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    Pitbulls This is a few sites have and if you would...
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    Got Snakes??

    More pictures of my snake Hello it has been awhile . I was just letting everyone know I put one more picture of my APBT and my snake in my gallery.I also have a couple of my snake eating.just search user name rebels mom hope to talk again soon
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    Got Snakes??

    reply Thanks I love all the pictures I have in my gallery.I also enjoy looking at all the other gallery.I`ll keep you posted when I add more of my snake. cristal
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    Am I an alpha to her???? please help!

    Sorry to hear this! I had problems with my female boxer I thought it was because she was old when I got her.She would always give me problems to come in. It would make my heart stop! I do most of Rebel`s training so he kind of listens to me better the my husband.But he did make my heart stop...
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    A Baby!!!

    Congratulations!!! To Scooter you and tanya well share all the same feelings around the same time.Enjoy every min.of it.There is nothing like your first baby. Good Luck cristal
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    A Baby!!!

    This is good news I`am very happy to hear that your going to have a baby(skin)!I love my kids they are very dear to me.It is a joy having a child.I had couldn`t pick a name for my 3 year old.We were about to be able to go home and still no name.My sis. came up with Alyssa and it just seemed...
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    Computer virus

    We had problums on the old PC.We had love letter virus. Hope you get everything back the way you want.Sorry to hear about the virus good luck. cristal
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    Got Snakes??

    Hello again I put the pictures under members gallery rebels mom.Hope you can find them these are from a couple of weeks ago. Talk again soon cristal
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    Got Snakes??

    Hello again Where should I put the picture of my snake?I also have some pictures of my snake and ower dogs.Should we have ower snake in wood shavings?We also have two heat rocks in the tank is this to much? How big should the snakes space should be? I have alot to ask but this is ower first...
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    Got Snakes??

    We have a red tailed boa This snake was given to us.It is handled alot.We feed live mice or chicks.Not sure about how old it is or if it is male or female.Would like to make an area for the snake from floor to ceiling maybe in a corner.Well post a picture soon. cristal
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    Anyone in Louisiana?

    Lafitte,Louisianna Rebel is about 5 months and never played with a boxer before just Fido.Maybe we can meet at the dog park by the zoo.Thats about one to one and a half hours to get there for me. cristal
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    Louisiana boxers

    Boxer from Lafitte I have been waiting for someone to get a Boxer Bash together.I was just looking for someone from Louisianna just a couple months ago. I have a 4 month old he has alot of energy and would love to play with a fellow boxer. This would be a first for Rebel...
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    Tip Toe-ing

    Rebel is sneeky too He is always tring to sneek into the bath room .I haven`t found him doing anything yet .Maybe he just checking to see if someone is in there. Maybe he is looking for my 3 year old Alyssa.They are the best of friends and play most of the day.
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    Starting to understand boxers!

    I feel the same way Cristal
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    Mazzy missing!

    I am very happy for you Good for you I bet you are glad mazzy is safe at home.Hope she`s not to much of a jumper.One of my boxers would jump to the top of a 6 ft fence.I think if she wanted to jump over it she could have easy.Good luck some dogs just want to roam hopefully she gets out of...
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    Are you sure she's not a Pit Bull?!!

    Some people I have had someone tell me the same thing with silvia.She was my first boxer she was my kids nanny.She was old when she was given to me Gidget you did really well I bet she is becoming a lady.I know...
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    Ice cubes

    Rebel loves ice I live in louisianna it has been hot here too.(already) Rebel goes running for ice everytime he hears some one in the freezer.It is really cute to watch him with his ice cube.I think that putting flavor to ice is a good treat for them.I think I am going to try it...
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    Cherokee Sure Showed Her!!!!!!!!

    Go Cherokee I feel the same way about the matter.This person sounds very childish.I know Fido and Rebel are my boys the are not dogs:) `
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    Super Heroes

    Super Hero I always liked Spiderman or X-Men.They are a little boyish but they are really cool.I guess I would pick storm from X-Men. Does anyone still buy and safe comics? My girls are kind of like me they like all the boy comics
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    How did you find Boxerworld?

    insane for boxerworld I was about to get my first boxer and I wanted to learn everything I could about the breed.So I did a search checked out a couple of the sites then I found all my answers here.I am truly insane for boxerworld.My hubby tells me your on that site again.He can tell when I am...