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    101 things you will replace as the price for loving your Boxer

    Where do you even begin? bicycle seat lawnmower seat (ripped right off the bolts) lawnmower wheel entire insulation from shed ceiling (how did they reach?) every low branch on every tree in the yard wooden porch swing (completely eaten) two lawn chairs walls couch loveseat bed...
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    Boxing Day

    I think I've read that it's better for them to stay with Mommie until 12 weeks anyway. Maybe you could do a search to be sure. Sounds like you have a concerned breeder though, isn't that great! He's too cute!
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    Class Project. Help Needed!!

    My Lexy went to college this year for a "persuasive speech" - she was the subject of "Why Boxers are the Best Dogs in the World." I have three, but I sent Lexy, because she's oldest and calmest and most predictable. The person who took her got an "A." So, from my experience, the older ones...
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    CHEAP Flooring Alternatives

    I've said for ages that I'm going to tile, but I have concrete floors under my nasty carpet, and I'm seriously thinking I may just rip it all up and paint that concrete! I love the painted slate tile idea!!
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    Finally got it!!!!

    Mission Accomplished!! The DOGGIE DOOR IS IN!!!! I'm SO excited, can't ya tell! It has revolutionized my life! I now awake in the night to the sound of Maggie going in and out . . . not begging me to get up and take her out! It is too cool!!!:p They just come and go all day as they...
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    Jealousy of baby causing me to lose my babies

    Whenever the baby has any food item, remove the dogs from the area. Put them in another room (two other rooms, I guess) or their crates and give them a special treat. Let them back into the main part of the house when the eating is over. Short, daily training is a fabulous tool for...
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    You've got to be kidding! (long)

    Ok, did a little spying, got the number to my rescue Maggie's "breeder." You've got to read it with a good "hick accent" to get the full effect. Here goes (me then her): Hi, I'm Kacey, I've got one of your puppies and wondered if I could get some information from you. Sure, what would...
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    Is it true?

    Thanks, Julie! I had a feeling you'd respond. I don't know if she has a different papa or not, or if her momma was as wild as Heather wants to be :D but, I may call the "breeders" (ha!) and gently inquire as to her parentage. I doubt they'll fess up to any funny business, but it's worth a...
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    Is it true?

    She was an owner-surrender. I work with Arkansas Boxer Rescue and I got first dibs on her - the folks who surrendered her said they got her from a local breeder and that she was full-blooded. Her sister certainly looks full-blooded, but Maggie doesn't. But, then again, there are other boxers...
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    Is it true?

    Ok, so Maggie has a long nose. Quite frankly, it's not boxer-ish at all. Her markings are typically boxer - flashy fawn. But her build is pretty thin and lanky. But, she's only 8 months old now, and has lots of filling out to do. Her dad, I'm told, was huge - 100 pounds or so - and so I...
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    He's just like them!

    There's not a fence around that can hold in a male who smells a female in heat!! Nothing sort of a total cage would probably work! I am almost always for honesty . . . but sometimes . . . you know what I'm saying. I like the plan, too. Even simpler . . . take him to the vet, get it done, ask...
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    Heres one for y'all!

    Yup -way too late to cut those ears. But, the floppy ones are cute, too, so all is not lost! ;) Sounds like you might need to invest in a crate and a book on crate training! Might save your next set of couches! :D I bet they had a blast, though! I must admit to having a few, umm...
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    Boxer mom just found out I'm pregnant.

    All of the above is great advice. We aren't even expecting, but we realize that our babies will likely be with us when we finally get around to having a skinkid - so, we work hard to make sure our babies have lots of "little people" socializing. We borrow friends' kids of all ages all the time...
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    puppycam is live!!

    I keep waiting for that food bowl to go over . . . she's having a blast. I think I saw a tinkle!! This is ridiculous!!!! :rolleyes:
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    It is funny how we grow up and learn, isn't it! Lexy knew full good and well what a wooden spoon was for . . . and she ate all the spoons she ever got her paws on as a result. Then I found BW, and got my Bailey Bug. Bailey had been so abused - all we had to do was walk past her and she'd cry...
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    puppycam is live!!

    I'm not gettin' a darn thing done. Did you all see her standing up a minute ago?? I gotta get one of those!!! :D
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    puppycam is live!!

    Nogoer, you'll have to put that camara up high so Chloe can't reach it!! We are demanding fans, aren't we!! :D Maybe on top of the fridge would give us a view of the whole room . . . :p
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    Legal Help

    Troy - what do you mean not let a woman get between me and my boxers???? I AM A WOMAN!!!!!! Silly guy. :lol: I also think buying her one of the other suggested pets isn't a bad idea ;) just don't tell anyone I said so.
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    Legal Help

    I don't want to lose respect here . . . but, I practice corporate and commercial litigation and transactional law. Tax, securities, secured transactions, labor/employment, etc. I know, I know . . . YUK. :p Lucky for me, I have boxers to give me love after spending all day with a bunch of...
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    Legal Help

    Finally . . . the lawyer shows up!! ;) Don't all clap at once. :rolleyes: Ok, if I read right, she gave you the dog as a gift while you were dating? Then the dog is yours. Make sure you don't leave him where that crazy woman can get him.