't allowed to cause of his food allergies up there in doggy heaven. I sent his mommy's favorite pic of him to a company that makes...
  9. Tom95YJ

    R.I.P. Diesel 1/21/06 - 5/4/08

    R.I.P. My Lil buddy. Diesel got sick a few weeks ago and the meds the vet gave him didnt help him out much at all, He had a infection in his intestines that moved to his chest . he had a lump on his right site and it was full of blood and puss. his chest filled with blood and his right lung...
  10. Tom95YJ


    I tend to call Diesel Monster........ when he could fit under the bed hes goto sleep and start to snore lol ....... or he's wait for you to get out of bed and his front paws would try to pull your legs under the bed
  11. Tom95YJ

    Indoor entertainment for our furbabies!

    Diesel seems to love chasing his lazer pointer around the house but once I start with it he wont let you stop till hes finished
  12. Tom95YJ

    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    Diesel is up to 93lbs now ......... and he just turned 2 on the 21st of the vet said he's solid muscle
  13. Tom95YJ

    2 Boxers--Many Tears--Advice please

    I have a Rainbow vaccume it has a hepa filter and uses water to trap hair/dust and cool the motor and its great nothing goes back into the air with that thing
  14. Tom95YJ

    boxer pup big paws

    gmacleod is dead on. Diesel's parents were big for "Breed Standard" and so is he He's the same size as his dad now 86lbs as of yesterday last time i checked he was 27in at the shoulder but that was 4months ago he'll be 15months in a few weeks
  15. Tom95YJ

    The BIG BAD lawn mower.......

    Diesel gets locked in the house when I mow the lawn and use the trimmer I tried the mower once with him in the yard and he barks at it and goes in to bite the wheels so he's in the house when I mow the lawn now
  16. Tom95YJ

    Been gone a Few months Update on Diesel

    Grow fast !!!! More like overnight it seem's like yesterday he was only 17lbs and tripped over his own feet when we would walk I miss watching him run when he was only 13 weeks old. But watching him run full speed now is amazing
  17. Tom95YJ

    Boxers favourite person

    Diesel is usually a daddy's boy he did have a bad habbit for a week or so of when i came home he would leap off the side of the couch and knock me over showering me with kisses but he stopped that. He's always by my side but at bed time he's a mommy's boy and loves the cuddle at bedtime and...
  18. Tom95YJ

    Been gone a Few months Update on Diesel

    Sorry Boxer Dad's / Mom's and Boxer's Diesel and I have not posted in a good 3-4 months . We've been extremely busy with moving to our new home and fixing it up a little(remodel kitchen/bath upgrade elec/ plumbing windows doors, fencing in the back yard which is 3/4's of an acre!!! ) its a...
  19. Tom95YJ

    Diesel's The Birthday Boy he Turned 1 today !!!

    Oh Boy Its Flurrying outside !!! So Diesel gets to see snow on his B-Day for the first time also ! It's Great He went oust side with a confused look looking up at the sky then he started to burn and now is running around with his mouth in the air and open trying to catch the snowflakes...
  20. Tom95YJ

    Diesel's The Birthday Boy he Turned 1 today !!!

    That right Diesel is finally 1 year old today ! He has really grown in the past year from the 17lbs he was when i brought him home at 13 weeks to the 81lbs he is now ! For his Birthday he recived some new toy balls and ropes no rawhide due to a food allergy the vet has him on a strict diet...