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  1. Barron's mom

    Dog food high in fiber

    Looking for a recommendation for a dog food that is high in fiber as recommended by Rocco's vet. Rocco occasionally vomits phlegm and lately has been straining after taking a solid BM. The vet suggested I find something comparable to Royal Canin Canine Gastrointestinal Fiber Response, which he...
  2. Barron's mom

    Reasonably priced pet health insurance recommendation

    I'm actually thinking about going with Healthy Paws. I like the idea that they cover everything and have one annual deductible rather than per incident deductible (like PetPlan has).
  3. Barron's mom

    Reasonably priced pet health insurance recommendation

    Trupanion is expensive, though. I was quoted $71.37 per month with a $250.00 deductible.
  4. Barron's mom

    Pet Plan insurance

    Does anyone have any experience with this insurance plan? I was looking at this plan, and VPI.
  5. Barron's mom

    Reasonably priced pet health insurance recommendation

    I researched the subject and found posts dating back to 2014; I was hoping to find more updated recommendations for a reasonably priced, good health insurance. I just adopted my third boxer, a 21 month old gorgeous, healthy fawn boxer and want to get insurance for him. My first boxer passed of...
  6. Barron's mom

    Abnormal white mass in Zeus' throat

    Zeus, 6, has recently been treated for retching and gagging. An x-ray of the lungs showed a very small dot, which the vet suspected might be the beginning of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. An x-ray later taken of his throat showed an abnormal white mass in his throat that the vet and...
  7. Barron's mom

    Desperate for advice

    I used to feed Zeus, age 6, Acana grainless. He did well, but eventually stopped eating. He went to my mother's house when I was recovering from surgery and she fed him Fromm Chicken (the same food she feeds her dog), which he loved, but of course created temporary diarrhea. He came back to...
  8. Barron's mom

    Loose stools without switching food without transition

    Need advice ASAP. Zeus, 6, was on Acana grainless before he went to my mother's house because I had knee surgery. While at my mother's house, she allowed him to eat the same food (Fromm Chicken) as her dog because he would not eat the Acana. She did not transition him. Needless to say, he...
  9. Barron's mom

    Cairo is going in to have suspicious bump removed

    Sending healthy vibes your way! Zeus, 6, has had two growths removed so far; one was a MCT and the second was a histiocytoma.
  10. Barron's mom

    Best Dog Training treats?

    I always used cut up dried liver treats, but recently an animal behavioralist told me to use these treats since they are low in fat: Dog Treats Made in the USA | Low Calorie Dog Treats| Healthy Dog Treats. I haven't used them yet, but she seems to like them. Another treat (not for training)...
  11. Barron's mom

    Peeing on the beds!!!!

    Your dog may also have a UTI. My 6-year old suddenly peed on my bed, which he had never done before. My friend/trainer immediately said dogs with a UTI like to pee on something soft, such as a bed, and to take him to the vet. The vet confirmed a UTI and prescribed an antibiotic. Good luck...
  12. Barron's mom

    Correlation between dog food and pooping in house?

    About every two weeks or so my 6-year old boxer Zeus will poop in the house; it usually happens when I am at work, but a couple of times he did it while I slept (he never made an attempt to wake me up). All medical tests proved within the normal range. An animal behavioralist proved worthless...
  13. Barron's mom

    Thinking about switching from Acana

    I am thinking about changing dog food. I currently feed Acana Prairie, which is a grainless dog food, but I am questioning if this food could be a factor in Zeus' "defecation" problem in the house. I took Zeus to a animal behavioralist and she recommended several things to address the problem...
  14. Barron's mom

    Boss has allergies and needs your help

    Thanks Whispers! Michelle responded by saying, "Thank you! I tried the 1st food for about 4 weeks then only about two weeks after that so not long enough. When I switch to the fish base ill try it for the 8-12 weeks. Ill look into the other brands with no potato. I know I have to stick with...
  15. Barron's mom

    Boss has allergies and needs your help

    I am writing on behalf of a friend who has a 2-year old boxer boy named Boss that has allergies. Boss has been to the vet, who recommended an LID (limited ingredient diet) and the elimination of beef and chicken. Boss tried Natural Balance grain free duck and potato, lamb and sweet potato...
  16. Barron's mom

    4 1/2 year old defecating in the house

    I forgot to mention. I have two bells in the downstairs on the main level, and one upstairs in my bedroom, where he sleeps. Recently, he has stopped using both bells and has used whining and body language to tell me when he has to go out for the most part.
  17. Barron's mom

    4 1/2 year old defecating in the house

    I am frustrated and at a loss. I trained my first boxer beautifully, but I am a failure with this one. I've had my present 4 1/2 year old male boxer since he was 15 weeks and he has never been completely housebroken. He did well for a while and then regressed to occasionally defecating and...
  18. Barron's mom

    where do I report a bad breeder?

    You can contact your State Department of Agriculture.
  19. Barron's mom

    Skippy Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

    Good to know! Thanks for posting!!!!
  20. Barron's mom

    Origen or Acana...

    Zeus did well on Orijen until they recently changed the formula from 70% to 80%. I am now transitioning Zeus from Orijen to Acana. A friend called Orijen to ask about the change and the company indicated a lot of people are calling and complaining about the change. Go with Acana!