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  1. KCboxer4

    New puppy!!

    We have a new addition to our family, Madison, she is three months old now, when we got her she was just under eight weeks, I will try to post a picture, she's another "whitie" can't help but love em!!!
  2. KCboxer4

    Runny stool

    Are you overfeeding her?? This is usually the "main" cause of runny poos :) I have been guilty of this myself, but, even so my pups cannot tollerate grain-free foods. So, it's not always the only things going on, but , check it out, good luck!!!! We just use the Innova adult and they love it!!!
  3. KCboxer4

    What do you think ??

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! Yeah, we got home ok, that awful weather we had did not help any, especially in a trailer with 50 mile an hour winds :) The harness is working great and as you can see were picking up our newest addition on Sunday, hopefully!!!! Im so glad I found you!! I'd check it out...
  4. KCboxer4

    What do you think ??

    wait a minute!!!!!! Did I meet you ( Lilylarue) at petsmart in Pa???? Please say it's you, Ive been looking for you!!!!!!!!!!!, It's me Kim!!!! We were buying a harness?????? Is it you? lol, lol.
  5. KCboxer4

    What do you think ??

    Funny you should say that, all our babies have had nicknames, you know, even the ones you don't know how they got em??? Houston is, Boo, Boo-boo Hewie, Maya is Moo-Moo, cheeka, crazy I know. Thank you both for your time :)
  6. KCboxer4

    What do you think ??

    We will be getting our new litttle white Boxer girl hopefully this w/e. What we came up with for a name we love, I'd like to see what others think if you don't mind. Even if you don't care for it, let me know :) Kennedy is the name for our girl.
  7. KCboxer4


    I just switched my guys from Canidae to Innova about two weeks ago, they love it and it's an awesome food!
  8. KCboxer4

    Timberwolf Organics Recall

    It's a shame, my guys did so well on this food, it was awesome, oh well, Canidae it is!!
  9. KCboxer4

    Seasonal Alopecia

    Maya has seasonal allopetia and so did Dylan, we tried the mellatonin to no avail, doesn't mean it wouldn't help others though :) My guys start loosing at like the ned of September, then start growing it back in around this time of year., our white ones never had a problem, my Hubbie and I often...
  10. KCboxer4

    Favorite Dog Food Brands

    We fed Timberwolf for over two years with excellent results, then we switched to wellness core because of the "issues" with the Timberwolf, they just couldn't tollerate it, while I still feel Wellness is an excellent food, were back wioth Timberwolf and they love it!! Im leavin it alone , it's...
  11. KCboxer4

    When to switch puppy from 3 times per day to 2?

    All our guys have actually just walked away from the "lunch" meal at around six months old. Thats how we determine :)
  12. KCboxer4

    How do bulldogs and boxers get along?

    Our Breeders breed Boxers and Bulldogs, they get along wonderfully!! They truly love each other, and they have two Bolldogs presently and four Boxers :) We feel the only thing we notice is that the Bulldogs think their Boxers!!!
  13. KCboxer4

    Timberwolf change of formulas

    You know, this was my problem!!! Maya has IBS and we had a terrible time finding a food, two great years on the Timberwolf Blackforest and then this stuff!! I thought I'd pull my hair out!! I tried this one first ( the Wellness Core) as It was my first choice and just prayed, I had many...
  14. KCboxer4

    Timberwolf change of formulas

    They are comming out with an "Ocean" , however, not until the end of January. Iv'e already put in for my bag! Can't wait to try it.
  15. KCboxer4

    Time For A Brother?

    I say go for it!! We usually wait until 15 months to two years before we get a second, or a third:) But, two is definetly better than one! Good luck!
  16. KCboxer4

    looking for ideas

    Stuff that kong with some plain yogurt and some smashed bananas, a few cookies and let her go!! It'll keep her busy for hours!!
  17. KCboxer4

    Timberwolf change of formulas

    This is the product I fed my guys for two years, I had faith in them and believed in them, after I first heard about all this, about three weeks ago, I switchedmy guys over to Wellness Core, they love it!!! Can't go up on your price and rip people off of ingeredients, not cool!
  18. KCboxer4

    Free KONG Blue offer

    What did you guys put for "practice" I don't work at a Veterinary office :(
  19. KCboxer4

    Sleeping with you

    Yeah, we all pile in the king size and try to have a go at some sleep. Hubbie and I haven't slept in anything besides the fetal postion in 16yrs :) wouldn't change a thing!
  20. KCboxer4

    New Dog Food Wellness Core???

    We also are transitioning over to Core from TWO, so far so good. Im treading water, keeping my fingers crossed. It sounds like such a good food, their customer service is unbelievable, just fantastic. I hope I finally found a keeper.