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    Gagging at night!

    What did your vet tell you? My Max also snorts heavily almost daily, and I was wondering what your vet had to say about the snorting.
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    Cuts and scabs

    Max often plays with Allie, his best buddy. He's alot nicer to her than she is to him. But if she gets too rough, he yelps or cries and she lets go. But he still occasionally gets some booboos from her. Of course, she never has a mark on her, as he only "corncobs" her neck.
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    Afraid of the thunder

    A little story My sister was out on a hike in the Arizona desert. She has 2 boxers - Winnie and Buster. Well, there was a large clap of thunder and they both took off. Buster came back pretty quickly, but Winnie never came back. My sister looked for the rest of the day, but no luck. She...
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    Warning signs on fence or not?

    post of "danger - land mines" sign I would post a sillouette of a dog doing his business with the words "Danger - Land Mines. Proceed at your own risk."
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    Cut on the lower lip

    While walking Max this morning, he got in a scuffle with a dog who sits at a hole in his fence. The dog got ahold of Max's flopply lips and I just realized that he gave Max a nice gash in his lower flop. Max keeps licking his mouth, but the gash isn't bleeding. The vet said that it would be...
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    dry mouth or drooly

    Max actually only drools when i feed him something. He can sit there staring at me while I eat, but doesn't drool unless I give him something.
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    Was she trying to embarass me?

    My neighbor's think my dog is a gas factory I had my neighbors watch my dog for the afternoon and when I came back, they were incredulous! They couldn't believe that Max could fart like a human! On top of that, I've taught him to look behind or get up, turn around and smell his farts. it...
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    Injuries Suffered . . .

    occasional injuries Well, I've had my occasional injuries from Max. Most recently, he came running down the stairs and leaped up, ramming his head straight into one of my boobs. And he couldn't understand why I was in pain. But I guess he's gotten some pain from me as well. One time, a...
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    Boxer Lovers Unite!

    I second your opinion Joe. I don't think that Brandi is hating all the attention. While it is amazing that she has a tongue that long, I don't see the point of putting her through pain for something like that.
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    Does your boxer sleep in bed with you....

    I just recently got a new bed for myself, so my dog gets the old one (with a blanket over it, so that I can actually let guests use it at some point). Once my boy sees me going to bed, I tell him to go to bed, and he turns around, goes in his bedroom, jumps up on the bed, and settles down...
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    Funny way of sleeping......standing

    max is a goofball as well yes, Max sleeps with his upper body on the bed, and his back legs on the ground. Sometimes he'll stay like that for an hour when i go to bed, and other times, I'll be doing school work or eating dinner and all he wants is to be close to me, so he'll do that with me at...
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    dog parks/runs

    dog parks pretty good I take Max to the dog park b/c he loves it so much. I've had a couple of minor problems, but for the most part, he absolutely loves it. He likes to be the dominant dog, so he doesn't put up with another overly-dominant dog. I've only seen one bad incident, when...
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    How old were you when you got your first Boxer?

    Does it count when you're a kid? My parents got a boxer on a whim. The first one was Mele, and she helped me learn to walk. Then we moved to Hawaii, and got Haile. I was 7 and she died when I was a freshman in college. After that, my parents got Kekoa (our goofiest boxer ever - he would sit...
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    Out of the teenage years

    Well, before I crate him, I will try giving him the run of the house (mind you, it's not a very big house). I will just have to make sure nothing is on the counter. I used to put him in an empty room (a big crate), where he had a window that he could look out of. Since I remodeled the...
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    Out of the teenage years

    Max is about 3 1/2, and i've had him almost a year now. I just switched to a new schedule at work, but still work the same amount of hours away from the house. And the weather has also gotten colder, so Max has had to stay indoors pretty much all day now. I used to trust him with the run of...
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    Dog Bedding

    Max's house is lined with a foot or two of hay. Maybe this will help?
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    Things your Boxer Eats that he shouldn't

    Soap is a favorite, as is dirty kleenex and Krispy Kreme donuts (all 6 in one sitting). There are also others, but too gross to mention.
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    Want to make sure I'm doing the best for my dog

    no vaccination schedule I got Max when he was 2 1/2 years old. I didn't know if he had had his shots (I think he had, but wasn't sure), so i gave him all the starter shots again. I think some of the shots are coming up again this year, but some not for 3 years. I'm afraid I'm a little...
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    Want to make sure I'm doing the best for my dog

    I live in Colorado where it is dry and cool/cold depending on the season. Other than the regular shots, I haven't given or inquired with my vet about any other medications. Is there something I should be asking him about? I've seen 2 different doctors at my vet office (both of whom are...
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    Dumb dog

    well, I went home for lunch, and found out that Max has eaten a bar of soap! Of course, he threw up about 3 times, and the vet said that he probably wouldn't feel good for about 24 hours. What I don't get is that after the first bite, wouldn't he realize that it doesn't taste as good as it...