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    Tracking Class

    I used to do some tracking classes with my ex and our two boxers. Titus was only a puppy at the time, but they both really liked it and did quite well.
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    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    facial hair
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    This is Hilarious

    :lol: Diesel just sat and stared at it with me...he's very reserved and normally doesn't sing too much. He's probably only howled about three times, if the smoke alarm goes off or something. His voice is very low pitched and musical...he sounds kind of nice! I wish I could get him to do it...
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    Confused - should a pet Boxer be heart holtered too?

    We've had it done on our boy - but where I live it's not exactly an elective procedure (unless you breed). But when he fainted and collapsed one day, the cardiologist at the emergency vet suspected BCM and advised several diagnostics, including the holter, to rule other conditions out...
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    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    Fish tale...
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    raw feeding question

    Raw is raw. No cooking whatsoever, in fact cooking bone makes it dangerous. There are piles of threads that talk about exactly what you can feed raw and in what amounts and proportions. Never feed kibble together with raw food in the same meal. You could feed both (don't know why you'd...
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    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    Bar fight.
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    Leash around the mouth??

    No offense taken (heavens, I don't know you people and I'll probably never meet you, I wouldn't lose sleep over anything said on a web forum), I just wanted to point out that the word "crutch" has kinda negative connotations and some posts did imply that people who use these collars kind of suck...
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    Leash around the mouth??

    You can call it a crutch if you want. I call it a tool to get him to walk nicely on a leash without stressing me or him. I don't want to have to bribe him with food constantly to keep his attention. After enough bribes he loses interest anyway. It makes going for a walk very unpleasant...
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    Leash around the mouth??

    I use a Gentle Leader all the time for my boy. It keeps his attention focused and he is an angel on the leash when he wears it. It doesn't hurt him, it just makes it impossible to pull on the leash. Halti is another brand - both Halti and Gentle Leader probably have loads of info on their...
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    red paws itchy

    Epsom salts are not at all the same as sea salt. Epsom salts are magnesium-based and available at any pharmacy.
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    Poor itchy Diesel

    Well, he's been having coconut oil with his meals and no more fruit for about two weeks now. He seems to be doing a little better, but still itching. We'll keep this up a little longer and if it doesn't fix it, maybe we'll try the Geneflora stuff. It's so tough to know what's up. Our vet...
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    Poor itchy Diesel

    Diesel's 5 1/2 now, but he has been having these outbreaks off and on for years. I just don't buy that it's allergies, because why then would he be fine for months and suddenly have a flareup? I have tried rotating him off certain proteins for months at a time, and have never seen any...
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    Poor itchy Diesel

    Sigh...Diesel has had a lot of skin, ear, and toe issues over the years and has been really good for a long time, but that seems to have come to an end lately. His poor belly has raised red hives on it right now and also some black marks (which I think is yeast). His ears also itch, have lots...
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    Free KONG Blue offer

    Hmmmm, I wonder if they'll send one to me in Canada. It doesn't say they won't. I'm going to give it a try anyway! Thanks for the post!
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    Boxers and cats.....please give success stories....

    I'm glad for this gives me hope again. We introduced my dogs to my hubby's cat in a very bad way - I never considered Diesel might chase the cat, but he sure did, and it was a disaster. The poor cat was terrorized (but not hurt, he clawed Diesel up pretty bad though), and it's...
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    New foster - in trouble with the law!

    We are also madly hoping that it will work out well. He has so much potential. We don't have a law like that here in Alberta, thank goodness! And the bylaw officer did not declare him a vicious dog (although he could have by the strict definition of the bylaw). But according to the bylaw...
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    Hates Everyone But Us!

    It sounds like Lucy didn't get enough socialization in her puppy days. I am not an expert, but I hope it's not too late to get her socialized better. I would immediately start taking Lucy out more and showing her new things. Keep her under tight control and on lead - and muzzled if you...
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    New foster - in trouble with the law!

    I'm hoping that I'm simply misinterpreting your comments, but I would like to clarify that nobody, except maybe Simon's old home, was intentionally negligent or irresponsible in this situation. I personally made some bad decisions based on very limited and possibly incorrect information that we...
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    New foster - in trouble with the law!

    Yeah, I have been in constant touch with my rescue "boss" and she has been told everything that's happened. She's on a business trip right now so she probably hasn't seen the latest email yet. Good idea about a behaviourist. I have done a lot of training so I feel pretty competent to...