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    Non-veterinary alternative to Metacam?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find the appropriate information. My 3.5y/o girl injured her leg. Might be a sprain, might be worse. It's happened before (other leg) and vet suggested a week of rest and a run of Metacam. It worked wonders and her leg is back to normal...
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    Has anyone ever had a toenail ripped off?

    Maya ripped one in half last year - it eventually fell off and grew back. She was in a lot of pain though because the nerve was exposed. For the first while I would just make sure to keep it clean from dirt etc. We have saline that we spray onto the injured area to get dirt out whenever she...
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    limping after lying down-arthritis?

    I am using metacam for Maya for now. She had it before as a painkiller when she cut her foot on glass and needed stitches. I hope it's not long term though - I'd rather use something natural than a painkiller.
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    limping after lying down-arthritis?

    I had Maya in yesterday to the vet. She had a difficult time determining what the issue might be since Maya wasn't happy to have her leg manipulated. She's not sure it's a torn ligament but didn't rule it out. The biggest mistake we made with Maya was ignoring the issue. We thought it...
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    limping after lying down-arthritis?

    Yikes. I am worries Maya may have the same issue. The symptoms Cookiepie described are precisely the same we are dealing with. I'm going to call her vet today and get her in.
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    Looking for Boxers in Toronto!!

    Not the arena. If you are coming up Angeline, the easiest way is to go east on Mary, and then turn right at Albert, then take your first left and follow all the way to the end of the road (down by the heavy equipment building).
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    Looking for Boxers in Toronto!!

    Fleetwood Creek Conservation Area is just south of Highway 7A, at the far east end of Ballyduff Road. It's enormous and almost always empty. As for meeting, how about this Sunday afternoon (Nov 19) 3:30pm, at Fleming College - right near the little circle road at the Heavy Equipment Bldg...
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    Looking for Boxers in Toronto!!

    Lindsay We go to three main areas to run Maya: Ken Reid CA (almost every day), Fleetwood Creek CA, and Fleming College (a few trails there). We'd also love to have Maya play with other boxers, and you're quite close. Not sure how to set this up since we're not allowed to give personal...
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    Looking for Boxers in Toronto!!

    We're in Lindsay ON (about an hour) but we'd be interested as well!
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    another EVO question

    We recently switched Maya to EVO red meat formula, from NB duck and potato (which she seemed to do quite well on). Our reason for switching was the introduction to EVO by a friend, and then a bunch of homework on the brands and ingredients. We did the switch slowly. Maya has (like most...
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    Are boxers lesser swimmers...

    Maya swims like a fish. LOVES the water, no matter the temperature. In spring, she's swimming as soon as the ice is off the lake (we don't let her spend much time in the water when it's that cold though). Come summer when it's unbearably hot, her main form of exercise is swimming at the...
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    Poll - Do You Crate Your Boxer?

    Nope Maya doesn't need her crate anymore. She's been excellent since we moved. The new place has all-glass doors on the front of the house so she can watch people walk by during the day. I think it keeps her from getting so bored that she tears things up.
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    Dog Food and Cancer (LONG ... so sorry!)

    I find it interesting that the site mentioned recommends specific products (which gmacleod pointed out aren't great products afterall), claims to not recommend specific products, and then conveniently provides a link to order the listed products.
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    Hot Weather

    Maya is fawn with a black mask, should we be using sunscreen on her when she's out? I never really thought about it before now.
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    Eye Injury from a cat

    Glad to hear it's clearing up. Not being a cat person, a few ideas come to mind on how to fix this situation. But you probably wouldn't like them. I would keep a close eye on this though, eye injuries can take a while to heal, and if she gets scratched again it could be more serious.
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    Clorox question

    Instead of bleach or any other toxic products, why not just wash the bowl?
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    From the hills of Tennessee, Hello

    I may be a hypocrite for saying this (as I only have one boxer), but if you have the room, get both! Great training for the pup, and great new lease on life for the rescue!
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    Life Jackets

    swimming We bought a lifejacket for Maya as well, for when we do canoe tripping. At the time, she was unable to swim, so we used it for a while at beaches etc for her to cool off. But it didn't take her long at all to learn how to swim, and now she's a swim-aholic. She just goes, goes, goes...
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    At what age do they start to act protective?

    Maya's a fantastic watchdog. She'll bark at anything that comes close, except my neighbor who comes over to give her a cookie every day. Once we ok someone, she's all wiggles. The one thing we can't figure out, is that she'll bark at doorbells when we hear one on TV. But, we've never...
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    Emmett lost his mind! Kinda long.....

    I wouldn't think they were saying bad things about you - you probably made their day - now they can bill you for the repairs to the concrete!