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    New hair cut & color

    check out my cut... you can check out my cut on my *******. It's www.*******.com/sonnflwer enjoy!
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    Life Changing event

    anyone out there?? Whew! it's been awhile, just thought I'd drop a note for anyone who remembers my post from before. Geez, i'ts been a few months and I've heard nothing. I still go eagarly to the mail box each day, but nothing yet. :-( I'm trying to be positive, but not sure what to...
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    New hair cut & color

    got mine done, too! Well, I chopped mine off yesterday!! It was down past my bra strap, long shiny healthy hair, and it was DRIVING ME CRAZY! I was just over it, you know.. Now it's short and sweet, like Lisa Rhinna had hers on Dancing with the stars and I love it!!!!! :-) I feel so free...
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    any good books

    read it cover to cover I read "P.S. I love you..." by Ceclia Ahern. I read it, no kidding, cover to cover and loved it. I bought it to pass time while I was waiting in line to register my son for school.. long story. Started it at 1 in the after noon, was done late that night around...
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    Dog bed advice?

    we like the costco ones, too We got one for Dutch a few weeks ago for her birthday. It's chocolate brown and looks great in our family room. She LOVES it and it was only $20. I figured at that price I can afford to replace it once or twice a year. I have already washed it once and it washed...
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    Does anyone have toy recommendations?

    we got the big bad cuz OH my GOSH!! does Dutchie love her Cuz. We got her the purple on with the horns and she LOVES it. The sound is great and my boys say it sounds like a fart. :-0 oh noo!! ANyhoo.... it's a keeper. She also loves her rope toy, and good ole tennis balls.
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    Any Tattoo's?

    I have gone in three times I first got a sunflower with a ladybug on it in 2001 on my lower back. I then went in a year later and got some cute little cherries on my bikini line. I then want in a year after that and added a bunch of flowers and butterflies beside the sunflower to make it a...
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    Stage name..silly.. :)

    mine' cute... mine would be Lady Bakewell... :-)
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    IPod nano

    I LOOOOVVEE my nano so does my husband. :-) I have a 20GB 4th gen. I love it, too. I listen to it in the car with my itrip, but I use my nano when I go out. I crocheted a little pouch for it the first night I brought it home and it's great. It saves it from scratches. My husband uses it...
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    dog whisperer!! with boxers!

    Did anyone see the episode tonight they aired with the boxers?? There was a boy boxer who lost his love and his owner wanted a new mistress for him. His name was buster and he was a sweetie!! Cesar Milan found him a baby girl named honey. At the rescue they said her owner wanted her put down...
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    Purina commercial: What is she??

    no, not a mastiff... it was just on right before I logged on!! It's really cute, mostly white with brindle patches, snout is too long and narrow for full boxer, but when it walks away it has a cute little boxer butt. :-) I would say it's half something half boxer, greyhound might be right...
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    Life Changing event

    no new info just in case you were wondering... nothing new. Although I finally did break down and tell someone who knows me. I told my former brother in law, he is one of my husband's closest friends <one mine, too> and he's stationed in Iraq. I thought it might be a good thing to get it...
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    Poor Girl

    what a blessing... that she is healthy, beautiful and your parents adore her.... good luck with her. Keep us all posted, would love to hear more as she settles in...
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    Check this out!!!!!

    we've got two sets!! My dad took my boys to BAB last oct. They each got their own set... Big boxer and baby. They got sweatshirts for them, too. Graham then got the bed for his bday and at Christmas they got more stuff. "Santa" dressed thier boxers while they were sleeping Christmas Eve...
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    Life Changing event

    nothing yet... :-) just waiting... I finally told someone I know. My former brother in law is on deployment in Iraq and I told him. I know he won't pry and I don't want that "well???" question from everyone... This is working well for me, I can get on BW and vent, or think or just look at...
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    Life Changing event

    thanks so much Roxy'snewmom... thanks for your insight from the other end of this... :-) I am trying to keep it all in perspective. I know it has got to be a shock for her. I did not want to create problems in her life and I made that clear in my letter. I wrote that I thought I was...
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    What's on your pet id tag?

    okay, here goes... it says... "Dutch" our address city, state zip phone it's cute, bone shaped from petsmart. I bought it for my husband on a very small <thought it was HUGE at the time> red leather collar for our anniversary the day after we got the call from the breeder saying the...
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    What is the significance to your user name?

    here goes... When we got our Dutch last year I was not what I thought of as a "dog Person". I was getting a dog to make my husband happy and because I think it's great for our boys. I fell in love... :-) She's my good luck charm... so My Lucky Dutch. I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!
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    Life Changing event

    thanks so much It has been a little over a week. I know that this may take some time, so I am very careful not to expect anything soon. I do go to my mailbox everyday and check, just in case... :-) I am excited and scared at the same time. I have always wanted to find out personal info...
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    Life Changing event

    so here's the basic story I was born to a girl that was 14. She was a twin. I am not sure if the letter was written to her or her sister, so I stated in the letter that I thought I might be related to her. I have to trust her to give me the correct relation. I had help from a "search angel"...