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    Apartment Help

    Thanks for all your help. I live on the outside of Houston, Tx. I have looked for large dog apartments but believe it or not the larger they allow your dog the smaller and crappier the apt got. I love my dog, so much i even lived with my mother in law for 6 MONTHS just because no one would take...
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    Apartment Help

    I have had my baby Rox for about 4 years. My family and I are in a situation we have to move to an apartment. The problem is they only allow up to 25 lbs. The only apartments that do allow large dogs are run down. If I keep him I will have to hide him from the office. He loves to be inside...
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    My Babies Are Gone

    This message is for anyone in the Pasadena, Texas area: On Sunday morning I got up and my dogs were gone. The gate was wide open. My family and I are devastated. My male is fawn and my female is brindle. My daughter has cried for dogs since yesterday. I just want them back. Money is no object...
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    Are 2 boxers better than 1?

    2 boxers or 1 Hi. I have 2 boxers and a cat. Rox was my first baby and when he was about 1 year we got a female. I don't know if it really matters boy or girl but they love each others company. They are constantly wrestling. They are best friends and when they come inside, they tag team...
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    Boxer stolen in Houston, TX

    Glad to hear your family is back to completion. I would die without my babies. Those dogs are very smart so I wouldn't be surprised if she firgured it out herself how to get out. When I was afraid some one would steal mine I left them in the kennel. How have they been in the house by...
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    Boxer stolen in Houston, TX

    I am from Houston also. People can be cruel like that. We found a pit bull pup one time and the only reason the owner found us was by going door to door. That's what I would do if I lost either one of my babies. I would go to every door in the neiborhood and put the word out. Don't give up...
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    Cuts and scabs

    cleaning scabs and cuts Hi. I have 2 boxers, Rox(1 1/2 male) and Nellie(7 month female) and Nellie is always kicking Rox's butt. We took him to the vet the other day just for his shots and asked the vet about the cuts and scabs, mainly on his upper nose. The vet said we could wash it with...
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    New JoeBoxer pics!

    My sister has a boxer who looks exactlt like yours. He is white with a brown patch over his eye. The eye with the patch is blue and his other eye is brown. He is awesome. We live in Houston also. Just thought I would share that with you. Take care and God Bless. Ekcarmona Rox : 1 1/2...
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    My Rox

    The vet did tell us at 1 time that when he gets excited his blood pressure goes up. His nose and throat are white and when he gets excited you can see the redness. I'm sure it's exactly what you say I just wanted to see if anyone else has an over excited boxer with ADD like Thanks...
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    Horrible news....long

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I can't even imagine the devistation. I just have to say one thing though...I would definately want to see the dog physically dead. We had a Dobeman that my dad cherished. All of a sudden the vet said he was dead. My dad went to go get Bro and the vet...
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    My Rox

    foolicon We took our two boxers and our cat to go take pictures with Santa. My oldest Boxer is a big lovable baby. He loves people and all animals. While we were in the pet store his nose just started gushing with blood. I didn't know what was going on. Someone came up to me and told me...
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    My boxer is 1 year and a month, is he ready to mate? He gets on everything right now (if you know what I mean). We put a female in heat in the backyard yesterday and he didn't do anything. Is he ready? I don't want to rush him.