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    Boxer number 5

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    Boxer number 5

    After losing my previous Boxer Kato after 13.5 years, I didn't know if I would get another dog. I have a really odd work schedule and work long hours which really aren't conducive to raising a puppy. After moving through the grieving and realizing I wasn't going to be traveling like I thought...
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    How do I let her go?

    If you're asking the question, then you already know the answer and you've probably already taken action. On the chance you haven't, you may be dealing with more than one condition. The back leg stability issues could be degenerative myelopathy which unfortunately isn't good news either...
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    So lost with out you my Lexus, RIP my baby

    I'm sorry for your loss. With time it gets easier, I guess. I still feel guilt over the times I could have spent with my dog. You always think you can do it later, then suddenly there are no layers and you wonder where the time went. We were both fortunate, more fortunate than many, to have...
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    Losing my pet was more painful than losing my girlfriend (now ex)

    I lost Kato three months ago after having him for 13 years. I miss him way more than I ever missed my ex-wife. I still break down when I look at his pictures. I thought I was past that; guess not.
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    I've lost my Faithful Sidekick

    The final moments... When we put Kato down, the vet gave him a sedative to relax him and after a few minutes administered the Euthanasia drug. He said Kato would take one last big breath and would then be gone. Well, when he injected the full dose, Kato took a deep breath let it out and then...
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    My boxer was taken and I need help with weight

    Getting average weights isn't going to help since most are probably bigger than your dog. The smallest female I've had topped out at 50 lbs. at full maturity. My male who was 25.5" topped out around 68 lbs. where others that size may be 80lbs. Eventhough he was on a good quality food and had...
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    Arthritis/Torn ACL Glucosamine/Fish Oil dosages

    Check with your vet before giving aspirin. In the wrong doses it can make things worse: stomach bleeding and other issues.
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    Hair hair everywhere!!

    Apparently a rubber brush sold at Walmart for pet hair removal works well. I was going to suggest trying a microfibre clothe. Another recommendation was to spray it down with static guard and then vacuum. See other tips at the link below: Removing Pet Hair from Microfiber | ThriftyFun
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    Degenerative myelopathy test

    Kato started going lame on his back legs a couple years ago. I started giving him high doses of Joint supplements with Glucosomine, Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM and being consistent in walking him. His situation improved somewhat, but he could have had arthritis and not DM. At that point I...
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    Constant Itching

    +1 on the possible food allergy. If you've washed his bedding recently it could be a reaction to the detergent. If the scratching is new, try to think of any other changes that occured around the same time: detergents, shampoo, pesticides. They may be related. Only use a mild puppy shampoo...
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    Boxer Pups in the DFW

    Kato's best friend as a young pup was the neighbor's Jack Russell terrier. Although we never actually had them together, they would spend a lot of their time on either side of the chain link fence running back and forth next to each other. They were both the same size for a while. Kato...
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    Lost My Sweet Baby Girl

    I'm sharing your pain every step of the way, its much harder than I anticipated. I'm glad you have Balboa to comfort you during this difficult transistion. It will get better.
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    Call name to go with "Northern Dark Knight"

    +1 for Bruce or Batman to tie in with Dark Knight. Mine's AKC name was Rynward's Faithful Sidekick, but we called him Kato after Bruce Lee's character in the Green Hornet.
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    Southern girl names

    I'm not sure three names are required, but it's less likely to be a duplicate of another dog. Mine came from a show kennel so we were required to use the kennel name in the AKC name. You could call her Scarlet's Idgie Mae to give a nod to your previous dog or Idgie Mae (your last name). I...
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    Excited about naming my Brindle Girl

    Just a suggestion, but I would pass on Sphynx. It's unique and brings to mind a majestic image, but the SF sound is not easy to pronounce and you're going to be using it a lot. Lilo, Mila, and Rani would be my top three on your list. You have some cute options I'm sure you'll find the right one.
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    I've lost my Faithful Sidekick

    It is with a heavy heart that I returned my boy to the Lord yesterday. Kato, Rynward's Faithful Sidekick, was the closest I'll come to having a child. He came into my life while I was married and in Grad School and supported me through my divorce and every tough time I've had to face since...
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    How do you know when its time...

    I've had Kato with me since he was 10 weeks old. Now 13.5 years later his back legs are starting to give out on him at some point on an almost daily basis. His back legs have been getting weaker over the last couple years and I've had him on joint supplements to combat it, but it seems notably...
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    Boxer Pups in the DFW

    Wish we could, but my boy is just way too old at this point especially for your little girl. One thing I've learned over the years is that Boxers don't play like other dogs. When Kato was a pup we were living in W. Va. and had several boxers in our area and would meet at the local park. If...
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    Kato in his earlier days...

    Below is a picture of my dog Kato when he was around a year old. He's now 13.5 and doesn't look quite so distinguished, but the spirit is still there. He's starting to have a tough time. He's practically blind and deaf, and his back legs are weak and sometimes slide on smooth floors. He...