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  1. heidiho

    What do you do for a living?

    I work for Primeland Cooperatives as an Agronomy/Grain Secretary. Primeland is a subsidiary of Cenex Harvest States. And in a nutshell, I'm the bookkeeoper for my office. I love my job and feel fortunate living and working in smalltown, USA. Lucky for me, my dogs are outside napping on the...
  2. heidiho

    Trying not to panic....

    I can understand your anxiety with this situation. Our pups/dogs depend on us for everything and at times we feel helpless when something goes wrong. When I bought my first Boxer the vet I started using told me to only feed him twice a day. My pup at the time didn't like this at all, became...
  3. heidiho

    Trying not to panic....

    You may also want to check under Puppy Matters for more information. I'm glad that you have contacted the breeder, however I can't help but wonder why the breeder didn't go over puppy feeding with you at the time of purchase. Puppies are growing and it takes alot of energy to grow as fast as...
  4. heidiho

    Trying not to panic....

    I agree with the last reply. Our puppies need to be fed more than twice a day. This sounds like a case of hypoglycemia rather than heart related. It was the first thought that came to my mind.
  5. heidiho

    Seasonal Alopecia

    You could also try supplementing with salmon oil. I give Palmer a product called Derma pet (I think that's what it's called) His coat is now so silky soft and beautiful.
  6. heidiho

    Back Surgery

    DH had an appointment last thursday to get a shot in his back to relieve his pain. This doctor also examined him and put him on a regimen of daily exercises that will strengthen his core muscles. Short story, turns out that his muscles are so tight that they are pulling his bones all out of...
  7. heidiho

    Back Surgery

    That's how I feel. I've been doing some research online and am understanding things more. I'm feeling more at ease with all this. Thanks.
  8. heidiho

    Back Surgery

    Thanks for the replies. It is good to hear some positive words. TossBranAbi, so sorry to hear about all you've been thru. I looked at the pics you posted and am just amazed as what the end result is. As with any surgery there are many, many risks. Since we live in a smaller area I am...
  9. heidiho

    Back Surgery

    My husband has been diagnosed with Sponylolisthesis in his lower lumber, the L-5. The doc is trying some pain management procedures before he recommends surgery. The surgery will be disk fusion. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm kinda apprehensive about all this.
  10. heidiho

    Anyone ever been skydiving?

    I've made 2 jumps. My jumps were both static line. I liked it but not enough to continue. It was peaceful though, but after the shoot opened.
  11. heidiho


    Is anyone else involved in scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc? I'm getting back into it after 6 years. Any good websites?
  12. heidiho

    Boxer with open mouth!

    I had this happen with my last Boxer. The vet said it could be some sort of trauma caused be his collar "choking" him, or brain tumor or cancer. The trauma could have been caused by him getting hung up on something when I wasn't looking. Anyway, I was giving some anti-inflammatories to help...
  13. heidiho

    Stressed to the MAX

    Sorry all this is happening. When I went through my divorce I worked full time during the day and waitressed at night to make ends meet. Waitressing is a great way to make extra money, plus you'll always have some in your pocket at the end of the night. It isn't glamorous but it helps...
  14. heidiho

    If I Had My Life To Live Over

    That is soooo good. I'm printing it out to hang on my frig.
  15. heidiho

    Arthritis in the spine

    My DH has been diagnosed with arthritis in his lower back. His Doc wants to try physical therapy to see if this helps at all. We are also looking at getting a hot tub. We've been wanting one for a while now and this seems like a good time. Does anyone have any experience with this type of...
  16. heidiho


    My previous Boxer had Pancreatitis. I was able to control it with Science Diet W/D. He did really well on this food. I used boiled chicken, cottage cheese (no-fat kind) and veggies and cooked rice for his snacks and treats. He loved this diet.
  17. heidiho

    Camping in Glacier National Park

    We are thinking of going to Glacier Park next year for vacation. We'll be camping, hopefully inside the park. Any suggestions?
  18. heidiho

    Help, My Boxer is having grave problems...

    So sorry to hear this has happened. It's so hard to loose our beloved pets.
  19. heidiho

    Think DH might have cheated on me???

    IMO, if there is any doubt in your mind, which apparently there is, regarding his faithfulness then he has already cheated on you. It shouldn't matter if it's "only" a hickey, or more than that. The very fact that he went to strip clubs is completely disrespectful to you. The covenant of...
  20. heidiho

    Teeth Grinder

    Palmer does the same thing. When he getting comfortable and settling down for the night or a nap he grinds his teeth. Kind of annoying to listen too.