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  1. larrygs

    Jumping at fence

    BTW, I don't want to add to your worries, however if his head is at the top of the fence, do not too confident about him not going over one day. They will grab the top of the fence with their paws and muscle over. It is harder with a wooden fence, because there is little traction with the...
  2. larrygs

    Proud. How long did it take to potty train your boxer?

    Vastly different experiences with ours. Got them both at 8 wks and very diligently crate trained, had them on a consistent schedule and bell trained. Layla was amazing, never pooped in house and p'd once in first week and that was it! In addition she is real purposeful when we take her out...
  3. larrygs


    I can't tell you how sad I am for your loss. It is such a very tough time. Been there. :( The Rainbow Bridge forum section is the place you are looking for. Remember the good times!
  4. larrygs

    Need Advice on Rescuing Stray

    I agree with the prior comments. However, I am a little conflicted. If there is intentional neglect, I would not want to return it to a bad environment. But then I wonder if some grief stricken responsible owner inadvertently lost their boxer and its condition is due to struggling on it's...
  5. larrygs

    Totally devastated

    Susi, OMG, I have been away and just now reading this thread, beginning with disbelief and tears in my eyes and then hope for the meds. It is so very fortunate for Raine she has a wonderful mom. We are all pulling for both of you.
  6. larrygs

    At Wits End

    I noticed Hank is about a year old. Perhaps the timing is because he is also in that terrible teen period as well where all training is ignored. Normally would say to get back to basic training until he grows up some more. However not sure what to do when he has free rein. Find a better...
  7. larrygs

    Common denominator

    I have been away from BW for awhile. Always great to read about Raine. :D Frankly, I am amazed at how well she did at the vet. No way ours would be so relatively calm in that environment, plus dogs charging and being aggressive and jumping on you. We also do not allow contact at the vet...
  8. larrygs

    Parent's aggressive dog- how to handle visiting?

    Our first boxer was sweet to all dogs and any animal, large or small, for that matter. Until we left her with a friend who had a small unruly dog. From that point on she would proactively put small dogs in their place without any warning. Never hurt them, but always caused a ruckus. I...
  9. larrygs

    Getting a Puppy!! Question about introducing to other boxer

    Congratulations! LOL, we were so very concerned as well when we introduced Jack to Layla. We had them meet at a neutral spot, with plenty of treats and frisbee. Went great and they have been just amazingly good buds since. Here is how it went: Layla and Jack meet pt1 - YouTube Jack and...
  10. larrygs

    Almost a year old. Crate or not to crate?

    I agree. One isn't that old, still very much a pup. All of ours were at least 2 before we stopped crates. There really isn't a need to rush, and you will know when it is time. LOL, actually they let us know. Jack and Layla love their crates and still use them. They almost always know...
  11. larrygs

    Lots of land; walks consist of leash or go free?

    I may differ a little from the advice so far. You certainly need to leash train for many reasons. So do that. It is now neccessary to have dogs on leash just about everywhere you go. However I would put priority on training off leash. Boxers tend to stay nearby rather than be roamers...
  12. larrygs

    What am I doing wrong???

    :lol: That may even be an understatement. It is one of the traits we love, ...... well most of the time. :D
  13. larrygs

    CPE Trial last weekend

    Congratulations! appicon We had backed away from agility for awhile to let Layla get a little older and calmer. Competition was just too stressful and her antics became a problem. Just recently began training again to she if she still likes agility. LOL, she definitely does, yet still not...
  14. larrygs

    Looking for more ideas regarding leash reactivity - lunging/barking/aggressive...

    Ditto regarding the prong collar. Saying that, we could not use a head collar with Layla. We tried and she really freaked out, set her back weeks. I know it works for some, just not us. IMO, the problem with any special collar or restraint is that they are too smart. They know if it is on...
  15. larrygs

    Looking for more ideas regarding leash reactivity - lunging/barking/aggressive...

    Looks like you are off to a great start. A few more comments,... It is very possible he did not show leash reactivity before. Layla developed hers at about that age. At the time, she was also fine with day cares and dog parks. Unfortunately it got worse for awhile since we didn't know how...
  16. larrygs

    Getting a boxer puppy this week. Everyone telling me I'm crazy...

    Crate training, or kennel training if you prefer, is extremely important for any dog. It allows you to have a very consistent schedule as they learn, accellerates house breaking, and practically eliminates destruction. We have had five boxers over the years, with essentially no destruction...
  17. larrygs

    Agility tunnel

    The ones on Amazon do look a little flimsy for a boxer. Perhaps you can check with some of the agility clubs in your area for stuff they are getting rid of. Occasionally the clubs around here will sell or auction off equipment as they upgrade.
  18. larrygs

    preparing for a puppy

    As others have said, boxers are extremely people oriented. You will find that boxers are always engaged with you, or leaning on you, or sleeping with you, or following you, or otherwise trying to get your attention. It will almost always be wherever you are. It it isn't in sight, it is your...
  19. larrygs

    keeps peeing on his blanket

    In addition, might be good to wipe the inside of the crate with one of the enzyme based odor neutralizers.
  20. larrygs

    Desperate for him to stop!!

    Many of us know how frustrating it can be. As said, there is much in BW on bite inhibition. A boxer puppy is all about play and interaction with you. And at 10 weeks the attention span is probably measured in seconds. What this means is saying No is engagement from you and a reward. A...