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  1. AZ Boxer Boys

    Are we all just a little nuts????

    Today I was at an event with our Brownie troop and I saw a man with two cute boxers. I said to my 8 year daughter and her friend "Look, boxers!!". The girls screamed 'boxers' and ran over to the man and asked permission to pet the dogs and, of course, he said yes. Anyway, I explained we...
  2. AZ Boxer Boys

    Marley just had his senior pictures taken

    Well, actually my daughter had her senior pictures taken and since she could take any 'prop' with her, what better than her dog. Anyway, he was soooooo good. Just perfect. It was very busy and the waiting room was full and people were going in and out continually as they take outside...
  3. AZ Boxer Boys

    Getting rid of Arupdate.exe

    I am trying to get rid of an adware program (arupdate.exe) and I can't figure out how to. I've tried using the Windows Add/Delete program and it won't let me delete it. I've gone out to the command line and tried to erase it but it says 'access denied' like I don't have permission to erase...
  4. AZ Boxer Boys

    They think balls grow on trees!!

    Marley is just nuts over balls - he can never get enough of them. Well imagine his delight when our orange tree developed little green balls! foolicon Marley is in heaven. Justin is normally not as interested in balls, but since his brother seems to have so much fun taking them out of the...
  5. AZ Boxer Boys

    Crazy play - do yours play like this?

    I'm telling you it's so funny to watch our two play - - it just cracks us up - - they will be playing tug of war with a toy, then Justin (who is about 70 lbs) will lay down on his side and stretch out with the toy in his mouth and Marley (who is about 60 lbs) will grab onto the toy and pull...
  6. AZ Boxer Boys

    Are mesquite seed pods harmful?

    We have a large mesquite tree in the back yard and it's the time of year when the seed pods drop into the yard. Of course, both boxers seem to love them and it's the first place they go when we let them outside. Does anyone know if they are poisonous? They don't seem to be bothered by them and...
  7. AZ Boxer Boys

    Anyone done a western Caribbean cruise?

    We're planning a cruise to the Western Caribbean in June. We're trying to pin down our port excursions - - any suggestions? Our stops are Costa Maya, Belize, Cozamel, and Grand Cayman. Cindy
  8. AZ Boxer Boys

    Cute Boxer Plate

    I just received an advertisement in the mail from The Danbury Mint on dog plates. They have the cutest Boxer plate called "Bottoms Up!". It a boxer puppy with his little hind-end up in the air - you know in their bowing or let's play position - just adorable. Just thought I'd let you all...
  9. AZ Boxer Boys

    New toy

    We went to a dog show today and I picked up a couple of new toys that look like they will actually last. Our older boxer is such an aggressive chewer that most toys don't last very long. Anyway, the new toy is made by Tuffie's pet toys. They have rings for tossing, one shaped like a bone and...
  10. AZ Boxer Boys

    How do I stop them from tearing up the backyard?

    I'm not sure if this should be posted in this section or in the behavior section. We have two dogs, which by themselves are really good and do not tend to get into trouble. But, when outside together they get into everything, such as eating all of my plants, pulling up the drip system...
  11. AZ Boxer Boys

    The cutest Christmas gift

    I received the cutest Christmas gift from one of my co-workers today and I just had to share it with you. She knows I'm nuts about boxers. Anyway, the gift is little boxer bobble head - he has a Christmas stocking in his mouth and a Santa hat on and his little head just bops around = = it's so...
  12. AZ Boxer Boys

    Counter surfing

    Our youngest, Marley, about 7 months old, has his front paws on the counter all of the time. He has had a couple of good experiences where he found something good to eat - our mistake for leaving stuff on the counter. Now we can't get him to stay off. I can be preparing dinner and he's...
  13. AZ Boxer Boys

    Question on West Nile Virus

    The West Nile virus has just moved into the Phoenix area and the main concentration is very close to where we live in the east valley. Does anyone know what types of symptoms we need to look for in our boxers? We don't normally see mosquitos in our yard, but it does make me worried. Cindy
  14. AZ Boxer Boys

    Furkids just like skin kids?

    I didn't realize how much skinkids and furkids are the same. Marley, who's about 6 months old, gets so crabby when he gets tired. Normally our two boxers play well together, we try to keep them somewhat under control in the house so they don't drive us all crazy by the constant wrestling...
  15. AZ Boxer Boys

    Finally have pictures posted.

    I finally figured out how to reduce the pictures to the right size and update pictures. Some of the pictures took a couple of trys - good thing the moderators are so patient! Now that I have it down pat - I'll get more out soon. Cindy
  16. AZ Boxer Boys

    How long between neuter & playing?

    We have two male boxers - one that's just over a year and the other who is about 5 1/2 months. The younger one, Marley, was neutered on Monday. Right now we are keeping them separated, we don't want Marley to rip his stitches. How long should we keep them apart? Both are crated trained, so...
  17. AZ Boxer Boys


    Anyone have some suggestions for cruises for families? Looking at either taking off from either California or Florida.
  18. AZ Boxer Boys

    Marley may have a heart problem

    Let me give a little background. When Marley was a couple weeks old, the breeder took the litter to the vet for their first check up. Marley was diagnosed with a heart murmur. When we purchased him, our vet also also indicated he had a heart murmur. Over the past couple of months, the heart...
  19. AZ Boxer Boys

    Just joined Boxerworld

    We just joined and are excited about being part of Boxerworld. We have two adorable boxer boys. Justin who is just over one year old and Marley who is about 4 months old. They are just delightful and we enjoy them so much, tho' they tend to wear us out with their constant wrestling and...